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  1. I have inserted 2nd floor windows in gable walls which were created by fitting first floor walls to roof. I'd like to assign those to a different class, to control visibility in top/plan view. When I try to do it in the object info palette, nothing happens. Anyone know a work around for this?
  2. Jonathan told me about a couple of fonts that I can buy that resemble traditional draftsman lettering. I have seen a few in other cad programs. Anyone know of a font like that that is already loaded in VW? THX. W
  3. Have dimension class visible. When i create the dimension, the lines show but not the numbers. ???
  4. You want me to send file first?
  5. I'm a kind of a slow learner, unless I see things done and then repeat them. Wes at VW has been spending some time with me, and helped a lot, online, but has limited availability. I am happy to pay for one to one coaching, with the project I'm on now, using Go to Meeting, with the shared cursor. Would any of you experienced hands be interested? I'm fairly flexible on time/day, etc. Thanks. W
  6. Got that part. Playing around with it, but you're right. Does make it easier.
  7. OK Here's another one. I want to hide the top portion of a hip roof making it appear "truncated" (hips up to a flat section). Don't need to create it that way, just have it appear that way in the drawing. Can do it in top plan view of roof by using a rectangle. Don't know how to in an elevation. Any ideas? Thx.
  8. Got it. Thanks. I'm starting to get the hang of this and having fun with it. Sure beats a board and T square.
  9. In the Navigation palette, and in the class and the various class and layers in tools, I only find one class named door.
  10. Getting a message that says ....Parametric object named door failed.......class name already exists. What's this about?
  11. Just upgraded to 2012. My 2010 files work fine with just the layers set up. Trying to start a simple 1 story house and can't seem to get my elevations right. I think I have the wall height set at 8'4-1/2" and the rafters will bear at that height. When I select a right isometric view, my walls appear to be double height. Thanks for any help. W
  12. I have been doing some one to one work with Wes Gardner. Have a session with him tomorrow. Have some of Jonathan's books, also. Learning curve getting better every day. Tech support is very helpful also. I like using boards like this where real users are helping each other. I started learning drafting in high school in 1972. A little slow on the uptake due to my analog brain. I learn better by doing it rather than from manuals.
  13. Correction. I have gray/snap others selected. That was so I could draw in 2nd floor but snap to some of the first floor walls. Which do you think is better?
  14. I do have show/snap others selected. I did dimension in the individual layers. Added signature. Will poke around and get back. Thanks for the help.
  15. I have dimensioned outside walls in both Mod Level 1 and Mod Level 2. I don't know how to separate them by layer. When I make dimensions visible both sets show. Any help will be appreciated. W
  16. Using the Marvin library (ultimate double hung). Need to create a twin window? How do I do that?
  17. Also, I notice that the 2D selection tool does not work, and the Screen/Active layer plane window in the bar is grayed.
  18. For no reason I can determine, when I double click to end the wall it doesn't end. I'm sure I've changed something without realizing it. Fix?
  19. I knew it would be something easy. All it took was to turn on "Unified View". Thanks for the help.
  20. Tried snap settings; also have snap to working plane turned on. No help. Will try duplicating file next.
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