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  1. Hi @Pat Stanford , I have been wanting this exact script/feature for over 5 years. My guess is that a large number of other users are in the same boat, even if they have not commented directly in the boards. I have seen many threads going back for years with this exact request. I would only need a per record basis. In other words, all fields for that record would revert to symbol definition. Does anyone else need specific fields only? If so, ideally there would be the possibility to multi-select all fields at once. I would need every symbol instance in the document and would never need to exclude certain symbols. Here is a key question: If a symbol is placed within another symbol, would the script be able to go another level deep to update those? For instance, symbol-A is placed inside symbol-1. Symbol-1 lives in the library and is only placed in the drawing when needed. Symbol-A has an updated symbol definition, and the script is run to revert to the original record definition. If symbol-A is within symbol-1 and not in the drawing space, can its record still get updated?
  2. Pat, thank you for your explanation. It sounds like this is how Vectorworks is supposed to behave. Your suggestion for replacing data in the worksheet was helpful. However, I will also need to create some new worksheets and really need the records replaced in the existing symbols. This is a situation that I expect to occur regularly in my work, and wonder if there is another way to replace the record info in existing symbols at all. So far I have been manually replacing them, but it's very time consuming.
  3. I have a completed project that I need to go in and change some of the descriptions in the record fields of the symbols. I successfully changed the record data, and new symbols placed have the updated record data. However, the hundreds of symbols already placed in the document do not update with the new record info. Their physical 2D appearance does update when I make a change I the symbol. Is there a reason the record info will not update in symbols already placed? Is this is how the program is supposed to work, and if so, is there a work-around of any kind? Thank you.
  4. The line weight difference does not seem to be part of the problem. I'm attaching another version where the line weight for both objects is the same as a test. I have turned the zoom line thickness on and off, yet the 2 shapes do not appear level on the z axis. When I verify their properties, both items still show up at 0 on the z axis.
  5. Hi Mike, thank you for the suggestion. I forgot to mention that this is not an option, because this has caused lines to overlap improperly. It has to do with multiple colors being involved in the model and showing through in the wrong order. I originally started along that path and realized I had to create a flat shape on the layer plane, which should not have been a problem. If everything is at the same z axis level it does not make sense that Vectorworks would show them at different levels in various render modes.
  6. I am trying to create a 3D model where an extruded shape sits on top of a flat surface. The flat surface does not have a thickness and is a rectangle on the layer plane. The bottom of the extruded shape and the flat surface are both located at zero on the z axis. However, there seems to be a glitch when using the hidden line render option. The rectangle in layer plane seems to move up and down along the z axis when selecting the hidden render view. The extruded shape should sit directly on top of the flat rectangle without an overlap. It seems to go away when choosing hidden line mode multiple times in a row. Attached is a Vectorworks file showing the problem that occurs. You have to zoom into the intersection of the objects in isometric and elevation view to see the issue. Does this sound like a glitch, or is there a setting I could change to solve the issue?
  7. I have about 100 symbols that have dimensions embedded within the symbols. They were originally created in a document with imperial units, but I recently learned that we will need a metric version as well. Unfortunately, I realized that they do not automatically convert when the units are changed to metric. Part of the problem may be that I created them with world based units rather than page based units? I did a quick test creating a new symbol with page based units, and then the new symbol converted automatically when the units were changed. However, it does not seem to be an option to simply edit the existing symbols to switch to page based units ? when this was done, the symbols multiplied in size. Do I have any other options to fix this situation? The symbols are complex and there is not enough time to rebuild them all.
  8. Jeffrey, thank you for the tip. That will definitely work well for situations when we need to create standard doors. However, I was hoping to be able to easily adjust the doors quickly. We have a situation where we're doing a lot of volume with various sizes of existing doors. Is there a solution or way to modify the existing door options? I'm surprised Vectorworks does not come loaded with a door option like this.
  9. I need to add automatic sliding glass doors (see reference photo) for a retail project. After reviewing the door options and symbols in Vectorworks, there does not seem to be a solution for for this. The slider seems to be the closest option, but the settings do not seem to allow that type of door. Any suggestions?
  10. Pat, thank you for your help. I tried following your method to replace the symbol. However, it will not allow me to give the symbol the same name. Any ideas?
  11. MichaelK, thank you for your response. That tip should definitely help out in the future. However, I failed to mention that the symbol is imbedded in about 50 other symbols in the resource browser. Is there be a method to replace all the symbols at once? Thanks.
  12. Is it possible to completely replace a symbol in my resource browser with another symbol in the same document? For example, I need all my Example-A symbol to be replaced by the Example-B symbol. There are hundreds of instances of Example-A symbols in my document, which would make it time consuming to individually replace each symbol manually. I tried deleting symbol B from the resource browser, but there was no option to replace with another symbol.
  13. We are considering upgrading to Vectorworks 2013 from 2011. However, another branch office of our company we share files with has decided not to upgrade from 2011. Will they still be able to open and edit the files saved in VW2013? I know it is an option to export as an older version, but that would be an extra step to do for every document. Thank you.
  14. Thanks, Josh. I have been using the find and replace command, but we have hundreds of drawings that need to be updated. Hopefully there is a script that can be developed integrating this command. I found an earlier discussion here about a script for replacing characters, but am not adept enough yet to alter it for replacing words. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=166854
  15. Hello, I am looking to create a script in Vectorworks to replace text throughout my entire document. For example, I may want to replace the phrase "verify in field" with "VIF". Note that this would need to be case sensitive. I am a novice to scripts and could not find anything similar in the VW script library that I could even modify. I would also appreciate any helpful reference books or website suggestions to learn scripting in Vectorworks. Thank you.
  16. VectorGeek, thanks for the solution. I was on a pretty similar path, but it just wasn't working until I tried your instructions. The type of work I do requires all my projects to use the same saved views, so it will save time to turn them into a quick keyboard shortcut. Very excited to set them all up now!
  17. I am interested in creating keyboard shortcuts to recall some saved views I already have set up in my Vectorworks document. From some preliminary research it seems it could be accomplished using Vector Scripts, but I am a novice in this area and don't know how to create my own.
  18. Thanks Michael, your example completely helped! I was able to use your formulas to work in my own database. Thanks to both of you for the assistance.
  19. Thank you, Pat. Your formula makes sense, but it is not working for me in practice. I followed it exactly and am getting the #VALUE! error. I'm attaching an example in case anyone can figure out what is wrong. Thanks, Lindsay
  20. Michael, thank you for your response. To clarify my example, objects will have either A or B records, but not both. I am using VW2011 and for some reason was unable to open the attached file. If it's not too much trouble, would it be possible to take a screenshot or paste the example formula?
  21. I am having difficulty finding the right formula to allow multiple record descriptions in the same column. For example, I set the criteria of the first row to show all items with Record A and Record B. In column A I would like to show the item description. I was able to show the description for Record A by using the formula ='Record A'.'description' . However, I would also like to include the description for record B in the same column. How should I modify this? I also have a bonus question of a function that probably is not possible, but it's worth a shot to ask. Is it possible to set items of a certain record to automatically show up in a different font color in the database? Thank you.
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