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  1. I'm new to VW here. I'm starting to use VW 2010 with a new company. Do I understand correctly that VW will only hatch objects? In AutoCAD I'm used to being able to pick inside of a space created by lines and fill it with a hatch pattern without the need to create a closed polyline around the area. If this is the case it's going to take a lot of getting used to...especially when doing exterior elevations where I use a lot of patterns and shading.
  2. Well, it definitely sounds like VWA has an edge on AutoCAD Architecture, which I was very impressed with at first and then started to experience all of the 3D limitations with it. If I go more or less full time with this company I'm sure I will push to either upgrade to Architect, or go with Revit. Revit would have a much bigger learning curve for the company, but it might pay to be on the industry standard, and it looks like it's going to be Revit here in the U.S.. I do like the idea of not being a AutoDesk drone though. After I learn Fundamentals, I'll definitely be checking out a demo of Architect. As a follow up - I find that almost everyone using ACA seems to use some of the bells and whistles, but only to speed up doing basically a 2D design. I think this is partially because that's just what people are comfortable with, but also because of the software's limitations. So do people using VWA tend to use the full 3D functionality more or still revert back to 2D most of the time?
  3. Hi, I'm new here. I'm a long time AutoCAD user and I'll be getting my first VW (Fundamentals) lesson tomorrow so that I can start doing some contract work with a new company. The company has been a long time VW (and Mac) based firm and there was some talk about them trying Revit in the future, but I'm wondering if they might be more open to upgrading to VW Architect instead. I've used AutoCAD ADT/Architecture and I would prefer not to go backward into the flatland of 2D. It may be a while before I know VW well enough for it to be useful to download the trial version of VW Architect. So here are my questions: 1. Is it possible in "Architect" to use your model as your elevations as you would in Revit? Is this advised? Or would you do a projection off the model and then go 2D from there? This is how I do it in AC by the way - it's a good way of working that gives a lot of flexibility, but it doesn't update automatically. 2. Same basic question as above, but for building sections. 3. Is it possible to create custom 3D Doors and windows, as you could in Revit or are you pretty much tied to the content provided by VW as you are in AutoCAD ADT/Architecture? From what I see VW Architect looks superior to AC Architecture in many ways, but I really like the idea of having just one model where all views are updated automatically like in Revit. I think I could do that in AC right now, but then I'm limited by the objects available for doors, windows etc. and I would be forced to do a work-around by doing a "wipeout" over that area in the in layout/paper space and draw 2D stuff over the area that didn't come out right. That's OK I guess, but I would be doing that a lot in A.C. if I tried to use the model as my elevations etc. - not so much in Revit because of all the content available. Thanks for any input
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