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  1. Also: Command+0 will reset to actual size Safari prefs > Websites > Page Zoom The gear icon in the toolbar with the same settings (very easy to accidentally activate)
  2. Hey @Wes Gardner , totally understand the thinking behind that, and it’s certainly great to have the option but the rule of thumb for me has been: only annotate on the SLVP when absolutely necessary. Without listing a bunch of small specific use cases, there are 2 main reasons: I want to edit one time (on the DL) and have those edits populate in all SLVP’s where I can control them with classes The last thing I want to do is dimension 10 SLVPs, revise the DL with client feedback, and then re-dimension 10 SLVPs (especially if a VP corrupts) I realize that dims and DT’s associate to objects but often times I’m adding a new object or… Entering the annotation mode is slow, and working on SL’s in general is slow That said, I’ll definitely give this new method a shot with various plots and plans to see if this improves my workflow but the idea of switching back and forth between DL and SLVP annotation modes while working with Braceworks doesn’t sound very efficient. Maybe I’ll just edit / enter the Braceworks DL through the SLVP? Thanks for the tips on the Space Tool. However, there are still cases where I need to use the ST because of the DT's limitations with displaying units, markers, and ability to calculate functions (sometimes literally displaying the function operators vs actually calculating).
  3. First I’m hearing of Data Tags set up to work best on Sheet Layers but that certainly explains their page-based placement. Why are they not set up to work on Design Layers like myriad other tags and annotations from the space tool to gird lines / dimensions to label legends...
  4. Mark Aceto

    C4D Import

    Imported their latest rev as both a mesh and 3D poly’s. Files look identical pixel for pixel but the 3D poly’s file doubled the size (and took forever to import), so I’m sticking with mesh as the preferred import option for now.
  5. Just found this thread. I was surprised to discover that my client’s copy of Fundamentals does not include the Nav Palette. Upgrading doesn’t sound like an option for them right now, and the crippled features (mainly navigating the app) is not a real selling point for them. Is there really no workaround other than using those drop down menus?
  6. @Tim Norman-Prahm I've never seen that but I alway export (from a SLVP) vs save. Does that happen when you export as well?
  7. Mark Aceto

    C4D Import

    @Art V I imported that one as a mesh. I’ll try 3D poly’s next time. Let me know you recommend anything going straight into VW. I’ve had a few trial versions of Rhino and Cinema over the years that I mainly used for importing/exporting. I may rent Cinema for this project over the next few months…
  8. Thanks, everyone! Sounds like my original plan was a great example of “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Nevertheless, as I get to know their process, and we continue to collaborate, this thread will be a fantastic knowledge base for streamlining and troubleshooting our workflow. 🤘🏼
  9. Mark Aceto

    C4D Import

    Guess that would explain this mess mesh. Also, thanks for sharing the link!
  10. @MattG AFAIK data tags are only page-based, so my workflow is to select all similar objects, place the tag at center or insertion (which populates all of them at once), and then I shift them all down and over together. Inevitably, a handful of the tags will be piled on top of each other so then I’ll start nudging individual tags out of each other’s way. Now that I’ve adapted to that workflow, it’s not too bad. I still don’t understand why they’re page-based but the win for me is being able to format all of my tags in the same style across departments, spaces, objects, plugins… for more consistency / readability. As for the X,Y coordinate arrows… I typically draw in 1/8th scale (1:96) so they’re always a mess. My workaround is to just add X and Y to the data tag. On that note, you’ll want to tweak your units to avoid 3 decimal places. That also needs to be refined in a future update because the “round coordinates” checkbox is sorely missed.
  11. I’m working remotely with a client that designs mostly in Cinema but also dabbles in VW. My role is drawing the venue model and technical production. They’re mostly designing the scenic. My hope is that I can set up Project Sharing, so they’ll always have a base model from me. The icing on the cake is if they can Send (their working file) to Cinema 4D… Before I propose that workflow to them, I want to consult The Oracle to see if anyone has experience testing it. Please advise on best practices and anything to watch out for… Thank you!
  12. Mark Aceto

    C4D Import

    Every few years, I relearn the same lesson that VW can’t import native Cinema files (only textures). Is there a reason that this will never happen, or is this something that’s being worked on for future compatibility? In the meantime, I’ve asked my client to export 3DS files. Some light research seems to indicate that FBX might be missing some level of detail including textures and surfaces.
  13. @JuanP I finally updated to Catalina over the holiday, and this issue is finally fixed! Seems like the issue was on the Mac side not the VW side. So happy to see Exit Group again!
  14. @AnotherLD your classing looks good. Is the Clip Cube activated? What symbol is it? That bounding box looks like a group which is a symbol option (usually unchecked by default):
  15. Is there a way that I can enter a ROUND function in the Data Tag formula?
  16. Nope; spoke too soon… I had manually entered the load factor in the data tag: But when I switch it back to the formula pulling the load factor value from the OIP: I get this output, so I’m right back where I started:
  17. OK, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this bites me in the arse but here’s a workaround: 1. Change document units for Area > Unit Mark to a [space] (highlighted in light blue below): 2. Add “sq ft” (or ft² or whatever you want) to the end of the Data Tag formula for: Gross Area Net Area Load Factor That solves everything except the thousands separator which I believe is a much deeper rooted issue:
  18. @Pat Stanford if I can figure out how to get rid of the “sq ft” in the Max Occupancy, I’ll happily switch over to the Data Tag:
  19. Trying to figure out how to: Gross / Net Area Add thousands separator Max Occupancy (formula) Add thousands separator Remove decimals There are lots of options for Gross and Net Area, so I’m open to choosing a different option for my formula. I can’t seem to edit the database Record Format connection of the Space tool, whether the type is Dimension, Integer, Number, Text…
  20. I’m trying to do the same thing with Area and Function in the Space Tool Label (not a data tag): For Area, I would like to add a separator. For the function (Mac Occupancy), I would like to remove decimals. However, I can’t seem to edit the Record Format Connection. Text, Number, and Integer seem hardwired in there…
  21. I’m also trying to get at this data which I can’t even figure out how to enter into the OIP:
  22. 2-part question: 1. How to create a data tag that shows: Gross Area Net Area Occupant Load Factor Max occupants (net area / occupant load factor) #Space#.#MeasuredNetAreaNum#/7 returns a value of sq ft, so I’m trying to figure out how to edit the units… 2. In the example above I need “gross area” to extend beyond the walls of the space object. This is for events, so the regulatory agencies looking at this have a different definition of Gross / Net Area than VW. Logically, this would be 2 sep Space objects in VW, so… For clarification, I love the worksheet, and I would still use that. I just need client and reg agencies to quickly see the same info in the data tag. Attached: space object with space tag, data tag, and fake tag of what I actually hope to accomplish. It seems like there’s more data available to a space tag than a data tag. I just need to figure out how to calc area / load (without "sq ft” in the max occupancy). Space Tag Occupancy v01.vwx
  23. @inikolova between Nov 25 and Dec 1, I exported about 150 panos (all revisions of the same file). About every 15 exports, I’d get the white render. I wasn’t able to make sense of what caused it, so I would just immediately re-export, and it would be fine. From memory, I think a few of them were user error — that I would forget to return to the saved view before exporting. I’m on v2021 sp2.
  24. @Tom W. she's a beaut!


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