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  1. ok so i have been able to get everything to work. perspectives with straight vertical lines. thank you everybody. but i couldn't agree with mikeb more. quote: Originally posted by MikeB: I'd like to see the perspective view be determined by a physical camera that can be edited in the info palette like a light source. This way you could set the focal length, and angle numerically. As is stands you either have to completely reset the view to change the parameters or use the translate view and rotate view tools, which are far from accurate. i think that it is important to have this ability not just to be more accurate with the camera and ones views around the model, but maybe more importantly (at least for me) to allow me to 'play'. i mean that quite seriously. sometimes i find viewpoints and perspectives that i never thought of because i had the ability to just grab the camera and play with it and move it around the model and i discover beautiful perspectives that i hadn't thought of. the current tools are just to clumbsy to effectively move the viewpoint around. thank you all again. i am sure i will have more questions as i keep getting aquainted with vw9. best, marc
  2. Thank you both for your kind reply. i am slowly figuring the program out. I am having trouble having success with you suggestion though, I think partly because i don't understand everything that you are suggesting. i understand how to set the perspective to a different number, but what do you mean when you say: " I usually set my perspective marque to 42 x 36"? what is the perspective marque and how do i set it? thank you again. best, marc
  3. i am a formz user making the leap to vw9. but there seem to be some basic 3d features that are missing or i just haven't figured out how to do. i hope someone can help. first formz has an option when in perspective mode to "keep vertical lines straight." all vertical lines are made perfectly vertical + straight, so that the perspective does not appear distorted. this is fantastic and a must. how can i do this with vw9? the ability to change the camera angle? do i really only have the three preset options of wide, normal + tele? save different views? so that i don't have to recreate each particular view every time. if these above features are not available, is it possible to create everything in vw9 and then open the drawing in formz and select my final views and perspectives in formz? thank you in advance for your help. -marc
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