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  1. I can not find the two whl filg on the web numpy-1.9.2+mkl-cp33-none-win_amd64.whl scipy-0.16.0rc1-cp33-none-win_amd64.whl if hvae,please send me lin
  2. thanks your job. it is greate. I don not find data tree in Marionette.
  3. if i use Curve with NURBS,I can not create many lines,only create a line. please the picture
  4. I am studing marronette .I divide two cicle ,then connect two points ,but in vectoworks it doesnot have 3d line. please help me see the picture
  5. please see the picture there some colums in walls,for avoiding crash of wall and colum,how to cut the volume of column thanks
  6. hello everyone I make a door worksheet ,I want to make the sum of the same size door,for example the numberof '1800 X 1200'is 4,but i can not achieve it by add door attribute。 if there are any way,please tell me thank you
  7. thanks very much i make some steps,very good but there are some question,for each step,we need to make a site modification,it will be lagre data size. for example there a roadway with 1500m.each step is 0.25,we need to make 6000 steps my god
  8. hello everyone.we make a landscape with complex terrain.please see the picture,there many step,how to make them by 3dmoed with vectorworks site tool.thanks very much
  9. thanks if can ,please offer me a simple "step" modeling
  10. hello,I have a problem please see the picture I donot know how to achieve in vectorworks. please help me
  11. hello everyone,how to build steps on the hillside and account fill and cut volum. see the 3d site model please see the actual picture
  12. there are two walls on different design layer.I need to insert window between these two walls. you will find some problem。The upper wall can not be created wall hole automatically。 how to solve it?
  13. there are about thousand lamps in the model. the speed of render is very slow slow do you have any advise?
  14. i make a shopping mall for mobile phone,there are many fluorescent lamp.please see the picture. I use the area lighting or self-luminous texure to simluate fluorescent lamp.it is not successful. please give me some advise
  15. If I set it is omm,but the base of door is under floor,please see the picture
  16. I make a door ,and set 30mm height from floor,so the wall will be 30mm under the door automatically ,but I do not need the wall,how to cut it? please see the picture.
  17. I shorten platform and add a red slab to fit wall please see the picture
  18. this is STAIR IMAGE please help me
  19. I am a new user.when I creat a U stair with"stair" tool,i find it diffcult to modify shape of platform to fit walls。 sell the picture how to slove it .please help me.thanks
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