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  1. Functioning like, say, split by line, but deleting everything touched by the imaginary line between clicks. I've been doing a lot of hidden line rendering clean-up lately, and it seems this would come in very handy for facet lines that are between good lines that I don't want to delete. (Yeah, I'm aware of the the facet angle reduction script, option-clicking, and even the lassoo selector- none do this job well.) Should be easy, no? Makes me want to take a vectorscript book home and dig in (almost!). VWA9.5.2 / OSX.1.4
  2. The fillet tool does this pretty well already with regard to arcs. Without it, it's pretty hard to draw, say, kidney shapes with every arc tangent to its neighbor. No luck with splines, though. I've not been very encouraged by previous implementations of vw's tangent snaps/cues. 1) An entire release with NO tangent snaps enabled (9-9.5) 2) In vw9.5.3 tangent snaps are still dodgy. Stringing tangent curves together, the second line frequently won't show a tangent snap to the first line. I'm reluctant to ask for something that builds on this foundation, unless vw10 is better about this (I'm not there yet...).
  3. "The opening in the wall should be at the window or door frame, not at the trim." the 'Implode loci' button in the OI pallette does just this, unless I'm not understanding your problem...
  4. You mentioned Monier... I happen to use their stuff a bit. Here's a link to one of the image portions of their site: (it's long, so might need to cut and paste into browser window) http://WWW.monierlifetile.com/profileview.cfm?region=68&profile=138&profilename=Slate&mode=professional&state=S-CA&reroof=no Good luck!
  5. Chad

    DTM pads

    Robert- If you find the source of this problem, would you post your findings, please? It happens to many of my dtm's, too, and I'd love to know if it's user error (and what the error is!), or if it's just part of the program and is there a workaround to prevent it from occurring. It is disconcerting to clients to look through the windows and see inside that there are mounds of green grass piled against the walls... Thanks!
  6. Have you checked whether the old DTM symbol is still there? Its not always obvious that there are two DTM symbols superimposed over each other when creating a ProposedDTM from an ExistingDTM. Grab one and move or delete it to see what lies beneath. Lotsa luck.
  7. "3/16" To 1'0" Scale is 1:72 " Nope. It's 1:64 -->12" / .1875" = 64 And 3/8" = 1'-0" is 1:32, not 1:36..... There's a handy reference at the back of the VW manual, too.
  8. Chad

    3D trees

    Same thing happened to me today. In addition to the class Site-Trees, check that Style-Foliage-x is on, too. Took two days to find that nugget.
  9. File / Preferences / Vectorworks Preferences / Session / Display minor alerts on mode bar. You'll like it.
  10. And I've got a similiar complaint. The text tool often places a smart cursor cue (usually "datum") right over the piece of existing text when the text tool is used to highlight a piece of that text for editing. I can see no use for the in-this-case-not-so-smart cue. Together with the shape-shifting, things have gone downhill in the text department since 9.0.1.
  11. We've started using vw9.5 in OS10.1.2 also, and are experiencing frequent but intermitant crashes as we cut and paste elements of old drawings into new ones. I've read elsewhere on this list that this has been a very stable setup for some people, and I'm wondering what's different between the "crashers" on this thread, and those stable others. Meanwhile, I'll just set my save reminder to 10 minutes and be thankful VW doesn't bring down the whole works when it crashes....
  12. Double-click functions differently with other tools, too, such as:Zoom in and out: while these tools are selected, a mouse double click first zooms in or out as if doucle clicking the "c" or "v" (standard workspace), then exits to the selection tool.Leader line: mouse double-clicking won't exit the tool- I usually end up with a couple of short meaningless leader lines before I realize I've tried to employ the old habit.Mirror: double-clicking used to exit the tool, now mirrors my selected object all over the page until I realize I'm using that old habit.In general, these are all contrary to the way I'd choose to make the mouse double-click work. When the change to the offset tool is added to this mix, EVERY change to the double-click response from VW seems to have gone contrary to (my) reason. Otherwise, I'm still stoked on the 9.5 improvements over 9.0.x!
  13. While using the text tool in vw8.5, I figured out that it was possible to "get out" of the text tool by making a horizontal or vertical motion with the mouse's button held down. Essentially, creating a new text window with a width or height of zero. It was very handy, especially when adding lots of small notes all over a drawing, since the text tool didn't have to be cancelled by moving the mouse all the way over to a tool pallette each time. This feature has been "fixed" in vw9.0.1, and I miss it a lot. Assuming this was an intentional fix from NNA and I haven't seen it mentioned on this board, I'd guess I'm not going to get that function back in a newer release, So,is it possible on my own to get the function of 8.5's text and put it into 9.0.1? Can a tool from one version be swapped into another? G4, OS9.2
  14. I've never thought to use the Set Grid for that purpose- neat. It would be nice if the Obj. Info pallette would show the "I" & "J" dimensions of objects drawn in the rotated grid. A third coordinate plane button maybe (cartesian, cartesian relative to grid angle, and polar)? Currently, it's a hassle to create, say, a 2"x12" rectangle rotated 30? quickly. It's a futher hassle to now make it 3" wide. instead of 2". Modifying these dimensions in the OI pallette would be swell... ------------------ Chad
  15. Chad

    stretching walls

    I've noticed this too, and have been trying to figure out when it happens to me. It seems the amount of zoom has an effect on the cursor's discretion of handle to select ('point' or 'corner'). When zoomed far out, the cursor can grab the point with a diagonal resize cursor, and then 'shift' will constrain that point which is off by half the wall thickness. Zoomed up close, the cursor won't do this.
  16. Using VW9.0.1, is it still possible to string arcs together smoothly, as in 8.5.x using the arc by tangent tool? The new tool seems to "try" to do this, but when the smart cursor says the new arc is tangent to the end of the previous arc, it is substantially un-smooth. ------------------ Chad
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