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  1. Just tried it now, importing a 3D flower and it worked like a charm! Thanks again for your help
  2. Hi rDesign, thanks very much for the info, I will give it ago and hopefully it will work.
  3. Sorry I accidentally posted this in the wrong area, should be in the DWG import export area. Please forgive the newbie.
  4. Hi there, I am having serious difficulty rendering 3DS, DWG and Sketchup files in Vectorworks. I can import them and change them with no problem but there are in some sort of mesh (sorry my knowledge of cad is very limited) format, i.e. a bunch of unconnected lines. When I go to apply a texture, it is applied to every single area of the object/symbol resulting in an ugly surface, rather than if the texture was applied to a solid object. I've search the net and this forum high and low and have tried to convert to various other types of files and models without any luck. When I render the lines that make up the shape are visible. I also have turned on mesh smoothing with cease angle. Any suggestions or advice would be extremely appreciated as it's getting extremely frustrated especially when the solution is no doubt simple. Many thanks, Sammy
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