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  1. NYC and other locations are changing their stair requirements for temporary events. Currently there is no way, without ungrouping and breaking the plug-in) to add additional horizontal bars to a Self-Adjusting set of stairs using the Stage Steps Tool. 




    The Railing prefs are greyed out. Could this be changed or is it best practice to continue to ungroup stairs and break the plug-in?



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  2. When placing motors (or hoists) in VW2020, the X and Y values will not update to a given origin on a drawing. As an example, if you have 2 different hoist origins and you toggle back and forth between them, the motors will not change their X/Y values. 

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  3. I'm working with a drawing of a convention center and the beams that all the rigging comers off of are not of a type listed in the structural member tool. They are 68DLH18. Is there a way to make beams like this using this tool? 

  4. I added this to an old thread and I thought I might need to re-up it here. 


    How do I add a menu tool from the OIP as an Object Context right click option? I would like to add Select System Objects for Braceworks Truss as a right click option. 1984819218_ScreenShot2019-02-27at3_14_39PM.thumb.png.a4e88ef464e95aa3f8fd24903b5f632c.png


    Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 3.16.23 PM.png

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