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  1. Thanks but to late, already placed the order, from what I researched the TI will do fine along with the other components. I'll be happy to not slow down VW with small 2D drawing file with two PDF's in design layers & my new work on design layer over top with final sheet layer viewports. Thanks though!
  2. So now this is the system I'm pricing thru Dell Alienware Area 51 R6 AMD Ryzen(TM) Threadripper 1950X (16-Core, 40MB Cache, Overclocked up to 3.6GHz on all cores) Windows 10 Pro (64bit) Area 51 1500W Chassis NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1080Ti with 11GB GDDR5X 32GB Dual Channel HyperX(TM) DDR4 XMP at 2933MHz 1TB M.2 PCIe SSD This should get my by for a few years & be able to push VR goggles in the future Thanks for everybody advice & suggestions!
  3. Thank you herbieherb, this info is very useful, no I do not plan on over clocking, I'm trying to get the most powerful system that I do not have to over clock and will last a few years & many newer versions of VectorWorks. I am now a Set Designer on a TV series & do mostly the 2D construction drawings with some 3D. With my current system the 3D work really starts to slow it down. Others use SketchUp for the 3D work on the sets to get story board like images for directors approval & with a powerful system I want to show them how VectorWorks is better than SU & to be able to produce the 2D construction drawings for the same file that had the 3D work. Right now I can slow down VW with just 2D construction drawings I need to do. I already have been pricing systems with one graphics card with the GTX 1080Ti. I also want to use two monitors so I can use the floating view ports with slowing down the software. I will price another system with the ASRock X399 & the Threadripper 1950X with 16 Cores. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you Art, I did not see this my research on best system for VW. . I was focusing more on the GPU & processor. Very helpful! I'm looking to make this configuration last for more new versions of VW.
  5. my other question would be 64 GB of memory really help VW more than 32 GB, for as now is the time get get as much as I can, if it is going to help. Thanks
  6. Thanks Jim, I was thinking the two GPU's would help with dual monitors in using the floating view pane. IF two monitors can be used with one GPU and with the more powerful processor helping with the flaoting view panes, especially doing 3D work, I ca save money using one powerful GPU. Thanks again, I really appreciate your advice on this!
  7. I've gotten a job that is paying me well enough to allow me to buy a fast system for dual monitors and doing 3D drawing. This is what I am looking towards at this time. I'm looking for any advice on the components listed below. Power Supply: 850 Watt EVGA SuperNOVA G3 Motherboard: ASUS ROG X399 Zenith Extreme System Cooling: ORIGIN FROSTBYTE 240 Sealed Liquid Cooling System for TR4 Socket Processors: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X 12-Core Graphics Card #1 - Graphic Cards: Single 8GB EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Card #2 - Graphic Cards: Single 8GB EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Memory: 32GB G.Skill TridentZ 3000MHz (2 X 16GB) Operating System: MS Windows 10 Professional Operating System Drive #1 (Primary): 1TB Samsung 850 Evo Series Thanks for any advice on this!
  8. Thanks you Marissa, that is it!!!!!!! I've done this many times & did not realize I selected the wrong folder type. Thanks to all !!!!
  9. Thanks , but nope, it still does not show the folder I just made & can see it in the resource Manager pallet & can open the folder to see nothing in it. When I right mouse click on the symbol I want to move into this folder I select Move & do not see my new folder I made, but I see all of the other folders I made days ago. I've saved the file, closed & reopened it & still can not see the new folder.
  10. I'm adding more folders to my favorite file of symbols to make them easier to find. This morning I have added a new folder (Mechanical) and am trying to move all of my Mechanical symbols that I use regularly into it. After making the folder & saving the file & even closing & re-opening the file, and clicking one the Mechanical symbol & selecting the Move command, I do not see this new folder, I see all of the other folders I have created but not this new Mechanical folder. I also can not drag the symbol into this new folder. What am I doing wrong, I thought this was how to organize your symbols with in a favorite file. Any suggestions ?
  11. With the trim mode selected it is not adding the radius & removing the two outer lines, it is removing the two inner lines & leaving the two outer. I'm having to duplicate each line then after using the Fillet Tool I have to delete the outer lines & reconnect the two inner lines. This just started doing this in the past two weeks, before it worked just like it should. Any suggestions ?
  12. Why isn't it organized with the 16 divisions so you know where to look for things? Why is there so many folders of HVAC components with one file in each? It is like the architect version has moved away from architecture, you can find more items that I would never use in my construction documents. I guess I need to spend the time in make a custom one & delete all of the items I will never use, but it will probable replace them when updating.
  13. Yes, those Sweet books were great for hold doors open! It took longer for SketchUp to open than for me to search, down load, convert, import, trace, and place into my drawing. Go figure
  14. Why is it so difficult to find a high/low ADA drinking fountain for a commercial building so I can use its elevation for my drawing. It is amazing what I get from searching every version of these words but no ADA drinking fountains. But I do find plenty of rugs, and tons of HVAC folders of items I'll never use. And it seems I have to know the manufacture of the item to find it. This sucks, I bet I can find one faster in SketchUp! Arg!
  15. Thanks Andy, I've never tried that & I will !!!!
  16. It just did it again. I had to create a new version of a set, so I saved as the original file so I would have all of the same wall types, symbols, text, etc. Deleted what I needed on the Floor Plan layer & deleted some classes that were imported from bringing in a stage plan drawing from another person. The door symbols that keep disappearing visually, are mine with all objects in the none class that I always keep. When opening the new file this morning this is what I see in Resource Manager #1. The Resource Manager #2 is from the previous version where you can still see the symbols. So is it that turning off other classes causes this ?
  17. No, view settings are the same, but I fixed by opening an older version of the same file & imported each symbol that is not visible into to the current one. Now I can see all of them again! Thanks for the suggestions !
  18. Zoomer, I checked that & no, it is set to show all. I can see the space & label for each, but can not see the actual symbol. Like my doors, windows, & other items that I use to always see until just yesterday. Now when I select the same symbol from another file & it ask to replace & I say yes, then I can see it. Either way they do work fine when placing into the design layer and are visible. Thanks for the suggestion !
  19. My symbols in the Resource Manager are not visible anymore. I do not know what I did to cause this. I can see the labels, I can select them & insert them into the design layers and see them correctly there. Does classes turned on & off effect what you see in the resource mgr. ? Any suggestions, I do like seeing them more than reading the labels. Thanks.
  20. Thanks, but yes I just entered the info, so to use the Database it has to be linked to objects in the drawing file, or that is the way I understand it. I just re did the spread sheet by hand. I even tried to export it into Excel & was not able to sort of numbers there either. Go figure!
  21. I have added unit sizes and & quantities in the VW spreadsheet & now want to sort the units based on unit size. I can select the rows with the info & right mouse click to see the sort option with ascending & descending but those options are grayed out & not available. How is this suppose to work? How can I reorganize the list in ascending order? I can not find anything on this under the spread sheet help nor in the VW help, but I can see the option I want to use and can not select it. Thanks for any suggestion!
  22. Michaelk, who are you asking n example of ? Also, in the examples above the plans do not match the elevations, in plan I see a window sash, frame & some type of trim that looks to be flush with the surface of the brick, this trim coulb be a brick mold, but it would be back at the wall over the window flange it it has one or just to cover the gap between the brick veneer & wall sheathing. I'm trying to find my brick mold at window section detail, once I do it will be posted. See attached PDF for section details from Pella window manufacture, but typical wood or rot resistant brick mold, like from home depot is different, see second attached PDFBrick Mold Details - Pella Windows.pdf EC Moulding Brick Mold.pdf
  23. I'm using a computer at an architects office and am crashing more than the other 4 users, their PC computers are not all built exactly the same. I have made sure the video card driver is updated & all essential windows updates are done & still up to three crashes in a 8 hour day. See attached reliability report screen print. Since it is a very small file I am going to make a new one & copy paste objects from design layer to the new file design layer & remake my view ports to see if this helps. Any suggestions ? Cash report.pdf
  24. I agree, three crashes yesterday & so far before noon two more crashes, and what good is it to save when it does not save what you did after opening the crashed file, It do no good to have auto back up to every second or every operation. I'm in a very small file, two design layers & three sheet layers of a small floor plan & elevations. This is happening with or with out floating panes which I first thought was the cause. Also after opening the crashed file, it opened the floating pane with a different view in each, when I clicked on the main screen it changed the floating pane to the same view, then when I zoomed in it zoomed both panes & constantly changed the view in the floating pane. I am going to rebuild this file in case of corruption. Glad I get paid by the hour & not the job!
  25. With this tool we use to be able to connect multiple lines to a boundary object with out have to click on each line to connect after selecting the boundary line & for some reason I can not get it to work that way. It has been a while I did this & can not remember how to make it happen. Is this possible with this tool ? In VW help it does not show that it is possible any more. With out this option it make you do many clicks. Thanks! We figured it out, go figure you have to select the lines first then select the single line connect option, then select the boundary object. Do they do this on purpose to confuse the user ?
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