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  1. My company is looking to buy a new computer for creating realistic 3D models for clients. They are buying it specifically to run RenderWorks on, and the question is to buy dual 1.5ghz or single 2.0ghz w/ 64mb video card. I've seen a few mentions on dual processors not working with VW8.5 and one that says that they do. I'm wondering if VW9.01 benefits from a dual processor setup. Right now I'm running on a 1ghz 512MB/32MB Video card, and I have files that average 50mb, and I am getting some serious slow down. I want to be able to show the clients the models in OpenGL in a real time mode, as well as quick renders. As of right now I run into problems rendering. On some files I can render using OpenGL, but any time I render with Final Quality/Fast/Custom Renderworks, it renders a blank screen.
  2. I'm fairly new at RW, and I am having problems applying a texture to a solid with multiple subtractins(e.g. groin vaults). I am able to apply a texture to the base objects but when I apply one to the final solid subtraction it renders as a black object. Even if I just apply it to the base object the same thing happens. I have also tried applying the texture to all of the objects that are used for the subtractions and still nothing. Within the RW texture mapping pull down menu, when applying the object the 3D coordinate locater is not positioned properly(not lined up with the object, either of to one side and away from it), I tried moving to be on the object, and still nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thank you, that seems to work. Do you know why it works this way? quote: Originally posted by Hannes: This is a known bug. Andrew Bell from NNA told me that this might be fixed in the upcoming Version 9.5. Until that there are two solutions: convert the subtractions into a mesh or if you want to keep the solid substraction editable do following: In the edit texture dialog change the image size to 1. Now of course you have to scale up the texture in the object's texture mapping dialog to it's proper size. Not very elegant but works, at least here. -Hannes


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