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  1. Hi, I have managed to set my sections up successfully all be it with a few minor adjustments to the model. However now the insulation Tile fill in the section plane is too big in scale. Most view ports have a scale hatch option in the advanced settings but I cannot find one for the section. Is there one and can anyone point it out for me? VW 2012 Thanks
  2. Right now, I have created a model all be it not 100%. I have cut a section through the model and set the cut as the working plane... Viewed the working plane and then created a view port to view the section / elevation on a sheet layer. I then work on the mode, go to look at the changes in the section to make sure I have the right setting etc. To do this I have to open up the sheet layer - enter the design layer to view the section - update the section view port (this sometimes updates and sometimes doesn't) - when it doesn't update in the view port I have to exit to the sheet layer and low and behold if I update it in there the changes appear. This is completely random and there has got to be a better way of working in sections. Any suggestions would be welcome.. Live sections would be a good idea. Thanks
  3. One issue I am having is that I have created a curved roof at a slant and am trying to trim the walls to this roof, some are trimming and some aren't. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks I think I have it working. Having fun with trying to make sections look presentable
  5. I heard a viscous rumor that VW 2012 would allow you to trim certain elements of a wall to a slab structure so that if you project a slab into a wall that (if you can get the sections working) you can trim the wall element back so that the structure seems to appear to sit in the wall as opposed to the wall and structural slab appearing to overlap in the wall. Is this true and can anyone explain how it is done? I have a block wall with a slab sat on the blockwork and would like to view it in section in 3d without having to redraw the section in the annotation layer. Thanks
  6. Thanks I think it may have been something to do with the level set on pad.. It works now, but the scarey thing is I'm not quite sure what I did. I think it may have been the fact I went away from my computer to make a cup of tea!
  7. Hi, I've created a Terrain using AEC and 3d loci. I am now trying to cut the building footprint out of the terrain using pad and boundary (previously fence). It is drawing the lines and offsetting the fence but either nothing is happening and no Update is required or it shows an update but nothing happens when I update it... Slowly going crazy, please help..


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