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  1. I too am having this speed problem with both 400 mz G4s in my office (one has 1 gig ram, the other has 704 MB ram). All was fine with 11.1 but the switch to 11.5 has been brutal, and our files are fairly small (8 to 20 megs). We've allocated tons of ram to VW but that hasn't helped. Is it possible that working on files created with VW 11.1 or earlier may cause the speed problem? Please give us some guidance. Our next step is to uninstall and go back to 11.1 Thanks, Tony
  2. Hi Kevin, I'm running OS 9.2.2 using a print server over our small ethernet network. Paolo, since I'm not running OS X yet, I can't help you with accessing a plotter, but I can tell you that either you need to install a plotter driver if you're using a plotter that doesn't support Mac, (a driver costs about 5 or 6 hundred) or spring for one of the higher end plotters that do support mac, but then you depend on their potentially crude driver. Good luck and let me know what you do. --Tony
  3. Oops... Problem solved. Actually, no problem at all. I was getting an error message relating to trying to flip a grouped object with a symbol embedded within. Flipping is now working fine. Thanks.
  4. When batch printing (on HP 500ps or HP cp1700ps) in VW 11 if I request more than one copy, I only get the requested number of copies on the first sheet printed. I get one copy of the rest of the sheets in the batch. This practically defeats the advantage of batch printing. Any known solution? Thanks.
  5. In VW 11 the 2D "Flip Vertical" and "Flip Horizontal" tools found under "rotate" do not work either with keyboard shortcuts or manually with mouse. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.
  6. I've been using an HP 450c and Macplot as a driver (for our office Macs) for the last 5 or 6 years and now have to replace my plotter. Can anyone recommend a good plotter, ideally one that doesn't need a seperate driver for mac? We're a small architecture office and so cost is a significant factor. Any suggestions of what to steer toward or away from would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Is there a way to make base Architectural layers (such as partitions or structure) gray on sheets used for MEP, Electrical or PFP without having to "manually" reset the layers for printing? My objective is to be able to show (print) non-Architectural sheets (MEP, Electrical, or other non-architectural information) as highlighted or in the foreground with the base, Architectural context in the background.
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