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  1. 2 hours ago, jcogdell said:
    14 hours ago, Mark Aceto said:

    How do I make the X and the Y labels bold in the data tag?

    edit the data tag style and in the display tab choose the edit tag layout button.

    next select the appropriate text field and the text options are in the OIP 


    Because this is dynamic text, I'm not sure how I would logically be able to format individual characters in the formula unless there's some kind of markdown I can use, so I would probably just *break this up into 4 separate fields (2 dumb labels + 2 smart fields).


    * EDIT: that will not work because the available parameters are formatted (aka "formated") incorrectly.


    Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 9.36.20 AM.png

  2. Thanks @klinzey 


    I tried editing the style, and setting the Y auto offset to -12" but it always just places the tag where I click. Is there documentation about this anywhere? Data tags are rad but this is a real curveball to just randomly discover on my own based on a soundbite in a promo video for lighting device label legends.



    • How do I set X and Y position of data tag?
    • How do I set hoist coordinates to feet & inches in the Hoist OIP?
    • How do I get the numbers to round off?
    • How do I make the X and the Y labels bold in the data tag?
      • I'm honestly thinking of just deleting them because the PIO provides the coordinates
    • To assign a data tag to every hoist, do I have to individually click on each hoist?
      • And make sure that I don't accidentally click on the wrong hoist because the data tag will forever be linked to that hoist?
    • Is there a way for me to select a data tag style from within the Hoist OIP?


  3. Excel file attached. The file is small but invokes the SBBOD almost immediately, so it needs to be cleaned up: un-merge all the cells, delete empty columns (be careful; they flip from left to right), remove formatting... I would even go so far as to copy the full range, and then paste special (values only) into a new sheet. Remember to only filter the range (not the entire sheet/rows) for fast spreadsheeting.


    I'll eventually clean it up on my own, and import it into Google Sheets where I can create filter views for each workspace, etc.


    In the meantime, have at it... 



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  4. On 10/4/2020 at 1:32 PM, E|FA said:

    I also recommend checking in the "legacy" items lists to make sure the tool/command you're adding is current, unless you are sure of what you're doing.  


    I randomly noticed that the Hoist tool in Spotlight is listed as "legacy" in the Workspace Editor, so I'm not sure what that's all about (unless there are 2 tools with the same name and icon).*


    *CORRECTION: This was in the Plug-In Manager (not the Workspace Editor)


    Thank you for sharing the 47-page PDF matrix. I'm going to try to export from Acrobat to Excel, so it can be filtered and organized by workspace.

  5. Same question for VW and @C. Andrew Dunning


    Screenshots attached of the same symbol inserted with both stock and Landru PIO.


    Is there finally a way to rotate a flipped monitor to a wedge position, or do I still have to duplicate the symbol, and rotate it there first?


    Not for nothing but I tried working around the 90deg tilt limit with the array tool but didn't get anywhere. Any other workarounds I've missed? Schematic view?


    Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 1.25.53 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 1.25.58 PM.png

  6. @JustinVH thanks for your help!


    I was able to dial in all the angles (yoke, tilt) and distribute the Sharpy Washes as wide as possible along the flipped HUD backbone without the ladders getting in the way (always a do-over onsite).




    The only thing I'm still trying to solve is how add the pipe to the truss system for BW:



  7. @JustinVH


    Also: not positioning the lighting device in a yoked out (90deg X rotation) position helped immensely (and I *suspect* that may be what was causing crashes).


    I'm still having issues with my homegrown farm-to-table half coupler:

    • The lighting device wants to insert itself in the wrong place on the pipe
    • For clarification: do I want to attach the data record to the symbol itself (no geometry selected) or not to the symbol itself (only geometry selected; except the locus)?
    • Note: grouping the objects did not help me; it caused them to fly all over the place, taking the yoke with them

    Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 7.51.09 AM.png

  8. OK screenshot and file attached. This is as close as I can get it. The base of the clamp is 2.75" away from the base of the yoke. It's either this or it grabs the pipe in the wrong place.


    Also a bug: VW will get stuck in the Edit Accessories mode, and the file has to be closed, and then reopened.


    Final thought: I’d really like to “roll my own” clamps. 9x out of 10, it’s just gonna be an aluminum half burger (the stock symbol is fine).


    Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 6.19.24 PM.png

    solaris clamp.vwx

  9. I've crashed VW a dozen times trying to get a (double) clamp to attach to the yoke of a Solaris Flare LR. I've spent about 2 hours trying to get this to work. While I appreciate the ability to modify a manufacturer's clamp, this is not working for me.


    It would be great if someone could attach the clamps to the yoke (300mm off center in each direction), and send me the file, properly attached to a lighting pipe or truss. I'm assuming that would trigger the same issues I've been running up against, and am too tired to type out or screenshot at this point.

  10. I need the burger and LX pipe to move with truss system when I change trim height.


    I'm unable to activate the magic red auto-connect snap guides. As you can see, they're connected but they're not actually a part of the system.


    Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 4.01.37 PM.png

  11. On 9/24/2020 at 9:59 AM, Mark Aceto said:


    1. Have to rotate motors 90º to rotate hooks 90º to align with shackles
      • Braceworks will de-rotate when it snaps, so just rotate 90 in the OIP


    I'm running into other situations (torms) where I need to rotate the low hook 90 but I don't want to rotate the entire hoist object (and it's 2D label legend) 90deg along with it. Am I missing something? Is there a trick to accomplishing this?


  12. I'm looking for a way to hide hoist chain and hooks when used as a Drop.


    In the screenshot below, you can see that the Tyler GT Lift Plates, STAC and shackles are all attached properly (altogether as a truss pickup assembly). The entire system is BW-aware, so I just need to hide the chain and hooks visibility.

    Where I'm stuck is that I can only successfully hide the top hook with classing. I'm not sure how to get to the chain (or simple chain which is an extrude) or the bottom hook from within the hoist PIO. I obviously don't want to hide every hook and chain in the entire drawing (just the torms).



  13. @Sam Jones I was honestly just trying keep the power puns going in response to "current workspace" because I'm that big of a dork but those are all good points.


    For me, I leave the LX prepro to my excellent production electricians, so I'm really only messing with audio, video, and utility. I also work with an excellent power vendor that prepros everything (in AutoCAD) from the gennies to the transfomers, plus utility. I would love to convert them to VW... 


    Anyway, I took a crack at the new preview tools, and also had a lot of questions. I think the big thing for me, and probably my #2 question for the Q&A in a few weeks is that we now have 3 very different modalities for working with cabling, one of which I pay extra for as a VSS add-on:

    1. The OG tools ported from AutoPlot
    2. The new tools (developed in house?) 
    3. ConnectCAD

    So, as a VW user, I would just like to know which tools I should get attached to, invest in, subscribe to... and, more importantly, when I can just use one toolset to get the job done? Apologies if that sounds snarky (not my intention).


    A couple things I did notice:

    As usual, the drum I'm banging on is improved communication / managing expectations / a clear roadmap, so I'll bite my tongue until Oct 6 to see what's planned for the future... 


  14. On 9/25/2020 at 1:24 PM, Pat Stanford said:

    If you can wait a couple of weeks or months, you will have a much better chance of having full compatibility between MacOS and VW.

    Or a year. Still on Mojave here. Apple just released 10.15.7 today (the first .7 release ever of the annual upgrade cycle; the first since Snow Leopard). There will be more supplemental updates to follow. I’ve had zero issues with VW on Mojave. I’ll upgrade to Catalina when Big Sur is released. If you’re using that computer and Vectorworks for work, wait a year to upgrade macOS.

    That said, if you need to buy a new Mac that comes preloaded with Bug Sir... Godspeed.


    For context, totally different story with iOS, iPadOS, watch OS, tvOS... Those are all basically fine right now.



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  15. 16 minutes ago, JustinVH said:

    @Mark Aceto Those wire rope "stingers" are not in the content at this time.  My recommendation is if you would like to add steel to the pickup symbol to duplicate the symbol and add the length of steel you desire as geometry.  Just remember to change the offset in the SlingRecord and add the additional weight in grams.


    I'm a little confused about this solution because even when I select Show No Hoist, I still see chain and hooks. The truss pickup in a torm (BW Drop) would still be a standard truss pickup. Therefore, I think what I'm looking to modify would be the Hoist symbol?


  16. 3 minutes ago, JustinVH said:

    @Mark Aceto Those wire rope "stingers" are not in the content at this time.  My recommendation is if you would like to add steel to the pickup symbol to duplicate the symbol and add the length of steel you desire as geometry.  Just remember to change the offset in the SlingRecord and add the additional weight in grams.


    For context, I'm looking for something more realistic for Braceworks Drops:

    • Stingers
    • Deck Chain
    • STAC

    Here's a pretty standard torm. Because this is Tyler GT truss, it needs its own special pickups and plates.



    I really just want to replace the chain & hooks with a stinger but keep everything kosher with Braceworks because this is the future and it's freaking glorious:



  17. I realized it would be super easy to mock up the Everything Workspace using the workspace editor.


    If I needed menu bar real estate on a smaller screen, I would happily put Braceworks and ConnectCAD inside Spotlight.


    Architect-BIM should live inside Architect.


    There's no need for Fundamentals or Designer.


    Click on the screenshots for the high res versions (much sexier).




    And if Dark Mode is your thing:



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