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  1. I've never used that tool. Thanks Tom. It seems though it only works on NURBS curves. Too bad there isn't a way to create a line or 2d shape and "send it to the surface" of a curved wall or other 3d curved object.
  2. I'm creating a model with curved walls and need to draw/ design a mural on them. Using the "Polyline Tool" with the "Set Working Plane" tool is perfect for drawing on a flat surface but not practical for a curved surface. Does anyone have an idea how i might approach this? I thought about creating it on a flat wall, taking a screen shot and then applying it to a textured, curved wall as a decal. Not sure if that's going to work though.
  3. Thanks so much Taproot for the information.
  4. It looks like i'm going to have to get used to the keyboard shortcuts again.
  5. I wonder why Logitech changed the compatibility with MacOS and VWs. I was using the M500 corded mouse for years and it worked great with VWs.
  6. I was using the Logitech M500 mouse with VWs for year. The middle button was configured to the fly over tool. Since upgrading to MacOS 11, the button functions don't work in VWs. I upgraded the mouse to M500S and software but i'm still not able to configure the mouse toe VWs controls. Does anyone use a Logitech mouse with MacOS 11?
  7. Matt, I converted the file to 2020 saved in 2019 again and it seems to be fine now. Something happened in the conversion. Thanks, paul
  8. I just upgraded to VWs 2020 from 2019. I opened a document saved in 2019 and converted it over to 2020. One page has partial section details and the markers are missing. Some of the viewports are correct (10a below) while others are wrong, that is not lining up with the annotations. I tried creating a new partial section but keep getting full sections. Is there some new setting i'm missing in 2020?
  9. It turned out to be a visibility issue with the Sills Class. Thanks for everyone's input.
  10. Here is a plan view of a window at the top right (elevation 2' and a sliding glass door at the bottom left (elevation 0). I've set the parameters to be identical as far as jamb, sash etc.... Is there a way to have the door show up like the window? I can't seem to find the right parameter.
  11. Strange, I looked under "Window" but didn't see "palette options". However, clicking the minus sign on the Resource Browser worked. Thanks Kevin and Pat.
  12. I just upgraded to 2018 and migrated my settings from 2017. My original settings allowed me to keep the Resource Browser open, opening it with a shortcut, but now it closes when not clicking within it. I can't find the setting to change this back. Where would it be?
  13. From reading the other posts on the subject, my understanding is that there is no way to remove the green squares that are Constraint marks applied by default on dimensions. The screenshot attached shows one angle dimension with them and one without. But is there a way to change the color to white so they would blend into the background?
  14. I want create a "true" drawn line without any snapping to points or digital "corrections". I tried selecting Smoothing off in the preferences and all the choices in the Snapping Palette are off, but the line comes out jagged. Are there any other settings to adjust for this?
  15. Thanks Jim. Is there a way to correct that? Is it just a matter of moving the model?
  16. I've been having this problem from time to time for the past few months. When rendering in Open GL i get distorted surfaces like the screen shot below. Sometimes i can close VWs or go to a Top plan 2d view an then return and it goes away, other times it doesn't. If i create a viewport on a sheet layer with the distortions, close VWs, open it and view the model in a design layer, the distortions disappear but if i go to the viewport created before i closed VWs, they are still there, just not in the design layer. It's sporadic. Anyone have an idea what might be causing this?
  17. As of March 2018, this problem still isn't corrected. Why is that?
  18. I trashed the viewport and made another. It seems to be ok now. The problem was the viewport. Strange i've never seen this before. Thanks Jim.
  19. I've just encountered something i've never seen before in using VWs for the past 6 years. When rendering a viewport in Fast Renderworks or Realistic Exterior Final, the result produces a red block on the left side of the drawing. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? Could it be a memory or processor issue? It only happens on one file. All the other files seem to render fine. Mac OS 10.13.2 VWs designer 2017 SP5 (Build 402127) 3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5 32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3
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