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  1. I've been printing to my new HP T120 large format printer with 24" roll bond paper. Purchased it may of last year & worked great right out of the box for 7 months @ 50 to 60 hours a week. No problems, now that the contract work is over I brought the computer my equipment to my home office & re-connected everything the same as before. Now it is clipping the bottom half of a 24"x36" page size for no reason. I've re-installed the printer driver & made sure all firmware is up to date. I can print from other software & PDF's on a whole 24"x36" page size with no problems. It seems to be only VectorWorks. I was using VW 2013 architect & just installed the 2014 version & same thing keeps happening. Any suggestions ? Please help, soon starting another contract project & get rent for my printer, if it works. Thanks!
  2. So far my newer project files are saving fine. Thanks for all suggestions
  3. I'm using VectorWorks Architect SP5 build 168051 on a PC. After working a while on a file it quits saving the file even when I select save. When I use save as & say yes to over right the existing file it does not over right the file. The only way I can save the file after doing more work to it is by selecting save as & adding a letter or number to the file name each time I save the file. It is saving to the back up folder but not to the original folder. I am working 10 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week and this is making me think the 2012 is not a reliable version. Is anybody else out there having this same problem ? Thanks for any help!
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