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  1. Hi I am looking for these symbols. can anyone help?
  2. Hi all, Had a thought. Has anyone ever heard of a way to create a report that will allow VW to track the time draft is opened and closed for billing purposes?
  3. this is the message the file cannot be opened because it requires a product is not activated with the current serial number. Has anyone ever seen this message pop up. call me if you anything about this 2019612670. thank you
  4. I know that i can do a sweep and create a symbol I was just hoping someone has already tried. can reach me at 2019612670. very urgent.
  5. HI all I do not know if you have esp vision. If you do it can accurately depict and led wash.
  6. if you would like to see the file i can send it to you. ps just tried to delete the objects add a new class and new objects still transparent. know the tool works just open a brand new file and they showed fine.
  7. Hi all recently I downloaded andrew dunning deck tool. love. so i used the decks to replace standard stage tool. it seem i had the class in translucent glass, a guess as to the platforms type from the miss nj pageant (side note not a lot of details going into the job.) so i tried to change the render setting to a texture that is visible but vw seems to want to hold the old texture any suggestions? file included


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