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  1. Seems like there should just be an edging tool. Also, the ability to add a border to a landscape area. I'm trying to find a work around just to put bricks around beds and if you guys having any other suggestions I'm all ears.
  2. Thank you Rob. I found it.
  3. Am I missing something or are there no robe fixtures at all in VSS? This was poste 3 years ago.
  4. I saw there is a lot of useful tools on your plug ins page. Do you offer all the other lighting like the moles there that I can't see on your home page? I guess is, is there more that I'm not seeing? Or is there another plugins page that offer this. Vectorworks is kinda limited in Spotlight, I feel.
  5. Where did you get the 8 Lite Mole Symbol? And why is it so hard to find 8 Lite Moles, 6 Lite Moles, 4 Lite Moles, and 2 Light Moles? These are pretty common fixtures and I feel like I can never find any of them. I am always making a crude symbol to represent them in a CAD drawling for a plot, but I never have time to make the symbol I really want. This baffles my mind. I wish every manufacture would take the time to do what Martin did recently with every symbol for every fixture they have including the brand new stuff. It is really helpful. I'm not a 3D modeler and wish I had the time to be, but I do like to make nice looking light design plots.


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