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  1. Thanks Pat I may have just about got my head around that info ....but cant work out how it might help shift the phantom plant. I'm hoping its a glitch! I have abandoned that layer and moved on. Its obvious that despite using it since 2010 - i'm still only understanding a small fraction of the programs capabilities. ūüėē
  2. Strange. I marquee selected all, then forced selected that and now been able to leave the phantom on the page alone
  3. My layers are active only and classes show snap modify others, although i have tried many alternatives. i'm back square on again as I have tried to undo a few steps and lost the move everything off page progress.
  4. The force select has allowed me to move everything but the phantom symbole off of the page. I'm still unable to grab it
  5. Hi BSeigal I have found and activated force select but active only does not show it or the other plant objects...
  6. Hi michaelk and Pat Stanford. Thanks you for your replies. I have tried alt-select ( if that Force select?) I have tried to single out all classes individually. I have also 3 other plant objects ( different from phantom plant) that are selectable on that layer but don't appear to belong in any class either when toggling through the classes ( active only shows no plant objects) I have tried the select similar tool which only works for the legit plants.
  7. I have a symbol/ plugin stuck to a layer. I cannot select it - tried classes components tags etc. Select all scoops it up as it deletes with the rest of page, but marquee selection only picks up adjacent objects. I would very much appreciate any advice as to what might be occurring - Violetz
  8. Hello - first post from me - glad to find the forum Today i have woken-up VW to find the message that my serial number is invalid. Have been using landmark 2011 for over a year now. am due to present plans tomorrow but cant print. help anyone? violetz


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