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  1. this is not intuitive, the revision is a record that is listed as part of the particular sheet in TBM, in reality this record is tied to a specific TB only - you can erase or replace all title blocks (with a newer or different version) and the revisions will not show up in new title block but they will be still present in TBM but no longer connected to TB.


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  2. There is work around if you just want to make all sheets to have the same history and that is to erase title block from sheets that need updating and copy paste title block from a sheet that has the full rev history. Not ideal but much faster than retyping.

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  3. thanks, something else, this manual dragging would be ok if I could see the page number which is part of the title block - 1 of 22, 2 of 22, etc, even better gif there was a column in "publish set" that shows the page number from title block, then in one click I could have entire set ready for publishing.

  4. "save palette positions" works may be 1 in 10 times for me on many different OSX computers. However, I do have different set ups @ work, home and on the go. There should be an option to save particular sets just like workspaces independent of monitor set ups.

  5. I stumbled upon one thing I cannot resolve:

    I have floor area calculations in a large worksheet everything is working when I add area calculations, when I need to subtract for some reason its not working, I tried other variations too with the same result:


    =CRITERIAAREA((L='A101-1ST FLOOR') & (C='Z-area-FAR-X - C')+(C='Z-area-FAR-X - R'))   - this works


    =CRITERIAAREA((L='A101-1ST FLOOR') & (C='Z-area-FAR-X - C')-(C='Z-area-FAR-X - R'))   - this doesn't



  6. it doesn't work for me even in the sections set in design layer, the 2 items lost their link and I cannot re establish them in existing view port, I cut a new one and copy/pasted annotations and re established links, the problem is that on Monday links will be gone.

    worked before.png

    doesnt work #1.png

    doesnt work #2.png

    new section cut and it works till it doesnt.png

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