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  1. Jumping from VW 2016 to 2019. All very simple geometry no longer renders under 'final shaded polygon.' I even took the 2019 file shown in the screen shot, saved as a 2016 file to test. File rendered perfectly (and fast) in 2016. Not sure if there are some settings that didn't carry over, or if I'm doing something wrong? Any help someone can offer would be very much welcome, thanks!!
  2. I'm fine with renaming. I hate having special characters anywhere. I would even prefer this bug remains to force my team into not using them! Thanks again!
  3. Wow. Solved. A root folder buried in the path had a slash in the title. Never had an issue with it before. Weird!! I was always afraid to change it because of my remote backup...didn't wanna ever change the path. Thanks guys for help.
  4. Weird...opening from within (File, Open) 2015 works across server. However, double clicking in finder generates the same error. What would cause this?
  5. Restarted everything, created file in 2015, saved to server location. Closed file. Reopened file from server location, same error. Local server is a newer mac mini hosting a pegasus r4.
  6. Good idea, but didn't work. Get the same error. Seems like this information will narrow the problem, but not sure how...or what direction. No special characters
  7. Vectorworks 2015 cannot open files created in 2014 across server connection. I have tried connecting using SMB, CIFS, and AFP protocols. The error message I get reads "Failure on attempt to open file" Maybe is a permission issue...not sure? When I copy file to local disk, it opens fine in 2015. Any ideas?


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