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  1. Sometimes I just want this, rather than recreating a piece of text with the same formatting and then re-linking the text to a new record, or the same record again (as is often the case when I'm rebuilding/transferring Title Blocks around).
  2. 1. With the UI change in the numbering window, you can click on Channel and set the start and increment, etc. in the top right box. Then you can select another field (like Unit #) and set those attributes. It'd be great if I could do multi directional numbering as well (i.e - channels left to right and unit numbers right to left). I'd love to be able to set that on a per field basis. 2. We should be able to drag and resort the field. Who uses Left Shutter Depth on a regular basis? At the very least, we should be able to select what is displayed so we can save sets!
  3. In this 2nd case, I don't have LW/VW sync turned on. And no, Modify Lighting Instrument Color is turned off...
  4. Has anybody else come across this? I just came across it again today in a drawing but it seems to be created this time by copying lighting fixtures, pasting in place and then switching their class. When zooming, they disappear. I can reselect them and reset the fixture mode to none (even if they already are set to none) and then they'll stay visible afterwards.
  5. For those interested, I needed Pat's script to do the exact same thing, except also rotate symbols and PIOs around their geometric centers. I merely removed this snippet of code, and it works like a charm! If ((GetType(A1[N2]) = 15) or (GetType(A1[N2])=86)) then GetSymLoc(A1[N2],X1,Y1) else
  6. I'm also interested in this. I've got a huge venue drawing, and looking to use Purge to cut file size down. I'm a little wary of this part of the tool (Coincident Objects) because I can't find an exact writeup about this. Does it remove all but one of the duplicate objects in a symbol definition, and in the file as a whole (if doing all other objects)? And does Coincident = identical and in the exact same xyz coordinate and rotation?
  7. Noticed that my lighting fixtures (spotlight - theatrical symbols - all custom) keep disappearing when I zoom. I thought maybe there was a scale discrepancy, but after checking that and checking to make sure that my class and layer options are all correct, I started futzing with the Fixture Mode dropdown. When I am able to select the fixtures, even if their fixture mode is already set to none, if I grab that dropdown menu and set them to none again, suddenly they don't disappear. This is true across the board, no matter what symbol or what fixture mode. Setting them to none makes them all stay. Edit: Day 2 - I have to do this once every time I open the file. And it seems that syncing with Lightwright also makes me have to do this again. Running VW2017 2012 Macbook Pro OS X El Capitan VW 10.11.6 2.6 GHZ Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Ram NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB
  8. I've noticed that in 2017 the 'weight' so to speak, of corner or line-end snaps is way higher than the midpoints. What I mean is that in 2016, I could easily snap to either then end points or the midpoint equally, no matter how far zoomed out I was (within reason of course - able to see all three locations distinctly). However now in order to snap to a midpoint, I have to zoom in really far to get the cursor to not want to just snap to the endpoints. This might seem like a little thing, but it really messes with my drawing workflow at times.
  9. Reviving this topic. Just got a new screen, and using the workspace workaround for multiple screen sizes. Works well, but I had to figure out that once I made changes to the palette locations, I needed to save the palette locations so that it'd update the workspace. I want to move that command for Save Palette Locations to the workspace dropdown menu, but I don't seem to be able to. But! There's a bug, it seems. When switching between workspaces, the location of the vertical divider in the resource browser when in File Browser mode automatically goes all the way to the left and hides the file browser portion. It took me a while to figure out what had actually happened. It's a bit annoying that I have to fix it every time.
  10. I have this ALL THE TIME. And not just with sheet borders. Sometimes symbols I've inserted directly into the sheets disappear after a few days, for no reason, and across ALL sheets. Seriously. So annoying. This happens all the time and the only way to get them back is to reinsert sheet borders. Or now in 2016, I can select all items on a sheet, then deselect all except the invisible sheet border, then in the OIP click "edit title block" and then click ok, and it'll magically reappear.
  11. What WOULD be great though, is in the Number Instruments dialog if those dropdown menus for direction and multi-circuits were actually two lines of radio buttons with temp keyboard shortcuts (like in align/distribute dialog). That would make my workflow a whole lot faster, especially because I'm often number and renumbering as things change in various revisions of the plot.
  12. 1. - When selecting and editing the fields of a Label Legend, the container type should be a drop down menu. Having to click through all the other container types gets old very quickly, especially if you're trying to work quickly and miss the one you're trying to get. 2. - Overall fixing of Label Legends bugs. I often run into problems where the amount I move a label in the legend doesn't correspond to the distance it moves on the actual fixtures across the entire plot. This becomes a lot of guesswork and I end up just moving the labels in the plot manually. 3. - Better viewing and display of the Label Legend Manager. The window defaults to thin columns which means if you've got longer names for your label legends, you have to expand the column every time. 4. - The Label Legend Manager should be sortable (alphabetically at least?!). 5. - It would be great to have a active label legend for different device types (one for Lights, one for Moving Lights, etc.).
  13. Thanks! I totally understand how the 3d point acts as a vector now. Also definitely understand rotating at random directions, as well as using the length of the list to determine how many times to repeat a process! I haven't started playing with limiting the pyramids to being within the sphere yet, by finding the edges, but I have some ideas about another way to do it (moving the objects from the sphere's center with an If statement that says move no more than the radius minus the object's width, or something of that nature). One thing I had trouble with actually was naming nodes. Some of the names of the Input nodes gave me conflicts when I changed them. Is there a list of characters that aren't allowed? For example, I tried to use "#" and VW recognized the name of the node as a string.
  14. so I've created a sphere of a specific size, and my goal is to create 10 pyramids of random sizes that are randomly spaced within the sphere at random angles. I've used tapered extrude and some math in order to make the random pyramids, and get them close aligned close to the center of the sphere, however instead of a single extrude object, I end up with 50 nurbs surfaces. Questions: 1) Is there a way to stitch nurbs and trim surfaces with a marionette node? 2) When I want to use the Move node to move objects in 3D, I'm having trouble figuring out how to tell that node to move the node a random offset in a random direction away from center. 3) How would you get the bounds of a sphere?


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