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  1. I stumbled upon one thing I cannot resolve:

    I have floor area calculations in a large worksheet everything is working when I add area calculations, when I need to subtract for some reason its not working, I tried other variations too with the same result:


    =CRITERIAAREA((L='A101-1ST FLOOR') & (C='Z-area-FAR-X - C')+(C='Z-area-FAR-X - R'))   - this works


    =CRITERIAAREA((L='A101-1ST FLOOR') & (C='Z-area-FAR-X - C')-(C='Z-area-FAR-X - R'))   - this doesn't



  2. it doesn't work for me even in the sections set in design layer, the 2 items lost their link and I cannot re establish them in existing view port, I cut a new one and copy/pasted annotations and re established links, the problem is that on Monday links will be gone.

    worked before.png

    doesnt work #1.png

    doesnt work #2.png

    new section cut and it works till it doesnt.png

  3. Out of the blue my furniture tag selectively stopped working, I have been using it without a problem for a long time, now I annotated viewports with tags, after some changes wanted to add tags and nothing works, existing tags display data.  Then it started working again but only in some viewports, I tested the same object in different viewports and sometimes it works sometimes not, cant figure out what is the setting that cause this.

  4. out of the blue my tags selectively stopped working, I have been using them without a problem for a long time, now I annotated viewport with tags, after some changes wanted to add tags and nothing works, existing tags display data but are not linked anymore.  I made a duplicate  viewport in the same file and tags work on the same objets, then again all links lost after some work, could not retrace steps.  Tags in deign layer link properly, so viewports cause problems.

  5. Cant figure out what is the reason that some files render objects correctly and some not, the same set of objects with the same lighting.  In this case the file was simple scope paste took care of the problem.

    final QRW.png

    open GL.png

  6. I have a file (primary one) that works flawlessly, I created a spin off (save as) for the purpose of filing with the local dept of Buildings, all fine.  One day I opened the spin off file (all settings are the same) and suddenly some elevations viewports are like X-Rays showing everything as if not opaque.  To be exact north south south are showing correct and east & west  are X- Rayed.

    VWX Elev bad.png

    VWX Elev good.png

  7. all fillets are different, but one thing I noticed in my case that changing order of filleting allowed to complete (overcome locked fillets) conditions.  I my case it was doing the simplest filleting at the very end.

  8. 10 hours ago, michaelk said:

    2.  Regular old Light Objects can be named in the OIP right in the Name field at the bottom.  You can right click on the light in the Vis Palette and change the name there.  It WILL show up in the OIP name field.  But, as you noticed, the next time you right click and edit from the Vis Palette the name is blank, even though the name appears in the Vis Palette and the OIP.  Changing again in the Properties edit box will change both other locations.  I suspect you've found a bug.  Until it gets resovled, you might try Vis Palette > right click / Select On Document and edit the name normally in the OIP.

    thanks, don't know what happened with screen shots but the above is what I was referring to, so it is a bug, not a big deal but ...

  9. Not sure if this is supposed work like this but it kind of doesn't make sense.  When naming light, the name shows in visualization palette but when trying to edit the name, it can be highlighted but cannot be edited in properties and when going into Edit Light the name disappears and has to be retyped from scratch. sequence: 

    1 light crated and highlighted but doesnt change name, 

    2 Open properties, name flight not displayed,

    3 Name typed

    4 name visible in visitation palette after closing properties

    5 reopening properties to edit name, name not visible, instead of changing number 1 to 2, I have retype the whole name.

    Untitled 5-1 (dragged).tiff Untitled-1 (dragged).tiff Untitled 2-1 (dragged).tiff Untitled 3-1 (dragged).tiff Untitled 4-1 (dragged).tiff

  10. I World like to know what settings you have, I followed instructions and I have to redo palette settings every morning.  Even when I use just the big screen the palettes loose position.

  11. I found a way around it, when applying tag directly with data tool it has a problem because of the size of the label itself relative to the window, if I put the label next to the window and then drag the leader over there is no problem.  However, it doesn't make sense why windows which are outside of the section cut be an active choice in that section.

  12. I am using single object mode and this particular tag doesn't see the record of invisible object, if I make the object visible in the view port the tag recognizes it and attaches itself, when I go back and turn it invisible the data tag still is attached to the object.

  13. I have different data tags attached to different objects some visible some invisible.  I has been working faultlessly, then suddenly linking to invisible objects stopped working, the links work when connected to visible and then turned invisible objects and maintain data feed. Other tags still work - are linking to invisible objects. I was searching through settings but cannot find what governs this.

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