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  1. Hi Vincent and Benson, Thank you for all the suggestions. Will try them all :-) Will get back to you soon... hopefully to report a success :-)
  2. Hi Benson, No luck... I have tried your suggestions but it did not work... I have attached two files. Please have a look and let me know what you think. The objects were originally created with Preferences > 3D conversion res > set to Medium. Once the objects were created I have changed this resolution to very high but the change for some reason did not take effect. Many thanks.
  3. Will try your suggestions. Will let you know how I went. BIG THANKS!
  4. Still cannot find a solution to the rendering issue. I am desperate for an advice!
  5. I am having problems with Final Quality RenderWorks (VW 2012 and 2008). Any cylindrical objects that I create, do not appear smooth... Lines parallel to the straight edges of cylindrical shapes don't want to disappear. I have changed the 3D Conversion resolution in Preferences to 'Very High'. This did not help... Any suggestions how to smooth the surfaces? Thanks in advance :-)
  6. Thank you for a quick reply. I have VW 2008 ver 13.0.0 and MacOS 10.6.8. Unfortunately under View>Rendering I have only 'Line render options...' not "Hidden Line Options". Anyhow I have tried those 'Line render options...' :-) I've entered 90 degrees as the smoothing angle... and voila... it worked. Many THANKS !!! :-)
  7. Is there an easy way of removing multiple lines that appear to describe a form of a cone or truncated cone while in 'Hidden line view' ? This refers to a side view. Hope that someone can help!
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