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  1. Submitting requests now.

    1) Add Solar Animations controls directly to the OIP

    2) Add camera Fine Tune controls directly to the OIP

    Any other specific areas where we have a pop-out dialog that users have to regularly access repeatedly where the extra clicks are adding up?

    I don't use those but chances are the next year people will complain about to many parameters on the OIP ;)

    Now we are at it, it would be nice if a property hover icon would display on top of an object, while right clicking it could show the OIP on that exact spot.

    Now I need to select an object, move my mouse to the oip ( I have a 27" screen can you imagine how far it is placed) and move back.

    I want to edit properties at the spot, not 25 km away from the object...

  2. Hi,

    For those that are interested in giving the SDK a chance I will be writing some blogs about it.

    I find there is a lack of resources and examples. I had no idea where to start with it but eventually I found my way. I hope this will ease the pain of others interested in the SDK.

    Starting from a very simple object I'll go into more advanced topics.

    The first 2 blog posts are available, more will follow in the coming weeks:

    Developing with the vectorworks sdk 2015 part 1

    Developing with the vectorworks sdk 2015 part 2

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  3. Hello,

    However we are using these models to determine quantities for certain materials which I am told will no longer work once we reference the individual building files into a new master file.

    I have no issue creating reports in my masterfile that lists all objects from each incoming file. It might depend on how you bring those in.

  4. This only works in one direction: the symbolobject can find it's space reference.

    A space object can not find all it's symbols and update them.

    Yes a little difficult to explain here, let´s see...

    It could work in the opposite way:

    1- You draw your walls

    2- Place a symbol (bed, desk, chair, any symbol) this symbol has a record field for example Room type: Library.

    3- When you hit Create Spaces from Walls, then the Custom Space Name displayed in the viewport will read that symbol record field (Library)



    What you want is to define the space name in your symbol. The next step is to use the "create spaces from wall command". You want this command to use the name saved into the previous placed symbol as the name for the space object ?

    This would only be possible by creating a custom script.

    But I don't see the point honestly.

    Since you take the time to put the space name into the symbol why not placing it in the space object itself ? It takes as much time to do either of those options, and imagine having 3 symbols with different names in a room, the script might not take the right one a result.

    I believe you are better off naming the space objects manually unless I'm still not understanding your question.

  5. Hey Gang,

    I'm keen to turn off some classes in my Symbol Thumbnails. Anyone know how that might be done?

    You can't.

    What you can do is go in the editing mode. Prior to editing mode click the checkbox to use the edit view as icon view. Inside the symbol turn off the class you want to hide and once you leave the edit mode the icon changes !

  6. If someone reports a bug trough a PM I will update this topic. This prevents you all from filing the same issues.

    Art V Reported the following bug:

    When editing the duct dimensions settings in any unit setting not being mm the shown sizes are not correct. Editing at this point will create new sizes in the wrong units as well. For now it's advised to stay in mm when editing the dimensions in the settings dialog.

    We've identified the issue and this will be fixed in the next update.

  7. If you want to select certain objects, yes SetSelect will do.

    If you want to traverse the selected objects and do something with it you don't need the above but the for each loop instead.

    There are plenty examples to be found on this forum and even on the function reference how this works.

    Creating criteria can be a pain I admit. The easiest way to find out how to create criteria is by using the custom selection command and save to script. In there you'll find the criteria for what you need.

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