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  1. Hi Guys! I posted this message long time ago.....and still no response. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/cgi/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=12;t=002238 Maybe you are the lucky one! What I actually know is that I'm not alone!
  2. Guys: This is an email I've sent yesterday to the tech support...I Think I'm not the only one with this kind of questions.....Please take a look. GAMO ****************************** Dear Tech Support Guys: We are a Company that has recently shift to use VectorWorks products instead of AutoCAD (four VW architect and one vW mechanical licenses). The main reason of this change has been that VW is a very intuitive package, mainly in a 3D environment. But, our products are mainly the Shop Drawings of steel pieces for the industrial division of our company, and even that VW has change our mind in a different ways (3D Models, worksheets, layer linkings, and so on), it's getting short when the # of pieces start to grow up (huge buildings, sport facilities or steel complex configurations). Do you know of a shop drawing module available for Vector Works...???? Are you planning to invest in this area in the near future...??? If you don't, maybe your partner Nemetschek has something like that in mind....Can you find out with them that possibility..??? I've been looking for in the third party add on's section of your website, but there's still nothing for Us. Please this is a serious matter for Us, if you or your partner don't have in mind to develop such a technology in the near future, please advise. In that case we have to shift again to software like Xsteel (http://www.tekla.com ) or ProSteel 3D (http://www.strucsoft.ca), by the way, the last one depends on AutoCAD. Finally if you think you can't help me, please pass along to the right person or department this inquiry. Thank You Very Much. ------------------------------------------ Arch. Guillermo Mejia MONELCA Industrial Plant San Juan Opico, La Libertad El Salvador, Central America
  3. Matt:I'm on VectorWorks mode (RenderWorks installed) when exporting the file and the resulting DWG file is empty.The same in the others machines (without Render Works) and the resulting DWG file is OK. My machine was exporting DWG files fine before installing RenderWorks. I'll send you two files in a while...OK Thanks
  4. Hi again: Respect to this problem it seems nobody have been in a similar situation....(I'm replying to myself)We have installed another four licences but of VW Architect (without Render Works) and the DWG/DXF export system works good with the same files....so We're swapping files to the others machines in order to obtain the desired DWG/DXF files. Please put a bit of attention to this issue...maybe there's a solution anywhere. Thank You
  5. Hi Guys: After installing Renderworks the export of any kind of drawing has change to a headache...you actually have to transform all the entities to lines (even arcs).....and there's nothing exported! I though it was the a default texture so I'm sure to turn them off, but the same: Nothing exported. Have you heard of this before??
  6. Matt: Look at what I've done: 1. I've re-install Windows 98 2. I've installed VW 9.5.1 3. The program didn't start up 4. Tried Safe mode (the same: didn't start up) 5. Ran Regedit and I didn't find anything under the path you gave me. Please, tell me what else can I do with this? This is very important for our company...My boss is expecting the programas to run (3 licences)because of the investment ($$$$) and also because we're switching from AutoCAD. Thanks again!
  7. Thank's Matt:I've done what you suggested: Upgrade to 9.5.2, switch to windows safe mode....start running good but stopped after filling name and company.....and stop forever!Certainly it's an incompatibility issue....I've to find what else to do. Maybe someone else (windows 98 user) had this problem and may help me this time.Any ideas?
  8. Hi there:I've already installed Vector Works 9.5 and everything goes fine, but the application doesn't launch...!!I tried installing the patch of the DLL's, but still the same.What else can I do? Windows 98 MachineVector Works Architect 9.5.1 Thank You
  9. Hi there:Why the welding symbols PIO's requires a plan projection in order to be placed in the drawing...???What if you like to annotate a welding sym. to an elevation view of a detail (layer linked by example)...???I think these PIO's will be more useful and efficient if they don't require the plan projection to be placed. Can you modify it's code in a future release...???Thank You!
  10. Katie: I have a similar situation with the upgrade procedure: Mine is Vector Works Mechanical 9.5 but a brazilian license....The upgrade to 9.5.1 or 9.5.5 doesn't work. I also have an Architect license and everything works fine with the upgrades. What can I do? there's no mechanical update in your site!
  11. Hello: I don't know if this happens to you: When you try to distribute the palletes in the left and lower sides of the workspace screen it's almost imposible put one on top of the other (left side) or one next to the other (lower side)...This is a problem to me considering a limited screen size....is there a way to make them stay where we want to place them...??? This is not crucial, but annoying Thank's
  12. Try this: Place an structural shape (PIO); then edit it's attributes via the attributes pallete, assigning a hatch in the fill panel...that's all. I tried via class styles and didn't work. Good Luck!
  13. Hi Guys!Well this time We're in serious trouble: We've been making a 3D model of an steel structure of a building during a month, full of extrusions of beams (about 300 beams) with solid substractions of holes, etc. The file also have many saved views of every piece of steel in the model. While switching from one view to another all of the solid substraction were reversed (I mean the substracted object now is the substraction!!!), it happens in about 90% of the substractions!!!Is there a way to fix this? (the file was already saved by the detailer).I tried to fix going into each group of the substraction and then going back to top level and it works!....the question is: Do I have to fix one by one???Hope you can help me!Bye Additional information:Windows XP UserVector Works Architect 9.5Vector Works Mechanical 9.5File Size 105 MB
  14. I wish the day when the differences between the US version and the localized version of every Nemetschek N.A. product disappears! It is very frustrating when an US update does'nt work with your program.... it seems that sometimes we belong to a a different group (but we're paying the same) Well, this is the wish I have!
  15. Katie: After many tryouts I've found that if you make an extrude based on the xy plane, and cut the holes from another extrudes make in the zx or xy plane the lines disappears. I mean the extrusions axis have to be perpendicular to each other. I'll hope this issue will be solved in future releases of VW. Thank You
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