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  1. Ok thanks. Is there a way reaccess the window in the installation file that downloads the libraries as a whole or is it necessary to download each folder individually from the VWs site since 2015 is already installed?
  2. I just upgraded to 2015. Instead of downloading all the libraries during installation available to the designer series, i moved them over from the 2014 libraries folder into the 2015 libraries folder. But cannot open them from the Resource Browser unless i open the file directly and save in 2015. Do i have to download the libraries from the VWs website or is there some other way to use the 2014 libraries?
  3. Yes i think it would be useful to be able to change the ground color/ texture as well in a HDRI background, so that the sky/ground rendering that results from displaying the RW camera could be duplicated in a RW background.
  4. Ok i didn't realize there was a limitation of 8 lights. It seems to be working now. Thanks.
  5. I'm lighting a room in Architect with various spots and point lights but they don't all show up when the scene is rendered either in open GL or fast interior renderworks. I noticed that if i turn some on or off it affects other lights: turning one on turns another off. Is this an issue with not enough computing power? (I'm using 2014, 2.93 GHZ quad-core Intel Xeon and 6gb RAM on Mac OSX)
  6. I'm using the Custom Renderworks option to render a scene with an image prop of a car inside a large garage, but since the car doesn't have any shadows underneath, it appears like it's stuck on the scene as opposed to being in it. Is there a way to control whether an image prop renders with shadows or not?
  7. Can someone tell me how to change the openGL background color to appear as a blue sky/green ground in 3d? I can't find an answer to this anywhere.
  8. Yes that did it. Thanks for the responses.
  9. I'm trying to batch publish 3 sheets size ARCh C to PDF but after the PDF viewer opens, the 3 sheets are divided up into sections of 7 sheets sheets. I tried setting the printer to the same page size but nothing. Is there some setting i'm missing?
  10. Is it possible to create a slab from a space object? I can't seem to find any info on it. I also tried to convert the space object to a polygon or some other form to convert the shape into a slab, but to no avail.
  11. I think it would be beneficial to be able to create a slab from a space as well, perhaps using the slab tool.
  12. I didn't want to have to spend the time creating image props, that's why i am asking. Thanks for all the advice.
  13. Does anyone know where i can purchase image props of actual people ready to be used in Vectorworks? The human figure tool and the Entourage figures aren't realistic enough for me.
  14. I waste more time looking through the highly inefficient, poorly organized Resource Browser for little things: a toilet paper holder, paper towel dispenser, etc... Why not a searchable library for symbols and Plug-in Objects like in Sketchup's 3D Warehouse or the Plant tool in Landmark?
  15. Yes, most definitely. This is one of the BIG weaknesses of VW. All the main competitors of VW (AutoCAD, Revit, etc....) all have more to offer for basic landscaping design. As the distinctions between an architect, landscape architect, designer, etc... are becoming more and more irrelevant, the tools need to adapt as well. It may be that by stretching VW into separate products ( Architect, Landmark, Designer....) weakens the program overall. I think if Nemetschek purchased Sketchup and integrated it into VWs - those other PC programs that EVERYBODY else uses couldn't come close....
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