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  1. Room Plan is that Apple AR tech that the Rhino iPhone app and a bunch of others use. Of all the available modes, it's the most Fisher Price. Probably not what you're looking for. LiDAR Point Cloud is the most robust option. Take your time, move smoothly, try to "hold onto an edge" so it doesn't get lost. No need to scan flat surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings); just the corners and edges where those surfaces meet. Photogrammetry is good too if that's your thing but it's not my tempo (too much work).
  2. Check the yin & yang circle that's black & white in the screenshot (on mouse hover) but will be blue & white if it's selected:
  3. Reading between the lines, it seems like this accomplishes 2 power moves: Bypasses the need to create / replace a unique keyboard shortcut in VW or OS for each command Platform-agnostic across Windows / Mac (see #1 above) so the same SD / profile can be used with multiple computers / workspaces Am I missing anything?
  4. This has been an issue for years, and it never gets prioritized for a fix. I’ve just accepted the Sisyphean task of resizing them on every restart for eternity.
  5. @lainy1961 that dialog will also pick up where you left off numbering so you have to pick a different field, start at 1, then pick the field you want, deselect the other field, then start at 1… it’s a mess but it works if you go through that rigmarole. Sadly, it’s been that way for years. Bug’s been submitted. Maybe it will get fixed someday…
  6. Not for nothing, here are the gorgeous teapot "radar" icons that I pray will never go away. Man, I wish this one was available in dark mode (guess I could just invert black to white in Photoshop): BackgroundRenderingIndicator.zip
  7. Here ya go: RenderModes.zip Vectorworks 2024.zip/Images/SVG/ModeViewBar/VisualizationPanel/RenderModes For reference, Wireframe and Shaded:
  8. These look gorgeous. I could see doing this for scenic elements (entertainment users). What’s the overall VP render mode for each?
  9. I think what Sam was relaying is that it’s a low priority to fix. Seems like pretty low hanging fruit to add an X to close the palette (and add the palette name to the menu). Also frustrating that there isn’t a UI guidelines QA that says “all palettes must have an X and menu… “ It’s this type of friction we encounter all day every day for years on end that drives us crazy and gives us bad attitudes. We need a Snow Leopard release to remove all these little pain points (not new icons).
  10. All I’m saying, snark aside, is bury it in the Legacy 2D settings. As an entertainment user, I enable screen plane in my template file. A simple checkbox would solve this for all users in all industries. At the same time, add some standard behavior to control position and settings. Maybe this is something that was not possible before but with the new SaaS model, can be achieved in a future update.
  11. Would love to see a use case. I’m all about building the Mise en Place in my custom library.
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