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  1. Leslie, Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have VW Architect so that one won't apply to me but does sound the more elegant solution. The second sounds like the long term solution. What I came up with on my own was pretty simple. I removed all the text blocks that would change from sheet to sheet from the title block symbol I created for my document. When I want to print a sheet I put the sheet title, scale, page mumber, etc, on the top layer in text blocks that I position over the title block. I have the drawing border and title block layer visable but on the "bottom" of the layers selected for the sheet. This works o.k. but leaves text blocks on each layer in the area of the title block. It was an easy first fix but will probably prove to be too cumbersome in the future. Thanks for replying to my post. Robert
  2. I can't save sheets with different info in a title block ( like page numbers, name, scale, etc.). I'd like to send a file to a print shop with several different sheets to be printed. I put sheet name, scale, date, page number, etc., into a title block on each sheet. When I change the info in the title block for a different sheet the change effects all saved sheets. How can I use a title block on each saved sheet and have the info it contains be sheet specific? My drawing border and title block are on one layer. The title block is a symbol. Suggestions? Robert [This message has been edited by Robert (edited 09-10-2001).]
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