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  1. All my resources are stored locally. I also just updated to SP4 and am getting the same behavior in this newer version.
  2. No, it is only showing our standard set of line types, hatches and and 2d symbols. This issue is new to VW 2013 or SP3 and the contents of the resource browser in our template files have not changed.
  3. I have noticed that VW2013 SP3 has been using massive amount of CPU when viewing the activity monitor, usually hovering around 40% even when backgrounded. I noticed that if I close and then reopen the resource browser it will drop VW CPU usage to under 1%. Is this a known issue, is there any fix?
  4. I am using VW Landmark 2013 but as I don't believe this a Landmark specific issue I am posting here. I am getting inconsistent results when referencing the new line types like fence line or the ones that have letters spaced along the line (sorry I don't know the specific name for these types of lines but I hope that is clear). Sometimes these lines when referenced into files are not showing up, even when their respective classes and design layers are turned on in the veiwport. When hovering over the area of the viewport where these lines should be, I see a highlighted dashed line representing their location but no matter what I try I can't make them visible. This is happening in both design layer workspaces "model space" and on sheet layers but only when these lines are in viewports that reference other files. We are trying to incorporate these line types into our drafting standards but this issue is making it impossible. Any thoughts?
  5. So glad someone else brought this up, I think it would be really great if the plant database allowed you to automate the assigning of plant IDs ;-)
  6. Wow dude, thanks for the help. It is usually implied that when one asks a question they have actually looked for the solution and were unable to find how to achieve it. Perhaps a description of how to add this info to the database would have actually been helpful rather than your monosyllabic answer. Keep up the great work!
  7. Our team uses plant tags containing Count/ID on our planting plans that follow a specific nomenclature for creating the plant IDs. We are wondering if it is possible to add this ID info to the the plant database so when attaching plant data to symbols these IDs are automatically assigned. thanks
  8. Never mind figured it out, 2d poly to 3d poly to 3d loci to stake object. This exactly what we needed, can have the tag list the NE coordinates, perfect Thanks for your help with this!
  9. Still a little confused with this. The need is to provide these coordinate points for design elements we are adding to the site. I am unable to find a stake tool only the ability to convert 3d loci to stake objects, however, I am lost at how to create 3d loci as I only see the option to create 2d ones and no modifier to convert them to 3d.
  10. The survey data comes from the surveyors or civil contractor that is a dwg import using their world coordinates
  11. We sometimes find it necessary to locate site improvements in layout plans via their survey coordinates. Is there a way or tool in VW that allows for 'keynoting' these positions while sequentially numbering and listing their xy locations in a worksheet? The only reasonable solution I have found is to place loci at these points and have their coordinates listed in a worksheet but this still requires them to be manually numbered and noted.
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