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  1. I think I was just confused because the arrow in the marker is pointing in the opposite direction of the view (unlike a section line which correctly points in the same direction that it's facing). The N arrow is pointing S but the VP section is facing N, so I'm actually good. Yes, it is a bit of an idiosyncratic tool, and it's annoying that it has to live on the DL (among other things).
  2. @Tom W. I tried that but it still gets NSEW wrong—just with different numbers.
  3. Also why is the command / object called "elevation" when it's actually sections?
  4. It's been a long day, so I'm gonna ask the dumbest question in the forum... How do I edit the marker numbers so that North is North, South is South... and so on? In the screenshot below, the marker thinks N is 3 but it should be 1:
  5. @zoomer thanks for the best practices--that's what I needed to know!
  6. Honestly, by adding a layer instead of using a clip cube, I can get the job done with 3 clicks, and only use sections when I'm actually sectioning. I hate adding layers for the DWG folks on my team but this is the baseline to beat.
  7. Compared to adding extraneous layers, classes and symbols purely to control visibility, then yes. I have to export DWG's for collaborators, so I try to keep the file as minimalist as possible for everyone on my team. Also, if you don't want to use tags, then don't (they're optional).
  8. @line-weight yes, that's exactly what I'm hoping to accomplish. I like the symbol solution. I think someone else had requested the ability to Tag objects (vs classes and layers) for filtering. Really, any way to to slice and dice the model without overcomplicating it with redundancy (especially when exporting DWG's to collaborators).
  9. @Selin interesting that DXF didn't make the list as that's the only file type I've had success with (imported all objects, lightweight) I'm going to send you some files, so you can see what I'm talking about first hand. Also, Simplify Mesh is not an option for me on this project because it changes the shape of the objects that are being fabricated. I have been converting to generic solids when possible but I haven't noticed as much of a benefit as I'd hoped.
  10. They're ortho elevations + an iso which is why it's so ridickydonk that I have to create a section for each elevation: Clip Cube section for front elevation Clip Cube section for right elevation Clip Cube section for left elevation Plan view for top Iso view for iso (but then I have to add extraneous classes to hide objects obstructing the view) Maximum effort. Stupid. Worth it. The frustrating thing is that CC sections are using Hidden Line attributes (without revealing objects outside the clip cube). Am I missing an obvious workaround like using the Section Class attributes for non-section CC VP's somehow? Whatever I'm doing is 10,000 times more complicated than it should be. Here's a WIP:
  11. Thanks @Tom W. OK so because Hidden Line isn't compatible with Clip Cubes (not even on the DL) my workaround options so far are: Create 3-4 sections for each object (front, left, right, iso) + a plan VP for top view Please kill me Create a new layer for each object (so much for the Lighting layer that's now merged with other departments) So far, I like this one the best because I can Create Multiple Viewports, so it's the fewest clicks (and no sections for elevations) Who's come up with a better workaround?
  12. You just saved me hours (in Dashed Hidden Line).
  13. OK this is driving me bonkers... When I create a VP from a CC, the objects outside of the CC are shown. I must be missing some Easter egg nano-triangle setting buried somewhere... I'm checking the right boxes: Here's a view of the CC: Here's what it looks like on the VP (and, yes, I updated the VP):
  14. @Selin what's your recommendation for exporting from Cinema (to be imported to VW)? I've tried 3DS but not all objects are exported, OBJ but the file size is usually too large and unmnagable, and most recently DXF which seems to work great (all objects, fast and lightweight). @zoomer mentioned FBX but I haven't tried that yet...
  15. Sounds like the Round Wall tool needs Round Door and Round Window tools...
  16. @hollister design Studio I didn't even know about control-spacebar. Evidently that's a shortcut to Things 3 for me to add a new To Do lol. I would think it's pretty easy to program alt-spacebar in your workspace but I'm guessing you've already researched that, and it's dedicated to another command I didn't know about...
  17. I really enjoy panning with a MMB: https://3dconnexion.com/us/cadmouse/#compare
  18. I'm plating up a drawing set and wondering if there's a more efficient way of setting layers and classes... The standard views are obviously easy enough to duplicate the entire SL but then I create a bunch of sections, clip cubes... and I just want my layer and class settings to stick. I tried editing the camera view, creating a clip cube, and then navigating back to the SLVP but that didn't work. I could manually reset layers and classes on all of the DL's but that's annoying. I could also reset them in the Organization dialog which i desperately want to be its own palette for this exact reason but that's annoying too. Surely I'm missing something obvious to speed up my workflow...
  19. @line-weight wow, those details are exquisite! I'm ruined! Is your solution to extrude / model all of that stuff, use another app, or... ?
  20. I'm not sure how perpendicular to the wall arc would work in real life. Seems like the jamb would either be too wide in the center to stop the leaf from swinging or too narrow on the other side to allow the leaf to close.
  21. Inserting this door where the round walls "join" is going to be my next battle. From what I can tell, the door needs to be inserted on either side of that "joint".
  22. I modified a wall style for the traditional wall components, and then the extrudes are separate from that. The 2D arc's are guides I used to manually input and measure 5' along the arc length. This was the most painful part, especially if there's a revision...
  23. Update: everything I hoped to accomplish is done! Can’t wait to determine the actual components, so I can revise the wall style. Also can’t wait (sarcasm warning) for the client to slide the 5’ panels 1” to the left (could be a great case for using a decal for making quick attribute mapping adjustments). This is what I love about the forum—thanks to everyone that helped me get this across the finish line!


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