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  1. Yes, yes. Thanks to your help I imported a file and it looks rad. Unfortunately some components could not transfer such as the outer brick component for a wall and it makes sense. If it's not to much of a hassle, how do I change these in VW. Do I need to double click a part to enter the edit symbol. I know the name of the wall in reference to its class. I also have the textures_exterior finishes file loaded on my resource browser. Whats the next step for example, to put a brick texture on the walls?
  2. Your the man. Yeah, i dont care for them to be intelligent and I am working of AutoCad Arch 2011. I will give it a shot and appreciate all your help.
  3. Yeah man, if it works for you let me know. All I want is the shell of the structure for presentation reasons and to landscape around. I imported one file but all it gave me was a top view and no 3-D views which is important to me. I appreciate your reply.
  4. I'm wondering if it's possible to import a structure built in autoCAD architecture into Landmark. I figure this has to be possible seeing that a landscape company using Vecotworks would prefer to get permission from an architecture firm to use their files so that the landscape company wont have to waste time and build their own structure to landscape around. I'm about ready to receive my degree in engineering graphics and have been learning AutoCad for the last two years and as my capstone I wanted to learn Landmark because its my plans to transfer to get a B.A in landscape architecture. Any light at the end of this tunnel?


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