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  1. Yes! Program has been eradicated and now VW is once again functioning normally. Thank you!
  2. I recently upgraded from VW 2013 to VW 2018 (educator license). VW opens and I can draw, etc., but any time I try to open a file or save a file, VW crashes to the desktop. I can also go to my stored files and open previous projects that way, but once again, try to save....POOF. I checked that my video drivers are up do date, but beyond that I am at a loss. I have looked through the forums and have found similar(ish) problems, but nothing exactly like this. Help! TIA Dell XPS 8700 i7 quad core 3.6 GHz, 12 Gb RAM Windows 10/64 NVidia GT 720 2 Gb video card
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