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  1. thanks for all of the suggestions! Yes I found out I would need a Cyrillic language font, with out it I get a lot of question marks when pasting back into VW. I've tried the screen capture of the translation text, but the resolution is not great after printing & I get a lot of white around the text. So no I'm going to hand off the drawing to someone else in my office that I think uses Photoshop to place the proper text into the drawing area. Thanks for your all's help, I thought it would be easier that it was !
  2. I am making a fake drawing that needs to look like a Russian drawing. Is there a way to convert the text to Russian. I've tied coping the VW text to Microsoft Word & translating it there & then re-coping it back into VW, but VW does not understand some of the text characters & replaced them with question marks & then changes them to binary code when printing the drawing. Any suggestions ?
  3. Thanks Jim, I was able to get them back thru the manager, even though it did not allow to get the classic & standard, I was able to get all of these colors with a new name that I added. At lease I have all of the colors back. Thanks!
  4. My classic & standard color palettes have disappeared, all I have are the colors in the current document. I can not find out how to get these back & not sure why they left. Any ideal on how to get them back ?
  5. when I use the custom tool to make a text tool for certain type of text on a certain class everything works except the class. When I make other objects, like a rectangle, it make the rectangle to the correct line type, weight, & color and on the correct class. Should the custom tool always select the class as per the settings to include the selected class, or is this different for each type of object used with the custom tool? Thanks
  6. does anybody know of a tutorial for the Section-Elevation Marker tool, the VW help explains it but not very well, this would be a great tool if I could get control of it. I feel it would be easier to use if the line length out of the marker was controlled by a click after the marker location click, then have the next gap be set by entering a dimension in the properties box, so they all stay the same, then the line after the gap is also pre-set in the properties box so they are all the same. It seems there is way to many clicks to get a finished section cut line & not easy to make them all look alike. Thanks for any suggestions!
  7. Jim, I think we figured out the best way and it is to select export each layer to a separate file & export all sheets. I get one folder with many dwg files & when they open it they can access everything. Attached is the final setting I had selected in the export box Thanks!
  8. Jim, I think we, me & the autocad users, have figured out to use dfx conversion works better. I think its more the way I drawl. I use many design layers to create my sheet layers & when converted to dwg they get each design layer on a autocad layer but can not turn them off & on, they can only freeze the layer. Then with one layer visible its one large block that they have to explode, it then separates each line where ti crosses another, just like a Sketchup converted file. The only other thing I can do is to export each sheet layer separately that way they get only one design layer with it. Attached is the convert dialog box of the latest way I tried. I think the problem is that autocad has only one model space that I'm converting many into one. This is mainly for archiving my files so somebody else could change them if I am not here or one the project anymore. Thanks for any suggestions
  9. I'm trying to export a large file with 13 sheet layers and 6 design layers of different scales. When I export with all sheet layers selected, they get one design layer with all of my design layers on one dwg design layer. I feel like I have done this before with no problems. I would like to export one file that the dwg user can open & see each sheet layer & each design layer in case they need to edit it. Any suggestion ? Thanks
  10. Yes I own Version 2016 Sketchup which is usually what my bosses give me to do construction drawings from. I sometimes export a dwg from sketchup & place on bottom layer & trace over it to have better control of continuous lines & to eliminate this type of problem. So any advise on how to better export out of sketchup would be great. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Jim, also I must forgive myself, I just found out, this file I copied the floor plan from was partly created from a SketchUp File converted to a dwg file, that is why so many line segments. I did the first one that way because they need something quick for a meeting, since then I have made my own file with the 3d line converted fixtures. I learned a valuable lessen not to use converted SketchUp file imports. I usually trace them. I forgot about this due to do many version of this same type of drawing. Now this same drawing size is 1057 KB. Works much better, thanks for helping me figure out what I was doing wrong!
  12. Thank you very much Jim, the components you mentioned were VW 3D symbols that I converted copy to lines. The original file was made in VW version 2015 & then saved to 2016 today. I will rework this file completely. Thanks again!
  13. Yes I created this file myself all in vectorworks, the toilets are symbols from vectorworks. Nothing was imported. I just exported it as a typical PDF at 300 dpi
  14. This is a Vectorworks created file, no dwg imports. The fill/hatching are polygons & yes there are many. The Simplex font was chosen for the look. This will be a set dressing piece for a tv show I'm working on.
  15. I am working on a resort layout, just lines, solid fills, & symbols, all 2D. The file size is 8734 KB, everything I do has a major delay. I have now moved sections of rooms to other layers, 8 different layers so I can work on an area with out much delays. I also made 3 small rooms along with one big room a symbol to save file size & try to speed my work flow up, but it is not making anything faster. Any suggestions attached is a PDF of the whole drawing visible
  16. I have a scanned survey on a design layer as a bitmap image. I have this design layer along with another in a viewport at the same scale as the bitmap image. When I print it, the bitmap image prints out solid black. The only way I could get the print & see the survey is to make a PDF & then print it. Any suggestions to get it to print correctly ? Thanks !
  17. I really could use a wood grain hatch to show a slab door to be a stained wood door with out using an image. I'm having a problem in getting the images to print correctly while keeping them grey scale or black & white. Thanks!
  18. After updating my video driver at beginning of this week, like I'm told to do,I've had two blue screen crashes. I've been in contact with my computer doctor & they suggest going back to the older version of the video card driver. I have only VectorWorks & sketchup open when the crash happen. The latest crash happen when I was creating a view port from a design layer to a sheet layer. See attached for a phone pic of the blue screen & the error message after shutting down & restarting. Any suggestion ?
  19. Thanks Jim ! At least I know I've gone crazy doing these 10 hour days in front of this computer!
  20. Jim, attached are phone pictures of the cursor in 2015 & 2016 to see the difference which they are. It is hard to see this in these photos though. Also when I move the cursor over the menus or tool boxes it becomes a crisp outline in 2016, but not when over the drawing. I know this is a pet peeve, but is very annoying. Also, the align object dialog box got much bigger in 2016 with not a lot of space being used, not sure why. I have my computer mouse settings for no shadows at home & at office. I still have 2015 on my home office computer along with 2016 so I was able to compare both on same monitor Thanks for any info on this
  21. No I do not drink while working, afterwards maybe.
  22. Is it me or has VW always made your cursed fuzzy and with a shadow? I do not remember this in 2015. When I move the curser over the tool menus or the off the drawing window it goes back to a line edge with no shadow. I hate the shadow look, that is the first change I make to every pc computer is to turn the shadow off, which I have selected for the computer, but now VW is adding it back only when you over the drawing area ? Why ?
  23. Now I wish I never un-installed VW 2015. I lost many good Resource Libraries of items I used a lot. Thankfully I have computer for my home office I still have 2015 on it so hopefully I can bring those libraries to my office computer. How come 2015 does not come with the same libraries ?
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