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  1. https://forums.unrealengine.com/t/unreal-engine-5-2-preview/796424 No idea what this means for Mac's that don't have hardware accelerated GPU's (assuming still no ray tracing) but it's a start...
  2. ... like when you take your car to a mechanic because of the noise it's been making.
  3. The auto hybrid slowdown bug was definitely fixed. However what you’re describing sounds very similar. I wish I could be more helpful!
  4. @JustinVH I think the issue may only be with the content that has to be downloaded:
  5. Death, taxes, and L-A symbols importing at the wrong scale... the only certainties in life. MM values with Inches units:
  6. Thank god I found a workaround 3 years ago. Can we get this fixed once and for all?
  7. This problem still exists. Think we're going on a decade now with the LA symbols. The solution used to be switching doc units to mm when configuring the speaker array but that no longer works.
  8. Check this box when creating a symbol of the plugin object:
  9. If you've ever wanted to isolate specific objects but were limited by classes, layers, whatever... the trick is to say it out loud in the voice of Logan Roy: Screen Recording 2023-03-08 at 13.22.16.mov
  10. If you're not crashing, are you even drawing hard enough? I used iStat Menus for system monitoring but that would free up some menu bar space, especially if you have a Tim Notch 🤣 I have a physical Panic button on the mech keyboard at home (see above), so it makes sense to me. Then again, I'm also working on a "F*** Off" Data Vis rule... BTW you can hide the "Titles" on the buttons if you only want to see the tool icons.
  11. Adding that you would either manually create these classes in the new empty template file or import them. Think that's where you're going with that, right? You want to open your template file, and already see those classes in there? To further template that workflow, save your plugin objects as red symbols with those parts classes assigned. That way, when you drag those red symbols (plug in objects) from the RM onto the design layer, you won't have to reassign them. As for the symbols themselves, I think you meant plug in objects, right? Not symbols? If you did mean symbols, you would have to save them to your personal library and then edit the symbol definition of each...
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