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  1. My boss and I share CAD files. He is on a Mac and I'm on a PC. Every time we trade the file, our report spreadsheet which we use for an equipment schedule) changes size. This is a huge hassle, because we both have to constantly re-adjust our viewports for these. We do not manually change the size and we are both using the same fonts and sizes. So, on his end the font will be "Arial 10 pt." and on my end it will also be "Arial 10 pt." but the overall size the spreadsheet changes. If anyone has a solution to this, we would be very grateful! Thanks! PS This is true for every file. It does not matter if he created it or I did, or if we used an old file or started from scratch.
  2. Thank you!! Disabling the "display planar objects" worked!
  3. For some reason there is a weird lighting pattern showing up on the floor in my rendering. I cannot figure out what the problem is. It is there when zoomed out but when the camera is closer it is not there. The last time I saw something similar to this it was a stray locus point but there are none in this one. I've attached two files, one zoomed out which shows the dark patches with light circles and the other one is zoomed in and the floor is fine. Can anyone offer suggestions? It would be appreciated
  4. Good morning, I need to find an efficient way to share CAD symbols between myself and two other people, in different locations. All three of us will be making regular updates and additions. If we all worked in the same office, these files would live on a shared server. Would the Vectorworks Cloud Services work best for this sort of file sharing? Or, would leaving the CAD files on Dropbox be better? Thanks!
  5. That is the problem, I've spent a huge amount of time adjusting the texture, changing the reflectivity, bump, color, and image. Attached is the best I have so far, but I need photorealistic. I was hoping maybe someone knew of a texture data base or something.
  6. Thanks, but that doesn't seem to work either. I finally figured out how to get to the 2012 libraries. I used the "metal stainless steel brushed" and I have one point light in an enclosed space, my indirect lighting is set to 2 bounces and I have the environment lighting set to HDRI White. Attached is what it looks like using Final Quality Renderworks. The Realistic Interior Final looks the same. (In the attached picture, the dark gray is how the metal stainless steel brushed is showing up. The shiny metal is chrome which looks pretty good, but I really need the bulk of the equipment to have the grain of stainless.)
  7. I am having the toughest time with creating a good stainless steel texture. If I use the brushed reflectivity shader the grain is almost invisible. If I use a stainless steel image for the color, there is a grid pattern because the image is tiled. Any suggestions? The stainless steel I need is the kind on foodservice equipment and work tables, as accurate as possible. (I'm using Vectorworks with Renderworks 2014 and for some reason my libraries seem to have disappeared.)
  8. The font is registering as the same size (for instance, if it's 10 point on my end, it is also 10 point when I get the file back from my boss). But the overall size of the worksheet changes and the fonts seem to stay relative to the field they are in, so it seems they are getting bigger and smaller too. So, in other words, if there is a word "Blender" with apparently 3 spaces after it in the column, the next time I get the file it will still look like it has 3 spaces after, but the whole thing is a different size.
  9. My boss and I work on the same files. (But do not have a server. We have to share them on Dropbox.) Every time one of us works on a drawing and regenerates the schedule (the report created by record formats), the size changes. We are both using Arial for the font and there seems to be no reason why it would change in size. This is a huge hassle when it comes to clouds and viewports. Any suggestions? The only thing we can think of is that he is on a Mac and I'm on a PC. But we are both using the same font and font size.
  10. Thanks CipesDesign, but I am already using the brushed chrome. Attached pic is a screen shot of the settings I'm using.
  11. Thanks Jim, but I am already using the brushed. Maybe it switched to Turned when you imported? Please see attached for the settings I am using. I just tried switching to Turned just to see if it would work, but it didn't. Both turn blue on my end.
  12. Hi Jim, thanks for responding. It does appear it is the brushed texture. It goes away with different textures. But I really need this brushed stainless steel. The texture is a gray with the reflectivity set to the Renderworks "Metallic", pattern is "Brushed", reflection is 75%, blurriness is 50%. Pretty basic and using what is already built into the program, nothing "homemade". Suggestions?
  13. I have a few point lights which have their beams overlapping and it is causing a weird blue color. The lights are not blue (a light yellowish color) and the surface they are hitting is not blue (its stainless steel) and there is nothing blue in the scene. It doesn't happen when there is one light on, just when there is more than one. Also, the quality of the render doesn't seem to help either; it shows up in "final quality renderworks" too. If anyone can help with this I would appreciate it! (This has happened in different files with totally different objects - its not a corruption.) A screen shot is attached to this post. Thanks!
  14. I was playing around with the ID labels, and I got the label to have 7 fields of info from the record format of the item into the Object Info palette of the label, but it would not display this information on the plan. Also, the ID would not update if I changed the info in record format of the item. If we could get this to work better, that would be great!
  15. Hello all, I am using Vectorworks 2011. This is what I'm trying to do: I want some sort of a tag or call-out note for items which will show the record format infomation for that item on the plan, and the two will be synchonized. My specific example is that the foodservice equipment symbols I'm using have the utility information in the record format (water, electric, gas, etc.) and I want that information to show as some sort of note in our rough-in drawings. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
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