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  1. 4 hours ago, jeff prince said:

    In large firms with dedicated 3D Rendering, Video, and GIS departments, it is not uncommon to see $15k to $25k workstations.  In those workflows, the machine cost ROI is rapid.  This new Pro is not for typical BIM or drafting technicians, the softwares are not really designed to take advantage of the power and the work itself is generally not that taxing on the computer (if you train people how to model properly).  For the rest of us who spend most of our time on design or design administration, an Ipad would likely serve 90% of our needs 🙂.


    While that is true, none of the previous Mac Pro's were priced so out of reach for professionals. Rationalizing that this version "isn't for us" is to forget that every prior version was.


    As someone who's getting ridding of my iMac Pro (all in one is not for me), my options are Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and MistakeBook Pro.


    So, unless they're about to surprise us with a new modular desktop, they just hosed most of their pro users.

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  2. 7 hours ago, JRA-Vectorworks-CAD said:

    It almost feel like its a strange dream (nightmare) where we just went back 10 years in the past and created another G5 tower type computer which was large enough to be upgradable and had decent cooling to run properly. ( I have 3 sitting redundant in my office) Then you find yourself 10 years in the future in terms of pricing and Apple have morphed into a high end computer jewellery company like Rolex developing OP products for the rich! Don't even get me started on the £999 monitor stand! The best thing about this has been the hilarious Cheesegrater memes.


    Unless you want an all-in-one, there's a huge gap between the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini. All we wanted was a user serviceable machine that we can upgrade with our own components, including NVIDA GPU's and AMD CPU's. Instead we got a FU on wheels.


    Clearly, their POV is "if you want to put your own guts in it, we're gonna charge you more for the base. How do you like them Apples?"


    And the monitor is a joke. So many better options for CAD pro's... Would be nice if they brought back an antiglare screen to the Mac lineup though.

  3. 3 hours ago, Jim W said:

    I would have liked to see some more reasonable 2999- level price points and configurations for it too




    The CPU is socketed, so I wish they had a placeholder throwaway option. It's absolutely beyond me--yet so completely inline with Apple nonsense--that they refuse to work with NVIDIA and also insist on using Intel CPU's. Why not just go all-in on AMD? Probably because of some 10-year deal Tim Apple made with Intel 7 years ago... 


    The storage is modular, so we could bring our own... on top of the 6k base price.


    @JuanP it's probably too soon to tease VW 2020 but:

    1. What's the current multi-core limit? Is it still 4 cores?
    2. Is there a plan to use Metal? Netmetshek-owned Maxxon/Cinema, Redshift, Epic/Unreal/TwinMotion, and VW competitors like AutoDesk are onboard... 
    3. I've never pushed VW beyond 12GB of VRAM--any updates to the VGM that will make use of 32GB or more?
    4. How's the project of revising legacy code coming along? Is there a target completion date?

    After dropping $9k on an iMac Pro, and watching the spinning beach ball of death (VW 2018), I'm not eager to drop $10k on a Mac Pro, and get that same sinking feeling of buyer's remorse in the pit of my stomach. That said, VW 2019 made huge strides to improve that, so fingers crossed for VW 2020... 



  4. 2 hours ago, line-weight said:

    As a long term fan of buying macs second hand ... I am wondering if the launch of this will prompt a drop in prices for second-hand 'trash-can' mac pros, and whether there's any sense in moving from my current, refurbed 2009 Mac Pro, to one of those things.


    Yes and no.

  5. 3 hours ago, Jim W said:

    “Tapping into the amazing performance of the new Mac Pro, we’re excited to develop Redshift for Metal, and we’re working with Apple to bring an optimized version to the Mac Pro for the first time by the end of the year. We’re also actively developing Metal support for Cinema 4D, which will provide our Mac users with accelerated workflows for the most complex content creation. The new Mac Pro graphics architecture is incredibly powerful and is the best system to run Cinema 4D.” — David McGavran, CEO, Maxon


    So... I'll be the first to ask for a status update on VW and Metal.


    On that note, when will VW's 4-core limit will be increased, and to how many cores? 8? 12? 16? 24? 28?


    3 hours ago, Jim W said:

    irritating that they effectively took credit for cooling and accessibility design thats been standard in gaming PCs for years now but I'm just so happy to see them stretch far in that direction that I'll forgive it.


    Convection has been around since Newtown but at least we didn't have to sit through Sir Jony Ive mansplaining it to us.


    Or Phil gaslighting us about how leaving 1micron of space between modules is "courageous" (and won't box them/us in 5 years from now).


    3 hours ago, Jim W said:

    Base specs for this thing should handle Vectorworks like a dream since it's still limited to one GPU at the moment.


    Except that they pulled their favorite dirty trick of using 256GB storage--same as an iPhone--and a 2-year old budget-GPU in the baseline model, so guess how much those upgrades will be? Based on current pricing models, and a $1k monitor *****ing stand, I'm guessing in the magnitude of thousands, quickly turning the step-up config into a $10k build that turbos at a theoretical 4.4Ghz.


    Isn't the point of that whole proprietary graphics contraption Apple's version of SLI, enabling 2 cards to be used as 1? Even so, I would be shocked if VW could max out even one of those 32GB cards anytime in the next 5 years (would be an excellent problem to have though).

    Honestly, what I really want right now is a 2019 iMac without a screen. That would be solid for VW for the next 2 years. The Mac Pro is future-proof in it's modularity but totally over-engineered in ways that won't help us VW users. Plus, who wants to drop $10k on a machine that's still gonna get a spinning beachball of death because of all the legacy code in VW?


    Now that the cat's out of the bag, and Apple increased the width of something--that overpriced monitor--for the first time in their history, this gives hope for the mythical 16" MacBook Pro in 2020... 


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  6. On 5/30/2019 at 2:50 PM, Inspectorjack said:

    I am running VW19 SP3 on a 2018 MBP 13 (2.7Gh, 16 GB ram, 1T SSD, 10.13.6, Intel IRIS 655).  I am a light user in terms of rendering and prefer the smaller laptop.  I'd say it works fairy well.  


    I am however curious of how much performance difference the new Radeon Pro Vega 20 15" MBP will offer.


    A machine with a dedicated Vega 20 would feel twice as fast as the same machine with an integrated GPU for everything except rendering (which is mostly CPU intensive; particularly the number cores). That will only continue to be the case.


    However, you might get more bang for your buck by using an eGPU with your current machine. You could even use a Vega 64 with 16GB VRAM, and ride out this generation of MBP until the mythical 16" MacBook Escape with scissor keys appears in the next year or so. Considering, Windows laptops are now available with 16GB NVIDIA GPU's, hopefully Apple will offer at least an 8GB GPU by then (instead of a paltry 4GB).


  7. 4 hours ago, BenG said:



    Unfortunately, optoner is mostly right.  I am a scientist, not an architect, so my comments are related to the Designer set of tools. (Yes, I know Nemestchek has abandoned all fields except architecture/landscape).  After I spent a month, fiddling with the buggy VW/Mojave, I finally reloaded VW from scratch, which seems to have fixed the crashing, hanging, and dead commands.


    Yesterday, I decided to design a shoe horn.

    Here are some of the commands that worked some of the time, but not others: (VW18 sp 6/Mojave / 2013 MBP, 2.6 Ghz, 16GB, 1TB SSD)


    1. Add solids

    2. Subtract solids

    3. Push Pull

    4. Fillet edge / chamfer edge

    5. Randomly jumps between rendering/wire frame

    6. Randomly jumps between views


    For example, these objects are obviously symmetric.  On the horn part, I went down the left set of edges doing a fillet.  Worked OK, except refused to work in one spot.  I then started down the right side in the same order, same tool, same settings.  It would not fillet any edge.


    My solution?  Cut the horn in half vertically along the long axis, copy and reverse the side, then join the two halves back together.  Time wasted - about two hours trying every trick in the book until that one worked.  This shoddy behavior has been going on for years - all versions of Mac OS and VW.  I have sent numerous files to Nemeschek for fixing, which they do.  But I am tired of the money rat race for no fixes to very old problems. 




    With all due respect to VW, you might wanna check out Rhino for this type modeling

  8. On 12/5/2018 at 7:06 AM, rjtiedeman said:

    Based on the CPU/GPU scores posted it would seem that the VEGA 20 is better but not by a lot. You can buy a eGPU in the future if you ever need to have more power but you can’t get more ram.


    I think it's still sinking in for a lot of users that buying the base GPU, and then adding an eGPU is the 2019 version of modular upgradability. They've just moved the guts to the exterior (like it's on life support because it basically is at this point). It feels wrong to buy the cheapest (discreet) GPU in a disposable machine but...


    That was also the promise of TB3.


    Cloud storage is another workaround to overpriced SSD upgrades that aren't modular / can't be upgraded.


  9. On 12/26/2018 at 5:58 PM, ThreeDot said:

    Is anyone running Vectorworks 2019 on a new 2018 13” MacBook Pro? I have a 2016 13” MBP that ran Vectorworks just fine until I upgraded to Mojave. Now it’s unusable. I’m thinking about upgrading before the end of the year. I like the 13” MBP for portability and it works great for light drawing and modeling. The 15” MBP has a better GPU, but I’d rather not lug that around if possible. 


    Mojave is trash (in general not just VW). You can add an eGPU to the 13" for the best of both worlds (and have modular upgradability in the future). Plus, if you're running HS, you can use a NVIDIA GPU if you prefer.

  10. @Jim W , sad to see you leave but massively appreciative of everything you've accomplished. Tons of respect for choosing to spend more time with family - perhaps the most important tech support lesson for so many of us here. Break a leg in your next endeavor!


    @JuanP , in the search for the new voice of videos and tutorials, I propose H. Jon Benjamin (reading a script prepared by someone as knowledgable as Jim).


    Because he's the hero Forum deserves but not the one it needs right now.



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  11. Upgraded to Mojave yesterday. Downgrading to High Sierra today.


    Not worth the overall bugginess (in general) for a half-baked dark mode UI and a few bells and whistles. High Sierra runs smoother, is compatible with NVIDIA drivers, and is less locked down.


    As with all things Apple lately, it seems like 10.13 is the "last good version" before Apple replace features with gimmicks. And my "legacy" software (Office 2011, Things 2, Wunderlist, Yojimbo, Bento, Neat) all run on it just fine. Also, it's nice to stay logged into all of my work Gmail accounts in Mail and Calendar... 


  12. Apple Releases Macbook Pro 8-Core, "Fixes" Keyboard:



    • Year old pricing on year old GPU/RAM/storage components/upgrades in spite of the cost lowering year over year
    • Single core base clock speed is down from 3.5ghz (2017 13") to 2.4ghz not good for modeling in Vectorworks
    • “Up to 5.0GHz Turbo Boost” lies
    • “Experience smooth real-time performance when rendering 3D models in Cinema 4D” more lies
    • Other than reducing the base clock speed,  not sure what Apple or Intel have done to improve thermal throttling

    Possibility of a GPU bump to 6gb in the fall (similar to last year). Otherwise, this is probably as good as it's gonna get for this generation (before they screw up the next generation).


    @JuanP , do we have any updates on the reality of using an eGPU with a MBP? I'm still on High Sierra since Mojave is still a half-baked buggy mess (in general) so they can push subscriptions "services", which means I also have the option to go with NVIDIA.


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  13. Really frustrated with SP3 performance. Super slow, lots of spinning beachball of death, seems to be graphics related, switching modes doesn't solve it.


    From the outside looking in, it sure seems like the new features created new bugs.


    2.1 was solid, and I'd roll back if I wasn't going to be onsite building this project for the next two weeks (past the point of no return to pivot mid-project).


     Going forward, guess I'll wait for .1 updates...


    I would also request that we have more of those minor stability updates in between the big features updates. I'm sure hundreds of bugs were fixed in SP3 but there was a huge gap in between 2.1 and 3.0, and I wish I was using a super stable 2.2 or 2.3 right now, and skipping the big Lumion update until 3.1 or so.


    Even Mac OS 10.14.4 is having graphics issues because that was mostly a big push for their new services features subscriptions, so I'm staying on 10.13.6 for now.

  14. 7 hours ago, Art V said:

    It probably depends on what info, but for where I used it, it updated in all places where that entry is visible as far as I can remember (e.g. class descriptions can be entered in the organization palette and will show up in the OIP etc., no need to reenter it there).


    Are there specific situations where it does not update the info?


    Specifically, when Vectorworks is running.

    The solution is to have more of a heads up arrangement of palettes like Cinema or Unreal vs going down a rabbit hole of buried palette tabs, dialogs, windows, preferences and advanced settings just to do something simple like setting attributes and textures.


    It's like every time I use a worksheet, I'm harnessing the incredible power of a relational database... that was designed by someone in the 90's and hasn't been updated since.



  15. 11 hours ago, zoomer said:

    1. repaired Stair tool can lag heavily

    But not always and maybe leads to largely increased file size (?)


    Definitely experiencing file size bloat again which is pretty typical this time of year. After this project, it's time for a clean install of SP3.1


    11 hours ago, zoomer said:


    Feels like I had less problems in SP2.




    Also, the Screen Plane keeps activating and abducting objects that belong on the Layer Plane, which I've never experienced before. Frankly, I wish I could disable Screen Plane altogether. This isn't MiniCAD.


    I think maybe the key learning with 2019 is to wait for the .1 incremental updates (praying for 3.1).

  16. On 3/28/2019 at 2:39 PM, Mark Aceto said:

    I dream of a VW with a single unified workspace for all disciplines (with Menus for each modality) and no GPU settings to fiddle with (just minimum/recommended GPU requirements), and it all just works.


    On the topic of streamlining continuity, it's one thing to have the option to enter class/viewport/drawing info in multiple places:

    • OIP top
    • OIP bottom
    • OIP render tab
    • Resource library symbol
    • Symbol within a symbol
    • Navigation pallette
    • Tool/organization/class settings
    • Attributes palette class settings
    • and on and on... 


    ...but to have to enter that info consistently in all places is insane. It would be nice if checking the "Use at creation" box actually worked but it doesn't, so I have to keep a mental checklist of all the places I need to hunt down to get a stick of truss to display the texture I set for that class. And VW2019 just added more options (many of which were not announced or documented, so they're just easter eggs of counter productivity).


    I spend so much time:

    • Hunting for where an object class hasn't been updated
    • Naming viewports
    • Renaming viewports
    • Manually reentering title block revision data over and over again on multiple plates
      • And why is the title block dialog forked into 2 options (screenshot attached)???


    ...that I'm not actually working; just playing a game of Whac-A-Mole.


    I don't want disappearing AI context menu options. I want fewer options, and consistent choices that simply work. We don't need 3 different tree tools. We need 1 that does the job of all 3. If I update the class somewhere, I expect it to update everywhere. Dr. Frankenstein is turning this into bloatware, and I honestly just want the interface to get out of my way.


    Solution: Less Friction, More Productivity


    While we're at it, can we please make Service Select a monthly bill like every other service subscription?


    Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 3.50.03 PM.png

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  17. 23 hours ago, Jim Smith said:

    I'm seeing the same thing. A restart does resolve the issue.


    I'm also getting an new buggy thing where the "make all attributes by class" will not work, nor will the eye dropper, or the magic wand. A restart solves the issue, but as a fix this ain't a fix if I'm having to restart at odd intervals.


    Also by "restart" I mean shut the computron down & restart the whole magilla. (This is take 10-15 minutes BTW) 


    The SP does not fix the "rotated not rotated" ghost image issue where an object that's rotated does not appear to be rotated, but has to me nudged to magically reappear.


    Sorry @RussU , I kinda walked all over your issue.


    Looking forward to SP3.1


  18. On 3/27/2019 at 6:57 AM, Jim Wilson said:

    For anyone still getting the failure to redraw in 2019 SP3, do you get this on BOTH the Best Performance and Best Compatibility modes?


    OK, so what's the recommendation here? Is the high setting a decoy? All things considered, should we all just use the middle setting? Would we really notice a hit to graphics performance if the tradeoff is improved stability? How much of my time drawing is really taking advantage of that high setting? 20%?


    I dream of a VW with a single unified workspace for all disciplines (with Menus for each modality) and no GPU settings to fiddle with (just minimum/recommended GPU requirements), and it all just works.

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  19. On 3/20/2019 at 12:03 PM, Kevin McAllister said:

    ^ I wondered about that when I was told to lower my setting on an iMac Pro.....


    Same here. Was instructed to do this a number of times, and assumed it was like "Safe Boot" troubleshooting step because I always restored Best Performance following the tech support call. At least now I know for sure... 


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