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  1. I was able to figure it out although there is not a lot to find on this subject. What I found is that I have to put all dimensions and markers on the sheet layers and not on a separate layer for them to render properly. Is there another way to do this?
  2. I am unable to find out how to my show markers with the dimensions in my Sheet Layer renderings. I can only get them to show in wireframe mode. This is driving me crazy. If I create a Final Shades Polygon rendering I lose the marker arrows. PLEASE HELP!
  3. I have not upgraded to Mojave (and would like to), 2019 won't render properly for me at all, went back to 2018.
  4. The only solution I've been able to come up with is this. Whatever the source of the logo, .eps, .jpg, and so on, save it as a BMP very large. I have a logo that has some complexity to it so I saved it at 40" wide as a BMP. Then Import it into Vectorworks, select Modify, Trace Bitmap... these steps create smooth lines that stay true to original logo. From that there I can select Modify, Combine Into Surface for each element/letter of the logo allowing me to Extrude. From there scale logo to size needed.
  5. I have original Illustrator files. So the current file is a eps with vector lines.
  6. I am looking for a clean way to import logos for conversion to line art in VW for extrusion. When I import logos, I seem to get curves that are jagged with a lot of points. I have tried exporting to dwg and also convert from bitmap, still get ragged lines. Thank you, JKibbe
  7. Getting back to everyone about the Mac Pro, very sorry for the delay. It is an amazingly fast computer and I have no regrets spending the money! I no longer have to wait through the night for renderings compared to my last 2008 Mac Pro Quad Core with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 680! There are minor glitches with VW 2015 but I really don't see them relating to the Mac Pro. All things considered, I highly recommend this Mac.
  8. I have tried everything! No color pallets import into 2015. PLEASE help!
  9. I will tell you that I purchased a New Mac Pro 6-core, Xeon E5, 3.5 GHz with 16GB RAM. This is SEVERELY FASTER and more stable with Vectorworks than my maxed out 2008 Mac Pro Quad Core with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 680! I create and import intense models from places like Turbo Squid, I also make very high renders. The new Mac is setting me free and rendering at a fraction of the time. I will post back about how VW 2015 reacts with it.
  10. I'm not sure what you mean by the file named "Kenworth ╨?2000" I don't have anything named that. If you were able to import this at all, I would really love to know how you did it, or maybe even get this file from you. I really need it for a project. Thank you, JKibbe
  11. Okay, here is the 3DS link, it will not remain for long, please download asap: Link removed Let me know if you would prefer a .rar file, and confirm download asap so I can delete.
  12. I cannot import 3DS files form Turbosquid at all, I have to open in SketchUp then export as a Sketchup file. This is cumbersome, any reason I can't do a direct imp or or any other workaround? Thank you, JKibbe Vectorworks 2014 Service Select Customer
  13. I use VW to produce renderings on the Mac for client PR visuals and Trade show environments. High end quality renderings of product in real world environments. I have spent countless hours trying different techniques to make these renderings better. Post production Cinema 4D dumps many textures but has much more depth to the renderings. The heart breaker here is that it is simply is not what it could be, Nemetschek could really step up to the plate and provide some decent "how to Render effectively", tips/videos on the site! Better yet, work on the rendering plugin to add more depth and camera lens adjustments. Training from them really is lacking on many levels. BTW, Artlantis also dumps the textures. WE REALLY NEED TO HAVE THIS ADDRESSED!
  14. Why don't Textures in Resource Browser match when applied?
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