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  1. Thanks Michael! At last I could understand the process of material take-off! Your example gave me all the answers I needed. I thought it was much more complicated! uau. The response to While C message from 2008 about worksheet and foundations cost estimate was also a fundamental piece of useful information for me. Thanks to all. I see light in my worksheet quest :-)
  2. Thanks Michael for sending me the 2011 version of your example. I am sorry. You?re right I added my VW version to my signature. This was my first CAD equipment, between 1985-1986. I could draw faster by hand than using this fantastic Apple IIe CAD setup, but using it was so much fun ;-) Yes, with VW2011 I have access to wall components, and I am using them in my worksheet. But when the same side of a interior wall cross several different spaces?..we have to change the type of wall style. I have followed your advice, using the data fields from the Plug-in objects. How can I have access to a specific record value of a database; for example : I use 'Door Schedule':AA4 to access the field containing the price, but all I got is the sum of this field. If I have 5 different doors(no repetition), how can I have access to each door price using a worksheet formula ? Thanks again
  3. Is there any workaround for this 255 characters limit per cell ?
  4. It seams a good ideia. I will try it. Yes the doors and windows all have user fields. This problem occurs with interior walls, when we use one wall to divide different spaces with different wall finishes. I don?t want to divide this wall?.but, perhaps it?s the fastest way to go. :-) Your information about VW is very useful and well explained, I will wait for your second Worksheet webinar. (Vectorworks has a lot of under covered potential.) thank you again PS:I am still using VW2011:-(
  5. Thanks Michael and Ken Michael, your webinar movie about worksheets, gave me a lot of important information. At last I could understand, how to use it, and the directional information; drawing<->worksheet :-) Thank you!! The VW manual is almost useless for me. Like Ken, I am creating a worksheet with all the classes used by NTE (Norma Tecnica Espanha) and it?s prices. It?s not 100% functional as I predicted, because of the different forms VectorWorks reads the information in hybrid or plug-in objects. The automation of the process of measuring the room-finishes are very important, and am studying it. Measuring the perimeter is ok, but then I need to know wish doors and windows are connected with each space?..IFC? The worksheet does not read IFC information does it?
  6. I need to measure the room finish materials (cost calculation). Can we do it using the worksheet/database ? Thanks
  7. How can I get the net glazed area used by windows and doors using the worksheet?? How can I get the DATA inside parametric plug-in using the worksheet formulas? I am creating a worksheet linked to all classes used within a 3D project Fachada-Vidro-FVC10:Duplo:Standard 4/6/5 Fachada-Vidro-FVC11:Duplo:Standard 5/6/6?. Each worksheet line has the name of each class, the linked formula (m2,m3,ud etc) and the price for each class. It is working, I have the totals and subtotals for each category, and the final cost of all the project. ?.but I am blocked to find the way to get information from windows and doors, using the built-in classes. Thanks
  8. Thanks Jim, The first video was the one that gave me a vision of what I needed to do. Space Object is treated as a symbol (attached to a database fields), and as such, I can create my own Space Object symbols, using the defaults folder. BUT?there is a problem, the Space Object symbol does not follow the layer scale. It does not accept the Scale Text option. If I setup this symbol to 1:200 scale, I can?t use it in 1:50 scale (to small). So I have to create a Space Object symbol for each scale ? Correct if I am wrong. Santiago Ribas
  9. I am using VW Designer 2011. I need to resize the text of the Space Object to fit my actual 1:200 project scale. The text is to big. I am aware I can do this with 2012, but I have only 2011. Thanks
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