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  1. I have a large symbol library that I use and I haver had a consistent problem with 2016. I go to my library and import the fixtures that I need to use for the drawing, never mind that now I need to import the fixtures from my master library instead of just having them selected, and when I do, most of the unit disappears. I have looked in classes thinking that one of them is turned off to no avail. When I select the symbol and attempt to edit the 2d component, the program crashes. I do not like the stock symbols that are in VW which is why I use the ones that I have created. Don't even get me started on the new forced workflow of the instrument selection tool. It is slow and cumbersome at best. The last update was useful but please, can we get another to address theses stability issues?
  2. I've noticed that the Spotlight plugins are much slower in 2016. For instance, using the Stagelift tool, the Lighting Instrument tool, the Stagesteps tool. Asking VW to generate the Instrument Summary. There is a lot of lag. Has anyone else noticed any of this?
  3. It seems with the new version of VW if I have the tool selected and use my arrow key to pan over in the drawing, the tool de-selects itself. I don't recall this behavior in 2015. Is there a preference I"m missing or is this a bug?
  4. I know that VW doesn't understand what weight is that way it understands length. Having said that, what is the best way to attach a weight to a symbol and then have VW add all of the weights of objects up? I'm looking for best practices or thoughts along those lines. I will say that I find working with VW worksheets to be a total pain in the butt. Thanks!
  5. So I am making the hull of a ship and I know that VW isn't built to do this at all. What I've done is to make several cross sections or ribs out of Nurbs curves. Then I used the Loft Surface tool to make the sides. This all working like a charm. I now have a hollow "hull" but what I really need to do is fill it in. I need to fill it in so I can cut the profile of the ship out of the hull and not have it be hollow. I have tried using the Stitch and Trim Surfaces tool to on avail. There is not very good documentation on this tool. Any thoughts? I have attached the file as well. Thank you!
  6. It would be handy if you could choose how big the resources were in the browser window. Sometimes they are so small it is hard to tell what they are.
  7. I'm trying to make a BOM for a series of drawings. How do I tell VW to only count objects (symbols) from a specific layer? I am trying to do this via the Create Report command. Is there a better way of going about this? Thank you
  8. I would love to see some updated lighting fixtures libraries (spotlight). I would also like to have VW render linear lighting instruments better. For instance a Colorforce 72 having light come out of the length of the fixture.
  9. I've noticed that it is not possible to do math inside of the Object Info Palette anymore. I've got a bunch of lines that are different sizes and I'm trying to universally shrink them all by .5" On old versions of VW I would have selected them one at a time and after their length in the OIP I would type in -.5" but that doesn't seem to do anything any more. Is that a bug?
  10. Ahh, I see. JimW, thank you so much!
  11. Here is one of the pieces that is rendering oddly. I'm pretty sure that the extruded text isn't poking through the back end of the object behind it but maybe I'm wrong.
  12. So I'm working on this project and I have discovered that some of my objects are see through even though they don't have a texture applied to them. I made the text using the "Convert Text to Polylines" tool then I extruded the letters .1" I know that the letters aren't in the wall that they are next to. The really crazy thing is that the letters don't show through when in different viewing angles, just this one. Any help would be great.
  13. This is the file I was trying to import. Am I missing something obvious?
  14. I've run into a problem today, I cannot get pdf files to import into VW. I use the import command from the File menu and the message I get is "Unable to import some or all of the document's pages." I even tried to import a pdf that I made using VW and got the same response. Thoughts? Is this a bug in 2015?
  15. I am very confused about how to make a HDRI background. I know how to make an Image background but I really want to take a photo of the site I am working on and bring it into VW as an HDRI image. I've tried to follow the directions in the help file, but they are a bit obtuse. I am using VW2015 designer w/Renderworks installed. Any help would be great, thanks.
  16. I have two requests. The first is for more control over the truss tool. It would be very useful to be able to type in more custom geometry. It would also be useful to be able to create corner blocks and 45? blocks. My other request is I would like someone to fix the circle truss tool. If you build a piece of circle truss, say 45? part, then use the mirror and duplicate tool, it flips it somewhere weird. Has anyone else seen that? Thanks
  17. In Spotlight, it would be great if you could choose how to display the dimmer format for lighting units. If I have Lightwright display the dimmer as 2/234 I want to keep it that way, not having VW auto change it to 746. There are also some times when I want the format to be 2/234 or even B.234
  18. I think an really important thing to know about the MultiCircuit function is that it will not work if it thinks that some part of your instrument in not a light. I just played around with 6 S4 pars. If I drew in the bar that the pars were on or even a locus, VW treated the lights as one fixture. If I just had the pars, they were treated as a MultiCircuit. Here is the file with the two different par configurations:
  19. mk, I think I see what you did. Very clever. This is great. Thank you.
  20. mk, I'd like to see what you are talking about. Could you email it to me? joshuaschulman@mac.com Thanks.
  21. Right, but do those fields modify the number of channels that are displayed? For instance, if I tell a light that it has two channels, there is still only one place to input a channel number in the IOP. If I tell a light that it has two channels, how does VW show that information?
  22. RickR, what I want VW to do is know that as soon as I put my light on the plot, it has 3 channels. It is kind of a multi circuit instrument, but kind of not. Yes, it would take 3 dimmers, but I would only count it as one lighting unit on a pipe, not unit #A. It would be clever if VW could look at the Number Channels field and read it to know how many channels to give you. I could see this coming in handy with an LED fixture as well.
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