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  1. For clarification, using the reshape tool in add vertex mode worked to add the straight line to the polyline. Joining or composing a straight line with a polyline will not work. Trying to convert a joined/composed polyline to NURBS or polygon will not work.

  2. My memory is bad. It worked before because I reshaped / added a straight line to the polyline. EAP doesn’t like joining or composing the two lines to create a polyline.


    BTW @Pat Stanford I could hear your voice steering me away from the rocks on this one. As much as I’d like to give my client their seams every 5’ along the curved walls, I decided to let VW do what VW does best (wall styles), and take the extruded path of least resistance.


    Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 11.33.37 PM.png

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  3. Simplest thing in the world… no longer working. Issue seems to be related to composing a straight line with a polyline to created a new polyline (but it worked fine before this).


    Quit and restarted VW. Going to try dumping caches and restarting computer next.


    File attached.



    Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 10.39.14 PM.png

  4. This project has come full circle: I now have a subscription to Cinema, and am exporting the client’s scenic designs from Cinema into a VW shuttle file.


    I read that 3DS was recommended but not all of the objects were making it into the the 3DS file. I’m currently testing OBJ which seems to work better.


    Many thanks again to everyone in this thread. It’s even more helpful now that I’m using Cinema (even at this very basic newbie level).

  5. @Pat Stanford and @P Retondo thanks so much!


    Question: after following both of these steps, would it be possible for me to export a custom Fundaments workspace from my copy of VW that they could import?


    When we did a screen share, it looked like theirs was all out of wack. No access to Layers in the Nav palette (even from the Menu bar)… I would love to customize it for them by turning on layer scale etc.


    I’m also afraid this is headed towards a user folder dump, and I’m really trying to sell them on VW without frustrating them with too much tech support. They’re coming from SketchUp and Cinema.

  6. I’m working with a client who has a Fundamentals license. I have a Designer license. When I go to my Fundamentals workspace, are the same features missing for me that are missing for them?


    I need to clearly understand what the limitations are on their end for frustration-free collaboration.





    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 1.49.22 PM.png

  7. 38 minutes ago, Josh Loy said:

    Much appreciated, we'd thought about having "Fit to Page" and "Fit to Objects" apply to all panes when double clicked or to just add more buttons; but waited to see if there would be a large demand before adding more complexity to the UI. As you know we're always trying to find the sweet spot for the best user experience between complexity and usability.


    I’m a huge fan of the Option key as a modifier. This may already exist (similar to Space bar panning or mouse wheel flyover) but maybe something like an Option+Command+6 to zoom all panes to extents? And then add a warning like “Do you really want to zoom all panes to extents” (with a checkbox to dismiss future warnings) to minimize calls to Tech Support.

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  8. @Josh Loy I was in a user group last week, and a few folks wanted the ability to control all panes (like zoom in / out / to extents). I’m pretty ambivalent about that request (can see it causing confusion) but thought I’d pass it along. Also loving the behind the scenes thinking on this feature, so maybe that’s something y’all wrestled with… 

  9. 55 minutes ago, Josh Loy said:

    If you're not happy with the default 4 view in new documents, you can lay it out as you'd like and save a new default template document.  I'm not sure how obvious it is but Saved Views are currently apply to the selected pane (blue highlighted one), so creating Saved Views with the visibility options disabled, for each pane, could be used to speed up setting up the layout. (But it's still a little bit of work since you have to select each one and apply)


    That’s what I was hoping for—thanks!


    56 minutes ago, Josh Loy said:

    do you think adding a "Lock View" or "Disable View Changes" menu checkbox (placed near the "Use Same Visibilities in All Panes" checkbox) which would disable all view changes in that selected pane would satisfy?  I would also think adding an indication that the view is lock in a particular pane would be necessary as well.




    57 minutes ago, Josh Loy said:

    We did design a Multiple View Pane Manager but omitted it with the original task to simplify the User Interface.  If you find the current controls too limiting we can definitely look into adding that kind of functionality.


    That sounds like another dialog, so I support the original decision to omit adding another layer of friction to the interface. The checkbox menu is still very lean and mean, so there’s plenty of room to add a few more controls there.

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  10. On 2/4/2021 at 3:29 AM, Tobias Kern said:

    As for the multiple drawing view:

    The views should not be changeable (or be logged) in the view itself.


    In Rhino 3D the front view always stay as a front view,

    the side view as side view, and so on ...

    The perspective view stays as a perspective.

    You only can change this in the settings. 


    In VW you could change a orthogonal view to a perspective view

    direct in the drawing window. This is much to easy to change and

    not so a good solution. Rhino does it better (i think!).



    Rhino is excellent for 3D modeling but I may be misunderstanding what you’re looking for… 


    Multiple views in VW are insanely configurable and powerful. Here’s a recent screenshot of when I was testing how far I could take it, and eventually just stopped because it was getting ridiculous. Tearing off the views is one of my favorite features. Likewise, I don’t see any issue with limiting a custom config to only what you need.


    Hope that helps!



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  11. Hey @Wes Gardner , totally understand the thinking behind that, and it’s certainly great to have the option but the rule of thumb for me has been: only annotate on the SLVP when absolutely necessary.


    Without listing a bunch of small specific use cases, there are 2 main reasons:

    • I want to edit one time (on the DL) and have those edits populate in all SLVP’s where I can control them with classes
      • The last thing I want to do is dimension 10 SLVPs, revise the DL with client feedback, and then re-dimension 10 SLVPs (especially if a VP corrupts)
        • I realize that dims and DT’s associate to objects but often times I’m adding a new object or… 
    • Entering the annotation mode is slow, and working on SL’s in general is slow

    That said, I’ll definitely give this new method a shot with various plots and plans to see if this improves my workflow but the idea of switching back and forth between DL and SLVP annotation modes while working with Braceworks doesn’t sound very efficient. Maybe I’ll just edit / enter the Braceworks DL through the SLVP?


    Thanks for the tips on the Space Tool. However, there are still cases where I need to use the ST because of the DT's limitations with displaying units, markers, and ability to calculate functions (sometimes literally displaying the function operators vs actually calculating).



  12. First I’m hearing of Data Tags set up to work best on Sheet Layers but that certainly explains their page-based placement. 


    Why are they not set up to work on Design Layers like myriad other tags and annotations from the space tool to gird lines / dimensions to label legends... 

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  13. Imported their latest rev as both a mesh and 3D poly’s. Files look identical pixel for pixel but the 3D poly’s file doubled the size (and took forever to import), so I’m sticking with mesh as the preferred import option for now.

  14. Just found this thread. I was surprised to discover that my client’s copy of Fundamentals does not include the Nav Palette. Upgrading doesn’t sound like an option for them right now, and the crippled features (mainly navigating the app) is not a real selling point for them.


    Is there really no workaround other than using those drop down menus?

  15. @Art V I imported that one as a mesh. I’ll try 3D poly’s next time. Let me know you recommend anything going straight into VW.


    I’ve had a few trial versions of Rhino and Cinema over the years that I mainly used for importing/exporting. I may rent Cinema for this project over the next few months… 

  16. Thanks, everyone! Sounds like my original plan was a great example of “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Nevertheless, as I get to know their process, and we continue to collaborate, this thread will be a fantastic knowledge base for streamlining and troubleshooting our workflow. 🤘🏼

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  17. On 1/5/2021 at 10:57 AM, grant_PD said:

    But bear in mind that you are importing things from a polygonal model to a solids based modelling program. 


    Guess that would explain this mess mesh. Also, thanks for sharing the link!



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  18. @MattG AFAIK data tags are only page-based, so my workflow is to select all similar objects, place the tag at center or insertion (which populates all of them at once), and then I shift them all down and over together. Inevitably, a handful of the tags will be piled on top of each other so then I’ll start nudging individual tags out of each other’s way.


    Now that I’ve adapted to that workflow, it’s not too bad. I still don’t understand why they’re page-based but the win for me is being able to format all of my tags in the same style across departments, spaces, objects, plugins…  for more consistency / readability.


    As for the X,Y coordinate arrows… I typically draw in 1/8th scale (1:96) so they’re always a mess. My workaround is to just add X and Y to the data tag. On that note, you’ll want to tweak your units to avoid 3 decimal places. That also needs to be refined in a future update because the “round coordinates” checkbox is sorely missed.


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  19. I’m working remotely with a client that designs mostly in Cinema but also dabbles in VW. My role is drawing the venue model and technical production. They’re mostly designing the scenic. My hope is that I can set up Project Sharing, so they’ll always have a base model from me. The icing on the cake is if they can Send (their working file) to Cinema 4D… 


    Before I propose that workflow to them, I want to consult The Oracle to see if anyone has experience testing it. Please advise on best practices and anything to watch out for… 


    Thank you!

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