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  1. #Walid R., the set has changed a lot in the past 2 days & is not as big, and they are having me work on 2d elevations to work out panels & wainscots which are in a different file. Today I've tried working in the 3d file that had the issues & I can not get it to happen, I don't know if I need to be working in it for a while or not. I was able to get the walls to be visible by closing & re-opeing VW with no problem. Now the only problem I'm having is trying to do a Realistic White Colors rendering with the floor as a solid white fill the view renderings so dark you can not see anything. I do not have any light objects in it, but have the Ambient Lighting on maxed out. The only way I can see a white rendering is to have no fill in the floor polygon. Shouldn't the ambient lighting light up the room in renderings?
  2. I'm having wall's disappear too, only way I could get them back was to close VW & reopen & they come back. Mine happens more after selecting an object in a class to edit, with this class only visible, then come back to show all they wall can not be seen, but I can select all & see the handles, they also disappear in wire frame. Also having strange things with the door window tools. Now the glazing in some of my windows show up as solid filled even though the class has a glass texture & was visible the day before. It is a large file though of a house interior.
  3. Yesterday when I do a Realistic White Color rendering I can see thru the windows, today, a newer file, saved with todays date, the glass is not see thru. I had tried changing some of the settings but with no luck. The glazing texture is the same for the glazing class. Fist PDF is from yesterday, second is from today, then a photo of my settings #2 Grand Foyer.pdf #2 Grand Foyer-A.pdf
  4. I'm using the window tool to make a custom window in a wall for a model & nothing I can do to get the bottom sash towards the interior of the space. I am using a custom wall type of 4 inches thick and finish on one side for a TV series set wall. The Flip button does nothing to this window in the wall. Any suggestions?
  5. I'm looking for info on how to (import), I think is the correct word, a marionette. From this website page, at the top it has marionettes made by others, I've downloaded one but can not figure out how to get it in my VW file. Do I import it? Is a marionette a Plug In, is it a Script? I see how to bring in scripts & Plug Ins into VW but nothing on marionettes. All I see is how to make them & edit them. Thanks
  6. I understand how to make the marionettes but can not find out to import on from this VW website. I've downloaded the one for cabinets, AR_cabinet_2019EN.vso. I can not get it to import. I've tried using the Plugin Mgr but when going to import it, the file type does not show up. I can not find any info on how to do this & then use the marionette in my drawing. Any help on how to do this is appreciated. Thanks
  7. Anybody have a Brick Rowlock Renderworks Texture ? There is many brick & masonry textures, but not one brick rowlock or soldier course texture. I have made the associating brick rowlock hatch to go with it. For now I just added the rowlock hatch to a standard common bond brick texture with a new name, but can only use Hidden Line Rendering to see it. I have not been able to create a rowlock texture myself.
  8. Yes Wes, I do believe it is part of the footing but showing in the viewport wrong. I deleted the 2D foundation drawing I had in this file, but even with that the footing is only 2'-0" wide centered on the block & brick veneer wall. It shows it correct in design layers, just not in the viewport. My objective with this model is to have a white model with hatches. I just got your reply of turning off the None class. Thanks!!! Funny on how this fixes this when it is not shown in the None class
  9. Yes I can Wes, it is a big file, 12,290 kb HowellResidence_1003719_3dSet.vwx
  10. Can not figure this one out! I have a foundation with footing modeled and in the ViewPort it changes the footing to something that is not even in the drawing. Can anyone explain what is going on?
  11. Juan, the tech support was not able to help, they kept saying it has to do with my permission & to try down load it as Admin. This did not work either. This morning, I selected Repair in the Advance selection in the VW down loader & it worked. I have never used the Repair selection before, but make perfect since that it should be the first thing to try. Thanks for you help & reply!
  12. The VW 2020 SP1 is not downloading correctly, it stalls at 50% then goes very fast to about 80% & stays and says error & to contact tech support
  13. I'm drawing a masonry block wall with brick veneer, I have the layer wall height at 0", I have the Wall Type component top & bottom set to Relative to Wall. In the drawing I have two of these walls perpendicular to each other & joined at the corner. I can see the bottoms and tops are aligned, but in the object info one is @ 0" bottom offset, 3'7" Top Offset, & 3'7" height & the other wall is showing -2" bottom offset, 3'5" top offset, & 3'7" height. How can this be? They are both on same layer & class, same wall type. Both walls are set in the Object info as Layer Elev bottom bound & Layer Elev Top Bound. Any reason why this is showing this way? When I make each wall with same height & bottom offset they are seen at different heights. Now I got it! Make this a separate Foundation Layer, make the Layer Wall height to full height of Foundation Wall, made layer Elevation 0", made Object info Bottom Offset -2" & it works
  14. And in the Window tool, please allow under the Exterior Wall Detail to set it for brick mold, not splayed. This seems so easy to add here, it could be a 3rd option. Am I the only one that uses a brick mold around windows & doors in a brick veneer building ?
  15. Mine is always on this setting you show Adam, it is the one that works best for my computer. But still get symbols to disappear when using floating pane.
  16. A way to force Smart Curser Cues to stay on until you click on an are you sure button. I use them often but mine keep switching off after 3 clicks of the mouse. I have removed all shortcut keyboard keys that could turn this off, but still it goes off as it wants to. And now with 2019 the Snap to Angles goes off on its own too.
  17. My symbols disappear when using a floating pane, which I love using having 2 monitors. Even after closing the floating pane they stay gone. I can not even select them or see any grab handles. The symbol even disappears from the Resource Manager. When I try to bring the same symbol back into the file, it ask if I want to replace it, so it is still there. The only way I can get them back is to close VW & restart it, this is with out restarting the computer. Then they are all back. Due to this I quit using the floating pane, which sucks, it is really nice to have the other view as reference & to be able to edit on the fly.
  18. I've just now getting this error when exporting a very simple VW drawing to a DWG version 10. My VW drawing is just 2D lines, hatches, & a PDF title block.
  19. Thanks to you guys, I got it working. You helped me pass a brain fart. Instead of searching for the word AS, I should have searched for AS METAL, because I also have AS CONC. & AS MASONRY BLOCK. I entered AS with a space afterwords & it found AS CONC. not a word with the letters AS in it. So I searched for AS METAL & found out I got all of them. Thanks again!
  20. I'll try that, Thanks Zoomer. I us AS in a lot of notes so construction knows what type of material to use for a fake finish, as in AS METAL JAMB. I have it listed everywhere on a drawing & now it changed to real metal. So I have changed all that I can find but it would be nice to double check with this tool, but it keeps going the the word BASE. I've never had this happen before.
  21. The Find & Replace Text Tool works great except when I am trying to find all occurrences of the word "AS". The Find & Replace Tool is finding every word with "AS" in the spelling of the word, like BASE. There needs to be a selection to find the exact spelling or single word, not every word that has these two letters in it.
  22. Thanks for asking, it does not happen in Best Performance setting nor did it happen in Best Compatibility setting. And in the Best Performance the Floating View Port is working much better now. Thanks!
  23. Just installed SP-3 and when zooming more ghost images are appearing that are not there & objects already drawn disappearing, but everything comes back after zooming. I have the Good Performance & Compatibility setting under Display. Any settings suggestions to minimize this ?
  24. is there a SP3 for VW 2019 ? I have SP2 and says I'm up to date when ever I check it. Also, I get symbols disappearing too & can not select then when selecting all items. They come back after closing the file & re-opening it. This happens faster if using a floating view port, which I use to use a lot but now in 2019 can not. This is with any of the graphics settings. And using the middle level of the graphics settings and working on a file for many hours I start getting random objects visible when zooming in & out, even thought they are not really there. That is why I'm hoping for a SP3 for 2019
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