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  1. Is there really no way to do it in a custom report? That is disappointing. I did try adding "image" to a custom report but it literally just put the word image in every box in that column. Not a fan of the layout of the preformatted so not sure this is going to work for me and it seems that trying to change anything within them is more of a headache then I want to deal with.
  2. Hey all. I remember a few years ago Vectorworks Landmark gave us the ability to put our plant symbols into reports so they could appear on our plant lists and I even played around with it a while back then before deciding not to use it. I would like to start using it now and for the life of me I can not remember how to add the symbols to custom reports and a Google search didn't bring up anything. Is there a simple way to do this?
  3. Thank you. This is so bizarre but I tried that exact thing over and over and every time I did it would also change the size of all the plants in the design to whatever plant I had selected in the plant tool. But I just tried it again and this time it worked. So frustrating.
  4. Switching to VW 2020 from 2018 suddenly my default plant tag placement has changed and for the life of me I can't figure out how to reset it. When I place plants on a design as I am working up a concept for clients I want no plant tags. I add them in later when I am finalizing my plan by dragging over the plan and choosing which plants I want to have left or right labels. While working up a concept the labels are clutter that gets in my way. Since 2012 when I first started with Vectorworks I was able to set a default and now I have no idea how to get that back. It isn't just the left or right settings that have changed. A bubble has been added around plant quantities which I do not want and the label has switched to Latin Name when I want it to be plant ID. I assumed it would be in advanced plant placement but when I change the default tag info there it also resets all plants on the plan to have the exact same size and other settings of whatever plant is in the top/plan preview. What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? This shouldn't be so difficult and counterintuitive. Every time I upgrade I regret it because I have to relearn things and can't find an easy solution to fix what gets broken.
  5. Thanks. Wasn't using the help and support services and didn't really use the library much so I don't think I will miss it. Mostly when I upgrade each year I just end up stressed out trying to relearn how to do things that have changed. Seems like a lot of money each year for changes that give me more grief than gain.
  6. I've had a Service Select subscription for about 4 years now. I'm a small one man firm and don't really need many of the features VW offers so yearly updates are more of a hassle than anything else (I feel like I waste a lot of time trying to relearn things I already knew and often the changes don't seem like much of an improvement). I haven't upgraded to 2019 (and have been frustrated that I can't upgrade my Mac to Mojave) because I have just been too busy to deal with things that break and I need to relearn. (just bought a new house and am dealing with renovations and expenses). My question is if I don't upgrade my Service Select what am I left with? Do I still have the 2018 version of VW that I am used to now? Does it roll back to the version I had before I started using Service Select? Thanks!
  7. Figured out the answer to my own question. If you right click any number in the quantity column and click on "Sum Values" it will fix the values for all the plants on the list. I'm not sure what the issue is and why it isn't picking up some of the plants but at least I have figured out how to deal with it. Such a frustrating buggy product. I feel year I have to relearn and fix everything that the new version breaks.
  8. So in VW 2018 I am trying to create plant record reports as I have in all previous versions without problem except now for several plants for some reason the quantity is not showing up under the quantity column. In place of a number quantity I just get 3 dashes. I checked the plant records and see nothing unusual compared to other plant records. These are actually plant records saved from a database that I used without problem in previous versions of VW. I tried to just manually enter a quantity for them and get the message in the attachment below. What am I missing? Where is the error that for some reason these quantities are not recording correctly? I am becoming more and more fed up with new versions of Vectorworks that break things that have worked for me for years.
  9. Is no one else having an issue with existing trees in the 2018 version of VW? When I try to change the 2D symbol to a different option all sorts of weird things are happening. It defaults to a dashed line symbol and anything else I try to swap to vanishes from the document completely. I am not doing anything differently than I have in previous versions and I don't see that there were any changes to the way existing trees works. Is there something I am missing?
  10. New version of Vectorworks, first attempt at using it, of course something goes wrong that I can't figure out. I am adding existing trees to a design and start out by just using the default generic circle symbol. Once they are all in I decide I want to change a few to the slightly more interesting overlapping circles option. For the record I don't utilize the Existing Trees feature to its maximum potential (I don't even label the trees or differentiate species). It isn't needed for my job. I just use it to create the symbols so the crew know which existing trees will remain on site. I go to change the first symbol I want by going into the 2D Properties window on the Object Info Panel to swap out and it works as usual. I go to the next tree in the same manner and suddenly the option I just used is gone. I can't find the existing tree symbol I just used anywhere. I close the program and reopen it to see if that helps and now the symbols have changed again only this time they are the green filled in options. All the simple line drawings are completely gone. I have tried closing out the program, rebooting my Mac, and hunting around in the resources folder for my old existing trees symbols but they are gone. What gives?
  11. Hmmm...weird. So in the image above that you linked the area that says "Fill - style = solid" is the white background? So change that to style = none? Now my problem seems to be that my plant tags are not actually registering as tags. If I try to change the visibility of plant tags in the Navigation Box to invisible they don't change. So perhaps the problem is that my plant tags are not properly coming up as plant tags. How on earth did this happen and how do I change it?
  12. So my plant tags have an annoying white background fill box that I would love to remove. For the life of me I can not figure out how to do it though and it is frustrating me that something so obvious should be so difficult. I know in an older version of VW I had sorted this out in my preferences and it was set up in my default template. I should just be able to go to text and there should be a place to uncheck backgrounds but there is nothing. If I go into resource manager I can edit different saved text styles to have no background by simply unchecking the background text but how do I get this to translate to plant label tags? Included an image below. I want those white boxes gone so the tags just float over the blue background without any visible box surrounding them.
  13. And never mind. Figured it out myself. window > Databar Options > Allow numeric keypad entry... I hate getting used to new versions!
  14. VW2017 on a Mac how do I turn off the NumPad shortcuts that change your views? I want to just use the numpad as regular numbers and get rid of the shortcuts. I know there is a way to do this because it was the default in versions prior to 2016 and I remember when I started using 2016 I ran into the same problem but can not for the life of me remember how I switched it off. This is driving me crazy!
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