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  1. VWA 9.5.0Win XP ProP4256 RAM I'm repeatedly getting a VectorScript error while trying to change solid colors within a custom symbol by utilizing the Attributes palette. Any ideas?
  2. Where'd you take your training Alora?
  3. VWA 9.0.1Win XPP4 1.4 GHZ256mb RAMHP 3200 Printer When printing an 8.5x11 sheet on the HP 3200 lots of randomly placed vertical and horizontal lines of varying lineweight are scattered across the page. I've seen this happen previously on the HP 600 with VW 8.5. Has anyone experienced this and/or have a possible fix?
  4. I've noticed the same thing with a P4 1.4gHz WinXP and 256mb RAM. Keep in mind its Beta.
  5. MikeN

    Cut Command

    Here's the message: Vectorworks has caused an error in VECTORWORKS.EXE Vectorworks will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer. Then it goes to this message: Vectoworks has caused an error in MFC42.DLL. Vectorworks will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer. If I continue to experience problems with Vectorworks I will soon be changing software.
  6. MikeN

    Cut Command

    VWA 9.0.1 P4 1.4ghz 256mb RAM Win ME I use 'CTRL+X' all the time to cut and paste. In recent days 'CTRL+X' has caused my VW to crash 4-5 times per day. Any ideas?
  7. no mac action here. pc. p4 1.4ghz 256mb ram Win ME
  8. what make/model of printer are you using?
  9. Everytime I try to use 'Print Setup' in VWA 9.5 Beta I get a warning telling me "Before you can print, you need to install a printer...." I appreciate VW for pointing out the blatantly obvious, but believe it or not I actually have 4 printers already installed and working properly in 9.0.1.
  10. I'm unable to rotate all 4 layers of a workgroup reference at the same time. Layer Options are set to show/snap/modify and I've unlocked all. Is there something wrong with me or VW?
  11. might i make a suggestion? i've found that my Zenith 486 DX2 66mHz with 16MB RAM and SVGA graphics is more than enough, in fact its rock solid.
  12. P4 256MB RAM Win ME VWA 9.0.1 When copying and then pasting into a new VW file a group of objects, including windows within walls, one must regen all the windows and doors in order to have them appear correctly. While the doors remain on the 'Door Main' class windows loose their class designation and revert to 'None' What gives?
  13. MikeN


    In VWA 9.0.1 the 'nudge' command for Win98 is supposed to be CTRL+Arrow Key as stated on page A-5 of the VW manual. It does NOT work. What gives?
  14. On Workstation 'A' we nave not touched the workspace editor. This is the workstation which contained the .vw2 file. On workstation 'B' VW routinely crashes while opening the Workspace Editor yet it does NOT create a .vw2 file. Go figrure....
  15. Workspace Editor has not been used. We've added, removed and moved the stock pallettes but have not edited any of them nor edited commands, shortcuts etc. Norton Crash Guard, Clean Sweep, or Uninstaller are NOT installed.
  16. OK - Just Crashed. Here's what happened. Closing VWA 9.0.1 the via the Close botton at the top-right of the window caused an "Abnormal Termination" followed by the message " VectorWorks caused an error in MDC42.dll" Upon re-opening VW, the Architect workspace was missing from the Workspace menu. Architect.vww is missing from Program Files/Vectorworks 9.0.1/Workspace folder and but Architect.vw2 was there with the following properties: Vectorworks.vw2 Opens with: Unknown Application Created: 05/09/01 Modified: 05/09/01 Accessed: 05/19/01 Attributes: Archive
  17. I'll do what you've suggested the next time the workspace dissapears and let you know. In the mean time...when I first started with VW 8.0 I had some issues that I can no longer recall, but NNA sent me a bug report tool that I ran on the workstation and it sent an report to NNA. Is it still in use and if so, why don't we use it in this scenario?
  18. I've already reported the issue to NNA to tech support at which time they said they'd get back to me. 1 week and counting....
  19. OS: Win ME Apps: VWA 9.0.1 Office XP Corel Suite 9 Background: Norton Anti-Virus Dell Music Match Logitech Mouse Outlook Direct CD This problem is totally random and does not orrur under any specific command.
  20. What architect in their right mind draws the lineweight of a door the same as the lineweight of the wall its associated with? The VW Arch 9 door plug-in defaults to the same lineweight as the wall. This is one of the many riduculous defaults that needs to be changed ASAP! Why default symbol insertion to 3D? I have no need for a 3D sink faucet in construction drawings? Did NNA even consult with an architect when developing VW Arch 9?
  21. PS This is happening on all four of my Pentium 4's 1gHz each with 256mb RAM running win98. This means that I'm re-installing VW at least twice per day.
  22. My VW Architect 9.0.1 Workspace vanishes at least once a day! I'll be working away and all of the sudden my pallettes wil disappear. I am unable to reload the workspace from the pull-down menu and the only way to get it back is a full re-installation of VW! This is crazy! A full recall of VW Architect 9 is in order!
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