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  1. Thanks for all the help, figured it out. @JBenghiat was right, but not in anyway I was expecting! I was changing DMX Address and Universe fields and watching them, but it turns out Vectorworks calculates the separate DMX and Universe fields from the Universe/Address string. Setting the unique fields appears to work until a refresh, then they're recalculated from the Universe/Address field
  2. Thanks for the responses! @JBenghiatI'm updating a variety of fields, but mostly setting the Universe and DMX Address. I wouldn't assume those would be calculated? And not calling vs.ResetObject after updating each Lighting Device lets me see that the new parameter values are shown in the Object Info, until I use the menu command to Refresh Lighting Devices. Otherwise, the parameters are cleared before I can look in the Object Info. @Jayme McColgan I don't see that function anywhere? I've looked in the Function Reference wiki and vs.py in the SDK
  3. Hi all, I'm updating Lighting Device properties via a script and the changes aren't sticking. I can see the updated values in the Object Info panel when I click on the objects, but as soon as I refresh the objects, or call vs.ResetObject(), the Object parameters change to what they we're before. The code below loops over every "Lighting Device" in the document, checks if the channel field matches one stored in a dict, then updates each parameter from the dict. vs.ForEachObject( update_from_data, "( (PON='LIGHTING DEVICE') )") def update_from_data(h): objinfo = vs.GetCustomObjectInfo(h) recordHandle = vs.GetParametricRecord(h) recname = vs.GetName(recordHandle) local_fixnum = vs.GetRField(h, recname, "channel") local_vwid = vs.GetRField(h, recname, "uid") if True: # update by channel for fixnum in import_fix_list_chan: if fixnum == local_fixnum: settings.message_append("TEST PASSED" + str(fixnum) + " " + str(local_fixnum)) set_fixture_data(h,recname,import_fix_list_chan[fixnum]) def set_fixture_data(h, recname, fixdic): for key, val in fixture.parameters_for_import.items(): if val and key: #data = getattr(self, key, data) data = fixdic[key] settings.message_append("(" + val + " = " + str(data) + ")") vs.SetRField(h, recname, val, data)
  4. Hi All, I've recently upgraded to Vectorworks 2012 Spotlight w/ Renderworks, and I'm haveing a very annoying issue I hope someone can help me with. When using the marqee selection tool to drag and select multiple symbols, I have to make my selection box very large to grab the fixture I want. For example, to select the Source Four Leko symbol I made (color added to the stock symbol), the selection box needs to be about three times as high and five times as wide as the actual symbol before the selection box will actually select the symbol. When I edit the symbol, the bounding box seems normal, but once inserted into the drawing, I have the issue. Any fix or work around? Thanks for the help. Vectorworks 2012 Sp2 Build 151150 Windows 7 Pro 64bit
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