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  1. Right, but do those fields modify the number of channels that are displayed? For instance, if I tell a light that it has two channels, there is still only one place to input a channel number in the IOP. If I tell a light that it has two channels, how does VW show that information?
  2. RickR, what I want VW to do is know that as soon as I put my light on the plot, it has 3 channels. It is kind of a multi circuit instrument, but kind of not. Yes, it would take 3 dimmers, but I would only count it as one lighting unit on a pipe, not unit #A. It would be clever if VW could look at the Number Channels field and read it to know how many channels to give you. I could see this coming in handy with an LED fixture as well.
  3. In Spotlight, it would be nice if you could adjust the focus (sharpness or hardness) of a light in a similar manner that you do with an actual theatrical fixture. Bonus points if you could make a gobo softer as well.....
  4. mk, I think you nailed it! Thank you! Now I just need to tell VW that my lighting unit has three channels, not 1....
  5. I'm trying to make an 8 light Mole-Fay but my symbol keeps reverting back to a 4 light version. This is what I've done to make it -I grabbed the 4 light version from the library -I duplicated it into a new symbol -I grabbed it and mirrored it onto itself in order to make an 8 light instead of a 4 light. Here is my problem. When I use the symbol insertion tool, no problems. It looks fine. But when I use the instrument insertion tool, the symbol reverts back to its pre modified form. What gives? I'd include pictures but for the life of me I can't figure out how to attach them.
  6. Does anyone have a good way to get VW to accurately render linear LED fixtures? I'm talking about Colorblazes or better still, the ALQ Bar from Acclaim http://www.acclaimlighting.com/products/product-detail/product/alq-bar.html I know that I can make a linear light object out of a line but that's not accurate. When I import an IES file into a custom light, it behaves more like a spotlight than what I am after. Thanks
  7. I would make a circle (the railing) and then make a path object to do the top of the railing. Duplicate the path object first so there are two of them sitting one top of each other. Grab one path object and your railing circle then Extrude Along Path. For the uprights, make one and then Duplicate Along Path. You can tell VW how far apart to put the uprights. Then I would Add Solids the whole thing together once you know it is all good. That part saves on file size.
  8. I think it would be handy to be able to tell the LIR a few more things: 1. There should be a category for LED as opposed to light or moving light 2. In the Candlepower field you should be able to give it lumens or lux and have it auto convert into whatever it uses to figure out how "bright" a light is 3. With LEDs there are often different bightnesses for the different emitters. Being able to enter that info would be good as well. On a side note, the lighting libraries are very out of date. I find myself making new symbols just about every day.....
  9. I wish that VW knew about pinching and pulling with Mac trackpads. I have my trackpad setup to pan rather than zoom, but having the option to do both would be great. While I'm on it, what about other multitouch functionality?
  10. That was very helpful. I still wish that VW had a better way to do it via a tool.
  11. I'm trying to figure out a good way to model large scale event tents. I've tried to use the drape surface tool over the the tent poles but it never works out right. I don't know if geometery of the tents is too complicated for VW to figure out. I've also tried using the loft surface tool but that isn't really what I'm looking for either. This is more or less what I'm trying to make: [img:center]http://uniqueattractions.com.au/images/visu_img_6.jpg[/img] Any help would be great.
  12. Thank you both. I ended up finding it on my own. Andrew, I ended up playing around with it until I found 3 basic hanging positions. Then I wrote them down on a sticky note and put it on my monitor. I do with that it were more intuitive though. It should be somewhere near the top of the OIP along with X, Y, Z, and rotation.
  13. I often deal with 3-d truss rigs and am hanging units not just below the truss but above them and yoked straight off of them as well. Why isn't there a way to tell the lights how they are hung instead of assuming that they are all underhung? Because all of the symbols are 2d/3d hybrids you can't just duplicate the symbol and flip it about in 3d. Where this gets really frustrating is when I export my files to my light board. They don't look right and that's no good. Any help would be great.
  14. Does anyone know of or have symbols for Layher brand scaffolding? I can't even find a scaffold tool in VW. I could make all the elements but that seems very time consuming. Thanks!
  15. I know that I can edit the patterns in Preferences. That is a bummer that you can't reorder the patterns.
  16. I'm wondering if it is possible to change the way that the patters are displayed. By this I mean the order that the patterns are displayed? Thanks
  17. Sure, imagine a paper towel tube that has been opened or maybe a popped can of biscuit dough. [img:center]http://lh3.ggpht.com/_0WlJg3o4BSI/TYFl9u1HYtI/AAAAAAAAAWc/Tj-Tt-rAEIM/IMG_3126%255B3%255D.jpg[/img] The idea is that every closed section of the spiral is 13' and each open section is 6' There are a total of 4 twists. Does that make sense?
  18. I'm trying to make a curved spiral truss and can't figure out any way to do it. I'm also trying to make a spiral object from the above truss. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  19. I know I can make any symbol I want to for this, but is there a good resource for foggers and/or hazers out there? Many units have multiple control channels and it is faster to browse the manufacturer libraries than scour the web.
  20. That did it! It'd been so long since I had to make labels from scratch, I'd forgotten that bit... doh!
  21. I'm pretty sure that I used to be able to have a light that looked like this:
  22. When I unselect "Non Rotating", I get this:
  23. So I'm drafting a new file from scratch and I've got some real problems with the way that VW is treating Label Legends. In VW 12.5 I was able to create a Label Legend that spun the Channel circle about the unit regardless of how it was positioned. Now when I make a legend and spin the unit around, the channel circle doesn't rotate about the unit. When I tell the manager that the field is non-rotating it doesn't help me out either. I used to have 3 or 4 labels in VW 12.5, one for Source 4's, one for Striplights, one for Parcans. Now do I need to make multiple legends for each unit depending on it's orientation? I hope not... Thoughts?
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