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  1. SOLVED -- yes, somehow just that facet of the roof had lost its fill color in Top/Plan.


    Fixed as follows:

    - Go to Top/Plan

    - Select the entire roof (1 click)

    - Use Attributes panel to set fill to None.

    - Then set the fill to a solid color.

    - Then set the fill to a hatch.


    After that, the Class *tile* fill becomes properly visible again in 3D OpenGL view.

  2. The dormer is "part of" the roof, i.e. it was added there automatically using VW's built-in dormer-creation feature. It is not a separate 3D object.


    Strangely, when I select the whole roof, change the fill to a solid color, then try to change the fill back to the proper tiled fill (i.e. what it looked like before,) I now get a *reversal* of the effect. The whole roof becomes transparent, while the dormer is properly tiled (!).


    ?? Still lost here.




    Previously this roof was properly displayed, with the same tiling on the dormer as is visible on the rest of the roof.

    At some point recently (I'm not exactly sure when,) just the dormer went "transparent" and I don't know how to fix it.

    This happens in OpenGL and in Shaded Polygon modes. In Renderworks it renders normally and properly.


    How do I get the dormer faces back to the same texture / opacity as the roof?  Trying to re-apply using the Attributes panel has no effect.


    Hints please? Thanks.



  4. Fantastic new feature greatly improving the flow of usable information from the designer/architect to the client and/or other collaborators on a project.


    Teaser Tuesdays is a great feature itself -- far better to *show* new features in action, rather than just dumping a text-only list of bullet-pointed features that aren't seen until product release. Way to keep us all interested & keep our faith up for paying annual Service Select costs. (I mean that earnestly, no snark.)

  5. I am using the Pipe Run tool in VW2017 and would like to edit & expand the items listed in the Material:  drop down of the OIP for the pipe runs I created.

    I tried going into the "IFC..." dialogs (from bottom of OIP) and digging around there but did not find what I was looking for.


    VW2017 online help explains Pipe Run tools but makes no mention of how to customize Materials list.


    Where do I edit the list of Materials for this tool?


    Thanks in advance.

  6. 1 hour ago, benboggs said:

    My personal experience has been pretty bad.  I experience ~5 crashes per day.  2017 seems to have more difficulty handling imported files.  It crashed every time I try to import a second CAD file into a drawing.  The import Revit file is not a very useful tool yet.  I hope this will get better as time goes on.  


    I also experience relatively slow imports from VW2016.  ~1 minute to convert a file of moderate complexity. (Single-family home / small garden landscape.) These same files imported from VW2015 to VW2016 in probably 15 seconds or less.


    Once imported, however, the files are working fine, for which I am thankful.

  7. I think I've found a bug in VW2017 Mac (initial release).

    The Constrained Linear Dimension Tool, when set to Constrained Chain Mode, seems to SKIP the 2nd dimension point.

    To reproduce:

    1) Open a new blank file.

    2) Draw any simple 2D object in Top/Plan view. (Rectangle or whatever.)

    3) Try to use the Linear Constrained Dimension tool to created a Constrained Chain of dimensions, anywhere in teh drawing.

    The first & second clicks create the first dimension in the chain. The THIRD click appears to be skipped / ignored. FOURTH and subsequent clicks (all the way up to 30, which was as far as I tested it) work normally.   So, if you are trying to create a chain of N dimensions, you always end up with N-1 dimensions because the 2nd dimension (on the 3rd click) is ignored.

    Please confirm and/or delete this thread if this has already been posted elsewhere.

  8. 17 minutes ago, zoomer said:

    Install 2017 in any case.

    The complete what's new is in the online help. Very interesting. Jim linked it somwhere.

    Thanks, here's a comprehensive list of new features & improvements, big & small, in VW 2017. (From the online help.)

    I used to be an early-adopter of everything but with age & a little patience I've seen there's really not much percentage in it for me. If a lot more people post positive experiences I may hop aboard but proably I'll just wait for SP1.

  9. 42 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:

    Two favourite unsung changes - all drawing numbers for SLVP can be edited via the OIP now / updated UI for Data Tab of the OIP.

    Thanks for your all's replies so far. Is there a published *complete* list of all the little "Easter Egg" improvements that have been made?

    For example in another post someone mentioned that the Property Line tool underwent extensive renovation & improvements. It'd be great to see a complete list of every  improvement in all the user-facing areas of Vectorworks. If JimW has access to such maybe he can post it somewhere?

    Such a list would help people find the little goodies that may help their personal workflow a lot, which they otherwise might not run into for weeks, months, or longer.


    EDIT: Here's a complete list of new & improved features in VW2017

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  10. I haven't yet updated to VW2017, waiting to hear how it's working for others. If you're using VW2017 already please share:

    Did the installation / upgrade go smoothly?

    How is it working w/ your v2016 and/or earlier files?

    Does VW2017 seem stable enough to trust your workflow to?

    I did already see the separate thread on Renderworks changes & related issues in VW2017. No need to recapitulate that here.



    EDIT: Whoops, I don't know how this was posted under "Buying & Selling LIcenses". I had meant this post to go in the General forum.  Mods, if you see this please consider moving this entire thread to the main / general VW forum. Thanks.

  11. On a related but separate note, a question about restructuring of VW license costs now that Renderworks is included for ALL users:

    Are those of us who were paying for RW licenses separately in past years going to see any cost reductions? I.e. I assume RW license fees will now be eliminated as a line-item and we will just pay a single fee for our chosen package (Architect, Spotlight, Designer, etc.) -- will our fees for those base packages stay the same (resulting in an effectively lower total cost because there's no RW license fee,)  -- or will the price for the base packages now increase to match whatever the Architect + RW, Designer + RW, Spotlight + RW, etc. fees were in past years?

    Not sure if I'm being clear here, phrased differently, I'm concerned / hoping that whatever cost changes may come are fair to people who formerly paid a lot extra for RW, now that everybody is getting it included at no additional cost.

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  12. On 9/14/2016 at 1:49 PM, Altivec said:

    ... Its been almost a couple of weeks past my second email and I have yet to receive a reply.  In fact, the moderator on their board hasn't replied to any post Since Aug 25th.  As much as I want one of these things, I am really turned off by their neglect.  If you can't even answer a simple question to make a sale, I can't even imagine what it would be like to deal with these guys if I actually have a problem with the thing. ...

    After buying a used SpacePilot Pro (part #3DX-600037) about 4 or 6 months ago I had reason to call 3Dconnexion's live tech support for assistance w/ Vectorworks/Mac compatibility. My impression is that tech support consists of just 1 fellow who may have other job resposibilities and/or be an engineer (?). There was a notable air of condescension in his tone, really did not seem very interested in helping.  Hard to assess based on one data point, perhaps the company is doing so well in other markets that it doesn't need VW users.  Admittedly I *did* buy the unit second-hand but still, this is not some consumer widget for which tech-support is just a money-losing afterthought.  Anyone who invests in 3dConnexion pointing device is likely to be the kind of person who passes along opinions of the product & the company to other potential buyers. I'm sure the market for high-performance multi-axis input devices in the CAD space is far from being saturated. 3DConnexion ought perhaps be more concerned not only with their product but with their company image & reputation for follow-up support.

    I did not find the SpacePilot Pro usable in VW2016. I haven't yet upgraded to the latest 3Dconnexion driver, nor VW2017. After I do both (when VW2017 SP1 is released) I will report back on this thread w/ my experiences and remarks.

  13. Chiming in with another "thank you" to the NM/VW team(s) for VW2017.  I haven't installed 2017 yet, I think I'll wait for SP1 to drop first, but I can see enough from the new-features list and from the videos. Fantastic series of upgrades and improvements. As a landscape-oriented person I particularly look forward to the improved Plant tools and drainage tools.

    This is my 3rd or 4th year on Service Select.  VW2016 was a worthy upgrade but a little heavy on the "bells and whistles" enterprise-oriented stuff, VW2017 is the first release where I, as a small-time 1-person shop feel fully on-board with the Service Select program. I no longer feel like I'm being pressured to pay annually for a "one time purchase" product license (or else suffer the long-term upgrade cost consequences.) I now see VSS as a reasonable arrangement that helps NM/VW assess my level of committment to VW as a multi-year / multi-decade platform which needs ongoing and cost-intensive development to stay useful & competitive. (And in some areas to outperform or simply outclass the competition.)

    The new forums look great too by the way, thanks very much JimW and all.

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  14. ...one more observation: it doesn't look like VW will recognize input from more than one SN axis at a time, e.g. in Walkthrough, I can't move to the side and rotate my direction of view simultaneously – this makes for a very jerky experience, and might be part of the reason why zoomer gets woozy while using this mode (me too, a little). I checked Sketchup, and it's able to respond to multi-axial input smoothly and predictably, and I think that's in part why if feels so much more natural and easy.

    This ^^^^ 100%. VW doesn't appear to be engineered to handle full-range multi-axis input, resulting in a clunky user experience that negates half the benefit of having a 3D pointing device in the first place.

    Look forward to seeing what the future brings, hopefully in VW2017 or at least VW2018, 3D nav will "just work" the way it does in Sketchup & other 3D apps.

  15. iPad should never be more than a viewer for Vectorworks. The screen-space issue alone is a show-stopper. Add in the lack of pointing devices, lack of CPU/GPU/RAM, for doing additions/edits/deletions to objects & settings it's a non-starter.

    There is however a great need & future for iPad as a viewer & possibly even annotator of either native or iPad-specific-format VW files.

  16. I'm still not resolving everything:


    I think the elevation value on Stake objects are broken.

    I fixed my other Vw issues by resetting my preferences, but I'm still having problems with the Stake's OIP Z-value not changing in 'Use as 2D graphic only'.

    If I change the Stake to 'Set Elev to site model' its Z-value changes, but I am trying to provide a spot elevation for the top of a retaining wall, which is not part of the site. If I change it back to 2D only, then the last elev from the site model shows, but I cannot change it by typing in a Z value on the OIP.

    I have had recently similar problems with stake objects not respecting typed-in Z-values in the OIP in VWD2016 SP3. As I recall I ended up deleting all the stake objs & re-entering them from scratch. Apparently only the initially-given Z-value is respected. Seems buggy.

  17. I agree. Heliodon settings should be per viewport.

    On a similar note, I actually think the Heliodon should be automatically integrated into your document settings. I don't know of a world where the sun does't exist. Having to place a heliodon every time just creates one more item to lose track of.

    If it were in the document settings, then the master controls for location would be real-world document based and separate controls for time of day would be part of the viewport characteristics.

    Certainly agree that there should be per-viewport settings for a single heliodon instance, instead of having to do multiple heliodons & control them by class visiblity. Edit: oops, there IS a way to handle this, on the Lighting panel.

    As far as document-level heliodon, it'd streamline some projects to have a master heliodon location but if that was added as a feature it is important to be able to override it on a per-viewport / per-sheet basis. Think about the case where, for instance, you are designing a standardized building that will be used in different parts of the country / world, & you want to conveniently render it at different latitudes. Would not be fun to have to create separate documents & use linked viewports / layers to achieve that. The current free-form heliodon system handles this use case easily.

    Perhaps another option would be to expand the Heliodon tool settings w/ a checkbox or menu-drop down to designate a heliodon instance as "the master heliodon" for the document. As mentioned above, on the Viewport settings there could be a Heliodon date/time field that would set the viewport's date & time for that master heliodon.

    If there were multiple heliodons, those could be given names, & then any one of those named heliodons could be selected in the viewport's drop-down menu, i.e. to pick the desired location.

  18. ...In the future:

    I'm walking around the jobsite with my VR glasses on, and VW is projecting my model onto the existing site. ..

    Before VR there was no credible path to matching the low cost, durability, portability, and all-weather readability of a 24"x36" or 36" x 48" sheet, in a flat-panel display form factor.

    VR has the potential (pending at least another 3-5 years of development, maybe more) to finally *start* to challenge paper ARCH-C and ARCH-D-size job site plans for some purposes.

    VR projection neatly side-steps the limitations of flat-panel displays, but even if 3D VR *totally* replaces printed plans, there will always be a need for clear 2D Top/Plan, Elevation, & Section VR projections at various scales.

    As VW develops it should never lose sight of the importance of being able to produce accurate & legible 2D slices of a model at any angle, distance, depth, or scale, including annotations.

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