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  1. You were right, when I composed the lines together it solved the problem, even though the lines were already closed. Thanks heaps!
  2. For some reason (and this happens a lot) some extrudes I create dont map in the same way as others. In the picture, should be all solid stone panels, but some are hollow? The OIP has the same settings in shape and render settings, in the same layer and same class, but sometimes the texture only maps to the perimeter? (Even though map-type is set to auto align plane) The only thing I can think of is the extrudes are on a different angle, but should that matter? Any help would be nice thanks... Im so confused! Oh btw im still using vector works 2012SP5
  3. Figured it! Went to Tools>Reports>VA Create Schedule. Then its a matter of using the table like an excel spreadsheet [/img] Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks BIMGuy, Im not actually designing any machinery. Sorry, I shouldve been a bit clearer. I work for a stone masonry company, and I am trying to create a complete schedule of components used in a building for masonry fixings. For instance, we use the hilti product range, which includes channels, brackets, bolts and masonry tiles. Just want to know, if I model the building completely in 3d, including placing every bolt into the model, is there a way to retroactively calculate how many I have placed? Or any other component for that matter?
  5. Hi, Im a relatively new user to vector works, previously used revit for years. I am looking for a way to quantify components in a project, down to the last nut and bolt. Ive heard it can be done with a part list under AEC> Machine Design> Parts list. However I cannot figure out how to do this? Also, is there a way to quantify, for instance, the total length of steel channel in the entire project? Thanks, any input would be helpful! A Crisford
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