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  1. Thanks for the link - that was a surprisingly informative read! Based on the quote pasted below, there will continue to be parallel development for: Syncing with Cinema, Twinmotion, etc. aka the "VGS" Cinema and Redshift ports baked into VW Likewise, the new VW fly-through animation feature is a massive improvement over the previous (virtually unusable) implementation but can't possibly compare to Twinmotion, and it's library of entourage, path-based vehicles, seasons (falling leaves, snow and rain), fish swimming in ponds... So it seems like the intention is to provide VW users who don't want to pay for external render software with basic functionality (and the promise hope for realtime rendering with Redshift). Meanwhile, users who want to dive down the realtime rendering rabbit hole will have the option of paying for external render apps that sync with VW. Seems like everybody wins but I really hope syncing to external editors that already exist are a priority to porting watered-down versions someday. The distinction I'm seeing in the entertainment industry is: Sheet layers for drawing sets will always exist for plots, plans, perspectives, and paperwork Sheet layers for presentation is going the way of print media Realtime screenshots of Unreal/Twinmotion/Lumion have already been taking the place of Cinema renders for the past few years Therefore, looking ahead and skating to where the puck will be, the old way of thinking "we need photorealistic visualization baked into VW so it can live on a sheet layer" is not something we really need anymore. Bids are awarded with realtime renders/animations more and more. The process begins with Cinema/Unreal/Twinmotion/Lumion to present the concepts (choose one), and ends with VW (modeling on the design layers, followed by plating on the sheet layers). So I hope that old thought of "we need photorealistic visualization baked into VW so it can live on a sheet layer" isn't still driving VW development of how we'll present to artists and clients in the future. Plus keeping renders out of the VW drawing keeps the file size down. 😎😎😎 In the meantime, please continue prioritizing development of a faster, multicore, (insert the usual gripes)... parametric BIM kickass plug-in 3D modeling and 2D plating app that syncs with the best-in-class realtime render apps (and leave the heavy duty render development to the best-in-class realtime render apps). Speaking of kickass plugins, what's up with ConnectCAD? Bueller? ... Bueller? ... Bueller?
  2. Mojave development has ended, and this thread has outgrown its usefulness. Unsubscribe.
  3. Your 2012 iMac's 3.4GHz base clock speed is faster than 90% of Apple 2019 lineup :/ BTW gorgeous design!
  4. BTW I'm experiencing a handful of bugs on Mojave with Mail and Safari that I've spent hours on the phone with Apple senior level tech support trying to fix. By creating a guest user account, it seems like most of those bugs could not be replicated. For perspective, this 2014 MacBook Pro shipped with macOS 10.9 Mavericks, so the macOS version history is: 10.9 Mavericks 10.10 Yosemite (don't even get me started) 10.11 El Capitan 10.12 Sierra (my personal favorite) 10.13 High Sierra 10.14 Mojave Keep that in mind when someone in this forum says, "I'm not having any issues on my 1-year old computer..." Now imagine VW beta-testing v2020 on a feature-limited beta version of Catalina, and everything is working wonderfully but they know - they know - they're about to unleash this on every random config of who-knows-what people have done to their 2012 MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM and 1GB VRAM ... That's what the next 3 SP's are for (and whatever Apple continues to break with each of their subsequent updates).
  5. All good. I had a handful of conversations yesterday with colleagues that use VW on a Mac (and Windows), and they all said, "I love using my MacBook Pro for day-to-day stuff but I need a Windows workstation dedicated to Vectorworks and my other 3D software." But I think that's our sad workaround for Apple having a beef with NVIDIA and a Faustian bargain with Intel. Neither of which is VW's fault. Plus VW isn't the one that screwed up the Mac Pro for 6 years (and then offered an insanely overpriced "solution") and the MacBook Pro for 4 years (and presumably will offer an insanely overpriced "solution"). It's Apple's race to lose. That's mostly hardware though. And the thing with hardware is that it has to ship without issues (or at the very least, a 4-year keyboard warranty) because Apple can't release a software update to fix a hardware problem. And that's why macOS and VW (and literally every other software) will always be buggy on release day. And there's nothing wrong with that. I'm just really glad that VW has aligned their release schedule with macOS, and offers us cool features like Dark Mode, especially when that meant creating all new icons and other UI elements for us Mac users. They could be like Lumion and tell us all to go f**k off. Now if only VW would stop adding Russian doll dialogs nested inside menu items and palettes with more tabs, and more buttons to click and click and click and click into... and then click back out of click click clickity click click... with every single new release. Free the palettes!
  6. Since you quoted my post, I hope you didn't get any of that from me. Here's what I'm hearing in this forum: Apple: Catalina is so buggy, delay the release from Sep to Oct. Vectorworks users: Service Select is a bad idea. I'm switching to Windows. I pick my battles with VW, so when it comes to holding them responsible for delivering an issue-free product on day 1 of Apple's release day, I'm not going to die on that hill. As a Mac user since the 80's (with the exception of 99-04), I test drive the new release of VW each year on the side until my colleagues, designers, vendors, etc. are all ready to turn the proverbial keys at the same time (usually sometime between SP 2 and 3). As for macOS, I typically wait until .3 or .4 (Mojave was such a mess, I waited until .6). It's all relative, so I'm still on an annual upgrade cycle with both products. Therefore, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything (except frustration). For the record, I love that VW releases are in sync with macOS releases because that's the smallest window of waiting for me. Common sense: give them both a couple months to squash bugs now that they're in the wild. It's software not hardware. My only gripes about Service Select are: Getting hammered with a $700 bill every March instead of pro-rating it (with an annual contract) I want single sign-in with my other sign-in name (not the one that my 2013 boss gave me)
  7. First of all, thank you for the straight answer that we've been trying to get ever since the announcement a year ago. Second, this is crushing news - particularly 3 cores instead of 4. With the current state of CPU's moving in the direction of more cores / lower base clock speed, we simply can't combine a fast single core clock speed with a decent GPU in a laptop (especially Apple). That's not VW's fault by any means, but we've all been trying to win at this game for years, and the currently available hardware is forcing us to take a step backward (at a premium price). It seems like we've been begging for this spaghetti code to be rewritten since sometime around v2015, and it's still getting pushed to v2021, so what's the holdup?
  8. All of this sounds like a grand slam. Just received this in my inbox from ESRI, which might help folks dig into GIS best practices: http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/proc19/index.html Speaking of the old fashioned way, I believe one of the benefits of this new method is access to more recent sat imagery, right? So it could be 3 months old instead of 3 years? Again, really hoping for an updated GIS Tutorial... 🤞🏼🙏🏼
  9. What's the file size of the sat image? Whenever I've done this (the soon to be obsolete way) with a screenshot (on a 4k monitor) of Google maps (and then scaled to the drawing), it bloats the file size.
  10. Excellent! Can't wait to try this out! If there are new tutorial videos or webinars in the works, that would be icing on the cake!
  11. I'm talking about accomplishing what's shown in this webinar that originally aired in 2011: https://www.vectorworks.net/inspiration/industry-webinars/integrating-gis-files-with-site-design-workflows A lot of city gov websites have all of the GIS data I need (for example, Virginia Beach VA) but it gets trapped into ArcGIS 2D imagery (basically a Google Map that shows other data for boxes that I've checked) inside their proprietary software. Honestly, I'll figure out the pricing later. In the meantime, I just need to know if I can get all the data demo'd in that 8-year old webinar into VW 2020.
  12. Now I'm going down another rabbit hole of the difference between WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS and WPS. Could you elaborate on "imagery" vs data (not LIDAR). Also, is this service free or will it be like AutoTURN that wanted me to subscribe for $500/year (so I've never used it)?
  13. HOLY COW THIS IS FREAKING EPIC!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I've gone down the ESRI rabbit hole, downloaded the apps, signed on to their services, yada yada yada.. but then in whatever city I happen to be drawing a site plan for a festival, the data is either trapped in the GIS app or so painful to download piecemeal from the city.gov website, that it's useless. To the team that worked on this, WELL DONE!!!
  14. In a perfect world, maybe? In the real world, not a chance. Nothing would ever ship. Apple just released the 2nd supplemental update to the final point update of Mojave last week. They're still fixing bugs. Also, a lot of people don't realize that Apple doesn't include all the new features (and bugs) in the betas. So VW and every other third party developer have to wait for the gold master. But the GM and .0 release still won't have all the new features (and bugs). That's increasingly common with the time constraint of the annual upgrade cycle. BTW great question about Metal. With the news this summer that Cinema and RedShift (both owned by Maxon which is owned by Nemetschek) are going all-in on Metal, we're due for an update on OpenGL's replacement. What's the the latest, @JuanP?
  15. To be clear, most - if not all - of the fault cause here lies with Apple. VW 2019 SP 5.1 is smooth as butter on macOS 10.14.6 SU 2. Meanwhile the betas of Catalina (and iOS 13) are tracking a legendary level of bugs, so anyone rolling the dice with a .0 release should expect nothing but trouble. Keep in mind there will not be a VW 2019 SP 6 or a macOS 10.14.7, so this is as good as it gets (every year at this time). That's also a major milestone for an OS that's about to end 32-bit support (unrelated to VW). The next 3-6 months are a wonderful time to take advantage of this stability (instead of intentionally choosing frustration). It's also a great time to play with the new version of VW but there's not a single colleague, vendor, designer or anyone I work with that will use the new version for a paid project until sometime around December (SP 2.1 was solid last year). If VW could improve one thing, it would be closing the 4-5 month gap between SP 2 and SP 3 every year with more of those point updates (SP 2.2, 2.3... ). The other thing to keep in mind is that Cook's Apple prioritizes selling subscriptions over performance: power, speed, stability, ports, thermal management... Most of the Mojave updates (and Catalina upgrade) have been and continue to be focused on adding services: News, TV+, Arcade, MasterCard... And, yeah, Windows is definitely the safe bet every September when Apple drops their half-baked OS on third party developers and peripheral manufacturers, and they scramble to reverse engineer a game of Whac-A-Mole in real time to figure out how Apple broke their sh!t. I mean it took 3Dconnexion nearly 2 years to solve the unplug USB mouse on restart issue introduced in High Sierra. Even 1Password has issues with each subsequent release. Then there was the 10.14.4 keychain bug that hosed everyone's Google accounts...
  16. @JuanP thank you for the reply. For clarification, there are 2 multicore issues being discussed here: Making more of the code multi-threaded, which you just answered Lifting the 4-core limit (on modeling not rendering), which is still a mystery Please let us know where we stand with #2, including a roadmap of the version/year ahead.
  17. That's why they're bullets instead of numbers ;) They're all priority #1.
  18. There might be a workaround to that but according to this: https://support.lumion.com/hc/en-us/articles/360003476733-Can-you-install-Lumion-on-a-Mac- "Parallels and WMWare Fusion for OSX are not supported and will cause crashes, glitches and license lock-ups." They have less than zero interest in supporting Mac on any level. Twinmotion for the win!
  19. A big theme of last years teaser videos was, "we hope to one day eliminate the performance/quality sliders altogether because the app will run at full tilt, so there will no longer be a need for them." I'm still holding onto that dream...
  20. AKA "the thing of which we do not speak." While this performance boost is massively appreciated, I haven't heard anything about taking a load off the CPU and moving it to the GPU. Every release since 2015 has rewritten old code to take advantage of better GPU performance (and eGPU's), so this is the first year it's been quiet. This is even more important today because while we have 8-core laptops, their single core base clock speed is well below the VW recommendation, and turbo boost speeds are thermally throttled. With only one more Teaser Tuesday left, I'm hopeful for: 4-core limit lifted to a minimum of 8 cores "This is is a maintenance release - we cleaned up a bunch of old code, and made everything faster and more stable" Massively improved worksheets Improved stair tool I'm excited about all the little things that didn't make it into this round of teasers but these have been priority #1 in user feedback for years.
  21. TL;DR: yes, it will be an additional cost (similar to the Vision and Braceworks acquisitions) From memory, the 2018 version was selling for roughly $700 for a new license but that info is gone now: https://connectcad.com/index.php/shop-2 https://www.livedesignonline.com/business-people-news/vectorworks-acquires-connectcad?NL=LIVE-04&Issue=LIVE-04_20190827_LIVE-04_689&sfvc4enews=42&cl=article_2&utm_rid=CPLSM000000042792&utm_campaign=16262&utm_medium=email&elq2=84c3914bce26444691db4b0deede1135 From the press release/interview: On the bright side... This is one of those plug-ins that I've had my eye on for years but have never pulled the trigger because it was pretty pricey coupled with Vectorworks in-app purchase fatigue: ConnectCAD $700 Lightwright $700 Vision $1600-2500 Braceworks $5000 That's an additional $8000+, and it's hitting the Spotlight users particularly hard. It's like buying a base model Mac, and then speccing it out triples the total cost. Was really hoping for something in the spirit of the PanzerCAD acquisition. Also just want to give thanks to the indie developers/designers that have built most (if not all) of the tools that have been baked into Spotlight for years.
  22. Saw this Parallels update that specifically calls out Lumion: https://www.macrumors.com/2019/08/13/parallels-desktop-15-catalina-sidecar-support/ Looks like the new version supports up to 128GB VRAM and 32 CPU's (cores?). This could be my gateway to the dark side (or the best of both worlds).


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