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  1. Thanks Cipes, Have you tried it? It worked perfectly in 2008. I have been looking at preferences but I can't figure anything out there.
  2. After exporting walls in 2009 (in 3DS) I noticed that walls do not retain textures. A simple extrude retains the textures perfectly. I have imported the 3DS file into various programs all with the same result. Has anyone noticed this? Is this a bug? Any help is greatly appreciated. Chris Mac Pro Dual Core 10 GB Ram OSX 10.5.5 ATI Radeon X1900 Vectorworks Designer 2009
  3. Hello All, I tried experimenting with the Vectorworks supplied HDRI's and noticed that the backgrounds are always "black". Is this normal? It is not my settings as the Vectorworks default is set to white background. Any help is greatly appreciated. CMuraglia Vectorworks 12.5 3.03 Pentium 4 4 megs Ram
  4. Hello Katie, If the drawing is very complex I usually get this message after it tries to render. I have also received this when trying to use radiosity. Sincerely Becky
  5. Hello All, I also receive this message when I try to render a somewhat complex drawing in 11 and in version 12, and then kaput that is the end of the rendering process. Windows XP 3.04 Megz. 4 Gig Ram Becky
  6. Hello All, When I import .3DS objects in version 12 they are extremely small. I have to scale them up usually 30-40 times. The textures are then all off and then they need to be rescaled. It's quite difficult..Am I doing something wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated. Becky
  7. Hi Peter "HTH" Gee I think I need more coffee today I didn't pick up on that sorry.. I do have Renderworks and that option is selected. I have the Vectorworks manual and Im doing everything right. Maybe it is the wrong 3DS version. Becky
  8. Hi Peter, The file came with the 3DS files and I see a folder for textures that has the mappings of the objects. There is no HTH file. Am I missing something? Thanks Becky Muraglia
  9. Hello All, Has anyone sucessfully used the import .3DS command and had the texutres map to the surfaces? I tried this with several files and all I get is a solid white object. Anyhelp would be appreciated. Becky Muraglia
  10. Nick, I just ordered the adobe creative pack which has InDesign in it. I know adobe is phasing out Pagemaker. What do you think of InDesign for doing your layouts? Im afraid to make the transition. As an aside do you have a problem with strange line weights when you produce .PDF's directly out of Vectorworks? Thanks Chris
  11. Nick, I have just recently experimented with this extensively. I used to export my graphic at high resolution .tiffs and then into Pagemaker 7.0 for layouts and such. These of course are not "vector" graphics. Using this method produces marginal results and large files (high res.) I recently started exporting as a .DXF or .DWG opening them in Illustrator, and then saving them as either AI (Adobe Illustrator) or as a .PDF file out of Illustrator. I then place these files into Pagemaker 7.0 The funny thing with Pagemaker 7.0 (and maybe InDesign suffers from the same problem?) is that the file will look like total hell "onscreen" however it will print as sharp as a razor when it is printed. Again dont be fooled with what it looks like on screen! Also if you use this method and then export the Indesign or Pagemaker file as a .PDF the graphics will be razor sharp in the .PDF export as well. I cannot figure out why it looks like hell onscreen. I have tried going into the preferences in Pagemaker and choosing display graphics at "high resolution" it still doesn't look right on screen. Let me know how you make out. Chris
  12. Hello All, Was wondering if anyone knows how to export a Vector file into Cinema 4D and have texture scaling be correct? I am using the Vectorworks 11 and the latest Cinema 4d with the new plug-in. I have my Vector drawing set to feet, and I have feet setup in the Cinema 4d preferences. Now let's say I export a file with a 20' wall into Cinema 4d. I then open the Cinema 4d basic material folder and select a brick. I texture the wall group and bingo the scale is extemely large and definetly off. I now have to rescale maually the brick size to what I feel is about right. There has got to be a more accurate way. I looked in the manual and don't see anything. Any help is greatly appreciated. Chris Muraglia Pentium 4 3.06 mghz. 2 Gig Ram
  13. Thanks BaRa, I actually have this CD, and from your post I figured out that you have to migrate to various material folders to get them into the drawing. Thanks for the links too ! Sincerly Chris Muraglia
  14. Hello All. Just starting toying around with Cinema 4D, and I must say that after using Renderworks it has been much more difficult to learn. Does anyone know if there is a folder for building supplies that is equivalent to the texture library in Renderworks? I see a folder in Cinema 4D under .Mat and then "basics" which provides some basic textures. Am I missing something or possibly a library of sometype. Thanks Chris Muraglia
  15. Hello all thanks for the feedback. Chris I agree that "Chief" is limited but I must say that I do love their door and window tools. I can insert a beautiful window complete with fancy moldings, lintel/capstones, and shutters in mere seconds. This process which is a fairly common necessity in a residential design would take quite a long time in vector. I have spent 20 minutes somtimes in Vector just trying to get a profile right for a molding, around a door or window. Chief has a massive library of moldings. Vectorworks perplexes me sometimes. I do like the program but we do not have an easy way of completing (at least for me)simple common design functions. We do however have a PIO for a "Campanile"? Has anyone ever used that? Sincerely Chris Muraglia
  16. I recently tried a program called "Chief Architect" , and the window tool itself was simply amazing. Within the window tool itself you could add shutters, lintels, curtains, and a variety of Aprons and Moldings. Without leaving the "window" menu. Please we need to automate processes like that and to have a menu for trim boards, gutters and leaders, capstones etc., I know these types of things could be created with extrudes etc., but when a program like "Chief Architect" makes these things so intuitive it scares me quite frankly. Please Nemetschek this is basic building stuff. We need to do this type of detail work much more effectively. Sincerly Chris Muraglia Vectorworks 11 user
  17. Thanks Kristen, What type of mesh would you use? Would it be of each individual tree, or a larger area? Would the eroded transparency be a plain color, or is this texture based. Thanks alot Chris
  18. I am rendering a large area commercial building site that is essentialy a birds eye view. There are many forested areas on the site that contain hundres of trees and scrub etc., Does anyone have any insight on how to create large areas of trees that look convincing. I was thinking of maping a photo onto a large polygon. I have used 2d imagecels trees in the past for perspective drawings, but again my vantage point now is very elevated, and this may look out of perspective. Any ideas? Sincerly Chris Muraglia
  19. Thanks for the replys. These folders are simply not in the folders. I must say I am baffled as I used to use them, and I did not delete anything. Is there a way to install just these folders, without going through the whole installation procedure starting with 10.0? Thanks Chris Muraglia
  20. I remember there being a folder with "Image Props Hi-Resolution & "Image Props Low Resolution" I cannot find these folders after installing 10.5.1. I have gone into all the program folders and do not see them? Should I reinstall everything? Any help is greatly appreciated. Chris Muraglia
  21. I believe .3DS stands for: (3D Studio) as in 3D Studio Max. This is a graphics imaging program, and as far as I know Vectorworks does not support it. Chris
  22. Can someone tell me how to increase the thickness of the Parking Lot lines when using the Line tools? I have changed the thickness in "classes" and yet when I export the drawing. They always appear very faint. Any suggestions are much appreciatedChris
  23. Anyone know how to apply textures to DTM's. In Landscape I choose texture for the class settings, and it only renders with the objects color, and not the texture.. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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