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  1. On 8/29/2020 at 9:20 AM, neal-2002 said:


    Sounds like Apple quickly fixed the issue, and apologized for the automated error, so it wasn't an intentional "flick of a switch". Also, that warning dialog had a Cancel button, so it was a 1-click workaround. Not to mention, the developer is offering his app as part of the Setapp subscription bundle which is another means of installing it.


    I understand the fear of Apple continuing to take things away but I'm not worried about being able to install third party software for the foreseeable future, especially as to how it would relate to ARM or macOS 11 which is the topic of this thread. Five or ten years from now.... who knows?


    For some reason, this thread keeps drifting into various versions of the Osborne effect: either "I'm not buying the last Intel Mac because there might be a better ARM machine in the near future... " or "I'm not upgrading my Mac because I'm afraid of what Apple might break in the near future... " Analysis paralysis is the thief of joy. Without repeating what I've ranted about at length above, there are pro's and con's of Mac's that exist right now. The 2020 iMac and 2020 16" MacBook Pro will be solid performers for the next 3-5 years. Upgrading the OS has always been voluntary, and early reports of beta Big Sur sound promising, so that doesn't appear to be an issue.


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  2. 7 hours ago, neal-2002 said:

    So, I see the Apple walled garden walls have begun raise into users view recently (fortnight not working on Mac users machines anymore- due to Apples Notarised kill switch)


    this is the second time I’ve seen this happen in a month - first time was with the app Downy which they ‘mistakenly’ removed the authors dev certificate rendering his apps all useless on al macs overnight!


    This type of thing has me concerned - I’m not particularly happy with Apple having this much control over what I run on my Mac.....who says they won’t do the same to Twinmotion before this is all finished!


    20 year Mac user and don’t think I’ll be moving to Apple silicon at this rate...don’t think Epic are far off the mark with the rotten 1984 apple video... 🍏 😈 


    I have a half-joking side conversation going with some work friends about the Epic debacle but it's a giant leap to go from Fortnight and its IAP's on iOS to UE/TM on macOS. I can easily install UE, TM, VW and all but a few apps that I use outside of the App Store on my Mac. If the day ever comes that I can only install macOS apps through their App Store, we'll have bigger problems than Epic's greed.


    On that note, I would implore all Mac users to avoid using the App Store whenever possible because third party apps:

    • Have more features
    • Are updated more frequently
    • The developers get more $

    And, perhaps most of all, you won't have to deal with the infinite loop of sandboxing containers should you every have to troubleshoot an app.


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  3. 3 hours ago, Tom Klaber said:

    It seems we are inching towards a command line!


    Is there any AI in this?  Are the tool suggestions predictive or contextual - or is it just access to the tool pallets at the mouse point?




    "Moreover, Vectorworks will make suggestions based on your search and most-used tools."


    That sounds pretty AI to me. I also recall this feature being demoed a few years back (41:54 in video), so I wonder if we'll get some of the other features mentioned in that section of the keynote:

    • Class Pen and Fill editing in the Nav Palette (40:05 in video)
    • On-Screen Shortcuts (40:46 in video)

    (video should start at 41:54).




  4. Looks like the options are:

    • Basic Tool Palette (with possible access/configurability to other tool palettes)
    • Tool Modes
    • Recent Tools (or favorites?)
    • Views

    Being that I use a numpad for views with my left hand (mouse in my right), I'm hoping that I can configure something else for views, like the Organization menu item (since I can't make that a palette that I would just leave open at all times).


    I definitely see an advantage here as a workaround to switching back and forth between Spotlight and Designer, and playing Whac-A-Mole with tools/palettes.

  5. On 8/19/2020 at 9:19 AM, SteveJ said:

    These 2021 enhancements target the CPU.


    @SteveJ my question about GPU/VGM got buried, so I'm asking again here. From the 2-year old Teaser Q&A video, it sounded like multi-threaded CPU operations were able to transfer more graphics to the GPU, so while that multithreaded improvement was specific to the CPU, the GPU took advantage of that.

    1. Is it safe to say that a GPU will take and process more graphics from the CPU in VW21?
      1. That's a strange sentence to word correctly but I'm picturing the milkshake from There Will Be Blood, and Daniel Day Lewis is the VGM, and he has 10 straws sucking graphics from that CPU milkshake
    2. How much of GPU performance will benefit from VRAM vs other graphics card specs?
    3. How does VGM caching factor into this (hardware choices when speccing a machine)

    For context, the 16GB Vega 64 on my 2017 iMac Pro was never maxed out (through VW19), so would I now be able to take full advantage of that GPU in VW21? That's a pretty modest graphics card compared to what's available today, especially on a Windows machine, so I'm excited about the possibilities here ... 


    For reference, just like the side-by-side comparison of our favorite city model, the VGM LOD Teaser from last year was super helpful because Activity Monitor was open, showing how much of the GPU was being utilized. And, of course, we really want to see how many CPU threads are being used in VW21 vs VW20.




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  6. 46 minutes ago, Josh Loy said:

    Hey @Mark Aceto thanks for the feedback, I not exactly sure where you're going with this but any speedup for drafting/modeling/rendering seems like a win to me.  This system is independent of Project Sharing and will have no impact on its performance.


    I wouldn't say anything has plateaued or that there are any lines to read between.  We support a vast set of hardware and must provide support for a broad range of workflows while always providing the best experience.  The more tasks we can multi-thread and multi-task the better.


    Awesome and I'm sure most users fall into this same category, the performance gains will absolutely help your large model workflows while working in wireframe and OpenGL.  I would also agree and recommend higher clock speeds over core counts as long as you have at least 6 cores; I'm also on the Mac.


    It will use more storage 10 to 30% that I've seen up to this point, and if that's an issue for your broadband it can be easily disable just like "Viewport cache."  I wouldn't make any choices or pass judgement until you try it and are happily surprised. 🙂


    As for you processor choices I wouldn't quite agree with your

    Some of this logic isn't quite correct.  As clock speed increases the power demand isn't linear, meaning the same 'n' amount of work can be done on 4 cores at lower clock speeds in the same amount of time and using less power than a high clocked processor.  Base clock speeds are pretty useless as the system will ramp up and down the clock speed depending on demand.  You'd probably be better served looking at the single and multi-core turbo speeds since they're generally the limiting factor and usually not far apart.  If you want to get really into it TDP will generally dictate the performance you'll see since cores can run at different speeds and in the end heat limits it all.  Feel free to direct message me if you want to talk about this more or have any additional questions. 


    Thanks, Josh. After rewatching the videos from 2  years ago, I deleted/edited a lot of my initial responses but thanks for taking the time to reply.


    As for clock speed, the Turbo Boost speeds have proven to be little more than marketing BS for us Mac users, so the real world turbo usually splits the difference between the base clock and the turbo boost (until it gets too hot). The other point of reference is when my Mac maxes out with the message "Vectorworks 20XX (Not Responding)" and I look at Activity Monitor, and see 1 thread slammed against the ceiling, and all the other threads not even being used. That's why the CPU-constraint has always been the speed of a single core/thread. I don't care about the other 19 threads that aren't even being used if they're dragging down the performance of the one that is being used. The 2nd screenshot shows the "4.5GHz" turbo boost maxing out at 4.26 which is the fastest I ever saw it spike on that 2017 iMac Pro.



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  7. 3 hours ago, Clint Alderman said:

    Looking forward to seeing the recommended hardware specifications for VW2021


    Considering that adding cores lowers clock speed and increases thermals, I would still go for the fastest CPU base clock speed. For example, the Ryzen 3960 looks like the best performance (and value) in the table below.


    @Josh Loy what are you thoughts? Also, how will the GPU/VGM factor into this?




  8. 18 hours ago, milezee said:

    my 2 pennies worth, I have tried/tested the direct links between both Rhino & SketchUp, it's not exciting at all, in fact I go back to importing my models either as SKP or FBX files, it's a more friendly way of getting 3d models into TM and them being more workable. Hopefully in time the direct links methods will improve. Either way, TM has the potential to be a great fast real time render engine 👍 


    Giving VW the benefit of the doubt, I bet this is the holdup. I'll wager 3 tacos that they want users to have UI/UX (and stability) comparable to Enscape.


    Meanwhile, they're chasing a moving target:

    1. 2018 Unreal buys TM
    2. 2019 Unreal releases slightly overhauled TM 2020 (some improvements, some setbacks)
    3. 2020 Unreal announces majorly overhauled UE5
    4. 2021 Unreal releases UE5

    Fortunately, Apple isn't making any big changes—wait... 

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